The Anime Blogger Interrogation Game

The jig is up – lady warden Snippettee has found me on twitter, and has called me out to the ani-blogger lineup to be questioned. I’m sure a great deal of you guys (if not, like, all of you guys) have encountered this game organized by Iso, but yeah, basically it’s a game wherein those who’re tagged are given a set of questions to answer (well, the game’s deadline has passed so I can’t really tag other people.)

So, yes, here’s me being interrogated 😀

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A Quick Look at Loups=Garous

Let me veer you guys away from the Fall season for a moment, and introduce to you a show that, might be as fresh to your eyes as the rest of this season’s lineup.

Fresh, because I doubt that this title has garnered much popularity since its premier. Its short lived hype (how apparent it may be) was a sign that it would easily be forgotten. Not me though. So as to give it a fair trial, here’s a quick look at Loups=Garous.

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