The Anime Blogger Interrogation Game

The jig is up – lady warden Snippettee has found me on twitter, and has called me out to the ani-blogger lineup to be questioned. I’m sure a great deal of you guys (if not, like, all of you guys) have encountered this game organized by Iso, but yeah, basically it’s a game wherein those who’re tagged are given a set of questions to answer (well, the game’s deadline has passed so I can’t really tag other people.)

So, yes, here’s me being interrogated 😀

1. How did you come up with your online name?

I have this on my The Basics page, but it’s basically me trying to come up with a name that would fit in the YouTube-verse/Tekken-verse. Being that the trend at the time was [random word] + [numbers] = handle, I started there. I remember choosing “leap”, as supposed to other things I thought of, like jump or twist, ’cause it felt more dynamic. The “250” was just the result of me wanting a three digit number on there. It kinda grew on me really.

2. If you only have one chance to recommend an anime what would it be and how would you convince your friend who’s new to anime to watch it.

I’d probably go with AnoHana, and then proceed to bait him or her into a bet on whether he/she will cry or not. It’s a short, very-well paced and memorable series, that should introduce any new anime fan to the ani-verse nicely.

3. Name an anime in your backlog list that you would like to marathon now.

TTGL (Gurren Lagann), just to cross this accursed title off my list once and for all. Almost all my anime watching friends are trying to get me into it, but it always gets pushed away by either the new season shows, or some random series I pick for no reason. A very close second is Blood+, which is funny because I know how the series starts and ends, but I have almost no idea what happens in the middle.

4. List some of your favourite quotes from anime?

  • “You shouldn’t choose the path ahead of you based on the sins you carry, but rather, you should carry the sins on the path you choose.”
    – Aozaki Touko (Kara no Kyoukai)
  • “If there is a creator, he surely made this world too large.This is inconvenient for us small, fearful humans. For all the world’s vastness, we can’t measure the distance between ourselves. There’s six billion of us, yet still…everyone is all alone. That’s why we’re all frantically searching, for that one person we need no distance from”
    – Ichinomiya Kou/Riku (Arakawa Under the Bridge)
  • “Yeah, Hyuuga. You’re in the right. But…Medaka-chan is more right!”
    – Hitoyoshi Zenkichi (Medaka Box)

5. What is the weirdest coincidence that you experienced lately?

So I’ve recently been really really in to SCANDAL (all-girl, j-rock band) to the point where I’d be playing their songs in my head at times. I was doing that a couple of days ago on my way home from college and at the jeepney stop, there was this girl that looked exactly like the lead vocalist of the band. For a good, like, 5 minutes, I was just totally dumbstruck.

2 thoughts on “The Anime Blogger Interrogation Game

  1. Gurenn Lagann was one of my favorite anime back then, and is still now, though I dunno what would most feel if they watch it now. Back then, anime is more about actions and flashiness and GAR, and TTGL is the top with these. As of now, I don’t think these elements are just as important 🙁 Well, if you like Needless, chances are, you would definitely like TTGL.

    • I imagine it was a roller coaster of awesomeness watching TTGL back then, but now, with all these unavoidable spoliers here and there, I dunno >.<
      It's true that the action and the flashiness and the GAR has, I believe, already been beaten by recent titles, but I've watched the first three episodes a while back and I thought the comedy part was spot on.

      Alas, Needless is another show that I've yet to cross out though

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