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Who is Leap250?

Well, for starters, the name “Leap250” first saw the light of day on December 23, 2008. How do I know this exact date? Simple. I first used that name to create one of my very first online accounts on the internet – that is, a YouTube Channel.

As for how I came up with such a name is beyond me. I was tired of using my old user name (real name _ last name) when I was about to create my YouTube account, so I decided to use a new one. Something that’s completely vague and random, that it can’t be traced back to me. The reason for which is because I did discussions on Tekken Characters. Something that I didn’t want others to know that it was me doing them. (I removed those videos sometime after since my voice at that time, was pretty wank, and I didn’t notice until I watched ’em myself.)

Then I looked at some of the user names on YouTube, and I noticed some sort of pattern. Random words linked to random numbers. I could vaguely remember my train of thought being something like: “Jump? No, it has to be more exciting. Twist? No. Leap…yeah, this could work.” 250 (two-fifty) just sounded cool. Well, for me anyway.

Since then, I’ve always used “Leap250” as my username to all my accounts. If you google Leap250, most of the results will be my accounts from various, random places. So now, a Leap250 in the blogging world has come to life.

As for Leap250, “the writer”, I guess I can describe my style as “typing it like how I would say it”. I’ve started countless drafts of stories and such a few years back (I still do at times) and from that I find that I’m a bit lacking in terms of creatively structured writing. I do however think that I tell stories better, than me making them (though the dream of writing my own novel still lies within me)

What is Leap250’s Blog About?

Basically, this is gonna be a blog focused on Anime. Be it reviews, impressions, or just introductions on Anime; it’s what’s gonna fill this blog.

Why Anime? Well, I like Anime. I like expressing my thoughts about what I watched recently, or what I like about this, or what I hate about that. Before I began blogging, I used to have this pseudo-diary I’d write on my iPod every night. A few entries in I found myself discussing, among other things, anime shows that I was watching at the time. There wasn’t really anyone I could talk to about the shows I was watching (it was Madoka I think, and it wasn’t really that popular here in the Philippines at the time) The next best thing was to go around the Internet. I stumbled upon numerous aniblogs after that, and one night I thought, “I should totally start an aniblog”

I also like hearing the opinions of other Anime fans. It’s a fun feeling for me, as I get to share what I know, at the same time, I have the opportunity to learn something new.

I grew up alongside very very old shows like Voltes V (it’s the norm in the Philippines, especially for us 90’s kids) as well as Doraemon and Crayon Shin-chan. It was like my version of Sunday morning cartoons, except I got to watch them every day.

I admit, compared to other Anime bloggers out there, my knowledge of Anime can be considered just a little above average, but hey, we all have got to start somewhere right?

“Articles” Page

“Here is where I’ll put my commentaries, on a certain episode and/or season of a series. These are not spoiler-free. However, these are not reviews, but rather my opinions on what I saw, since these do not cover the entirety of a series. Whether or not I like something about a certain series. I’ll put them here. So, do give them a read, and feel free to share your opinions about them. This is also where I’ll put, basically anything concerning anime, that is not a review.”
— Leap, 2011

*ehem* That said, I’ve made a real mess of this page since its inception (six years ago at the time that I’m writing this). I’ll spruce this place up at some point…. because before, when I didn’t have much on the blog I’d just link everything I wrote here that wasn’t an Review or a Quick Look. Over the years this place got clogged up (since I’ve written so much *sarcastic italicization*) and I do believe that I’m at the point where I can at least pick out posts that I think that deserve a bit more exposure than others. This will be an evolving list so don’t be surprised if the contents change every now and again (more so since I plan to revisit some of my old writings) so do trust that what I put here are posts that I wrote that I think are pretty alright for the most part. Happy reading~!!

Editorials and General Commentaries
Is there really a time to rewatch anime
Anime You Wish You Can Watch For The First Time, Again
On Good Anime
Favorite First Episodes in Anime
Horror Anime: Is there really such a thing?
Anime Shows That (I Believe) Would Do Well in Live Action
Anime Shows That Need a Sequel
Brotherhood-ing: Anime Remakes
Closure in Anime Romances
Spoilers and “Spoiler Etiquette”
Am I an Anime Hipster?
Acquired Tastes in Anime
Learning Stuff Through Anime
The Appeal of Episodic Anime
Your “Ice Breaker” Anime
Anime “Hype”
Your “Guilty Pleasure” Anime
Watching a series because of its OP/ED

Title Specific Write-Ups
Love Live! Sunshine!! — Hard Work, Failure, and the Ardor of Takami Chika
Longing for the Abyss: Ramblings on Made in Abyss and Why We Watch Sad Anime
Sagrada Reset: Memory in Child — Ramblings and Massive Guess Post
Me!Me!Me! – A social commentary? Or just an absurd music video?
Yuuki Yuuna is a Hero (that we need, but don’t deserve)
The Beauty and Sadness of Compromise; One Week Friends
Closure in Anime Romances – Corollary: NagiAsu
The End of Medaka Box (and some musings on the works of NisiOisiN)
Defending Sukitte ii na yo; for what it’s worth and what it’s not (and some random musings thereafter)

“Reviews” Page

“Like what the page says, this is where I’ll put my reviews. The difference between this and Quick Looks is that, I won’t avoid spoilers here. These are your standard anime reviews, which, I hope you guys enjoy.”
— Leap, 2011

… Or, well, this page used to be that. I found out a bit later in my ani-blogging life that I’m not that good of a reviewer. More so because I tend to just write about what the anime is about as opposed to telling you why it’s good or bad. I should go back to these at some point, now that I have a better grasp of who I am as an anime viewer, but for now yes, please be forewarned that these “reviews” aren’t so much full reviews you’d expect elsewhere, but just me rambling a bit about stuff that I like, stuff that I didn’t like, and whether or not I would advise you to watch the show.

Arakawa Under the Bridge
The Tatami Galaxy
Fullmetal Alchemist – The Sacred Star of Milos
Bamboo Blade
True Tears
Garden of Words
Hanasaku Iroha: Home Sweet Home
Oda Nobuna no Yabou
KURO: Eternal Night Chronicles, Book One – A Vanished Goddess (Book Review)

“Quick Looks” Page

Here on Quick Looks, I give my impressions on anime, wherein I try to become at the most 80-95% spoiler free as possible. Why you may ask? Well, I plan to target these posts to those who haven’t watched the titles that I will present here. It will serve as a primer for what’s in store for them. I may give off points from the first episodes, as well as tidbits from the series as a whole to provide information, but these are not full reviews. These are just, well, quick looks. If you have been planning on watching that series but are hesitant, see if I have it here, maybe it’ll give you the push or pull that you need.
— Leap, 2011

Quick Looks is a concept that I still find to be fairly promising, but my execution of it during the early years of my blog didn’t really match what I envisioned it becoming. I wanted these posts to be a primer for shows, so that people can decide whether or not they want to check these titles out on their own. But for the most part I just ended up giving an extended synopsis with only a handful of actual insight. I plan to make more of these again for sure.

Spice and Wolf
Kurokami, The Animation
Night on the Galactic Railroad
Remembrances for a Certain Pilot
Big Windup!
Psychic School Wars

“Real Talk” Page

Real Talk is a series of posts where I intend to incorporate and relay different theories and concepts that I’ve encountered in texts (scholarly or otherwise) to certain occurences in anime, in an attempt to explain and flesh ideas out within the context of how they may have been represented in the show. That is to say the connection I make between these concepts and the anime shows that I pick out is based simply on my own understanding of the two, independent of the show’s actual narratological background.

Nisemonogatari teaches you Hyperreality and Simulacrum
Koyomi Flower and Symbolic Interactionism
Alderamin on the Sky and Yatori’s Giri/Ninjou
Misattribution, and why Tachibana Akira’s Love is Like After the Rain

The Curious Case of Love Live! is somewhat of a spin-off that I made to Real Talk, when I found myself writing more and more about idol phenomena the more I became entranced with its world.

μ’s, and the interpellation of 2.5D idols
Idols, Performances, and Spectacle
The Koshien of School Idols and Sports Anime Appeal

“Awards, Blog Chains, and Carnivals” Page

As the page title says, Awards, Blog Chains, and Carnivals is where I’ll dump showcase the awards that this blog has garnered, as well the different blog chains and carnivals that I’ve been part of.

ABC Award
Infinity Dreams Award
Liebster Award 2015
Liebster Award 2015 vol2
Liebster Award 2015 vol3
One Lovely Blog Award (2017)
One Lovely Blog Award (2018)
Real Neat Blog Award
Blog Chains and Carnivals
Ace Railgun’s 50 Questions
The Anime Blogger Interrogation Game
Answers to Yumeka’s Questions
Ideal Anime/Manga Cast
Flaming Hotties Tag
What Makes a 10/10 Anime?
Why I Watch Anime?

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