“Here is where I’ll put my commentaries, on a certain episode and/or season of a series. These are not spoiler-free. However, these are not reviews, but rather my opinions on what I saw, since these do not cover the entirety of a series. Whether or not I like something about a certain series. I’ll put them here. So, do give them a read, and feel free to share your opinions about them. This is also where I’ll put, basically anything concerning anime, that is not a review.”
— Leap, 2011

*ehem* That said, I’ve made a real mess of this page since its inception (six years ago at the time that I’m writing this). I’ll spruce this place up at some point…. because before, when I didn’t have much on the blog I’d just link everything I wrote here that wasn’t an Review or a Quick Look. Over the years this place got clogged up (since I’ve written so much *sarcastic italicization*) and I do believe that I’m at the point where I can at least pick out posts that I think that deserve a bit more exposure than others. This will be an evolving list so don’t be surprised if the contents change every now and again (more so since I plan to revisit some of my old writings) so do trust that what I put here are posts that I wrote that I think are pretty alright for the most part. Happy reading~!!

Editorials and General Commentaries

Is there really a time to rewatch anime
Anime You Wish You Can Watch For The First Time, Again
On Good Anime
Favorite First Episodes in Anime
Horror Anime: Is there really such a thing?
Anime Shows That (I Believe) Would Do Well in Live Action
Anime Shows That Need a Sequel
Brotherhood-ing: Anime Remakes
Closure in Anime Romances
Spoilers and “Spoiler Etiquette”
Am I an Anime Hipster?
Acquired Tastes in Anime
Learning Stuff Through Anime
The Appeal of Episodic Anime
Your “Ice Breaker” Anime
Anime “Hype”
Your “Guilty Pleasure” Anime
Watching a series because of its OP/ED

Title Specific Write-Ups

Love Live! Sunshine!! — Hard Work, Failure, and the Ardor of Takami Chika
Longing for the Abyss: Ramblings on Made in Abyss and Why We Watch Sad Anime
Sagrada Reset: Memory in Child — Ramblings and Massive Guess Post
Me!Me!Me! – A social commentary? Or just an absurd music video?
Yuuki Yuuna is a Hero (that we need, but don’t deserve)
The Beauty and Sadness of Compromise; One Week Friends
Closure in Anime Romances – Corollary: NagiAsu
The End of Medaka Box (and some musings on the works of NisiOisiN)
Defending Sukitte ii na yo; for what it’s worth and what it’s not (and some random musings thereafter)

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