Summer Checklist Final Update

Alas, here we are with my final update on my self-proposed Summer Checklist. Honestly, Summer just flew by in a flash (and there wasn’t even a moment where I forgot what day it was!) But as they say, time flies when you’re having fun.

And so, after two months, the results are in, and…*cue drumroll*

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A Review on Bamboo Blade

If I were to name one show that I’ve stalled for the longest time, it would be this one. I don’t even remember when I heard about it, and whenever I got around clearing my backlogs, this title would just pass me by. I had my reasons: like how I wasn’t used to an all-girl cast, or how this show is sport-themed. But deep down I knew “I really want to watch this”. After finally subjecting to my innermost desires I gave in and gave this series another audience.

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My Anime Bucket List, part 2

A continuation of a post I made a while back, today I’ll again share with you guys some shows that I wish to watch in the near, yet expanding future.

As of late I haven’t finished any series on my backlog, and have been only sticking to on-going shows. I plan to cross out some titles (I doubt I can finish all, lol) come next month when studies aren’t so hectic. ‘Till then, here’s the second part of my Anime Bucket List.

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