My Anime Bucket List, part 2

A continuation of a post I made a while back, today I’ll again share with you guys some shows that I wish to watch in the near, yet expanding future.

As of late I haven’t finished any series on my backlog, and have been only sticking to on-going shows. I plan to cross out some titles (I doubt I can finish all, lol) come next month when studies aren’t so hectic. ‘Till then, here’s the second part of my Anime Bucket List.

Since it’s been so long since I got the urge to watch Bamboo Blade but never actually got around to watching it, I completely forgot why I wanted to in the first place. It might be because it’s about girls who know Kendo. It doesn’t look too serious story-wise, but I do think that I’ll be enjoying it for the characters and the Kendo matches. I have actually seen (and subsequently spoiled myself) a clip of, what I think is, a very important battle in this series, and the animation was for the most part neat and fluid.

I’ve heard Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind being tossed around discussions enough times to know that it’s good. I admit I haven’t seen any Ghibli film as of today. I plan to remedy that soon, with Nausicaä here getting top priority. Well, unless of course there’s a better movie to start off a Ghibli marathon. I love stories with strong and brave princesses, but I’ve seen most of them in RPG’s and only a few in anime, which is why I really want to give this a shot. I might get around this earlier than the rest since its a movie.

I’m not entirely sure whether it was a MAL recommendation from Shakugan no Shana, or Code Geass, but that was basically how I encountered Seirei no Moribito. Either way is good, since Code Geass is awesome-tier, and, despite not following season 3, I still have respect for Shakugan no Shana. After reading the synopsis of Seirei though, I might be leaning more on the Code Geass similarity, with the whole exiled-prince theme. That being said, it looks great, and from the least that I tried to spoil for myself, I hear it has qute a climax.

Similar to how I learned about Nausicaä, Rose of Versailles, I believe, is one of those famous old-school shows alongside Utena and Evangelion that appear in discussions from time to time. Having watched both, to some extent (very very close to finishing Utena) I’d love to add another classic to my collection. It’s gonna add to my growing list of Shoujo anime, to which I’ve come to appreciate recently. More so since I feel an Utena/Saber-like vibe from the main character. This might be tougher to get through though, since it really is a bit old, but I’ll get to it somehow.

I’ll cut it here for now since, progress-wise, my list isn’t moving at all (lol) So yeah, if you guys have watched these shows above, tell me what you think about ’em ^^

13 thoughts on “My Anime Bucket List, part 2

  1. I love Bamboo Blade! Mostly because of the characters, each of the player has their own unique personalities and you will see them grow as the series progress. And then like you said, the Kendo matches is the other thing I like about the show. The energy, the intensity of each match, be it official or not, was something I really adore. So do watch it, I recommend it (not that you’re asking, but yeah >.<)

    And that picture of Rose of Versailles reminded of Yuri's plays in Penguindrum. Lol.

    • It’s even better if you guys recommend stuff, that’s when I get hyped up even more and get around to getting the show as soon as possible! ^^

      Haha, now that you mention it, it really does remind you of Yuri, lol

  2. Of these 4, I’ll say that Seirei no Moribito is the most recommended, but I’d rather you don’t relate it to either Code Geass or Shana. It’s a story with a lot of adventure, family-like bonding, action, and a little bit about growing up. It’s closer to a Ghibli film extended into a 24 episodes series. Definitely one of my favourites.

    I agree that the Kendo matches are interesting in Bamboo Blade. But overall, I think the show is just okay.

    Haven’t seen the other two myself.

    • I see, haha, I guess comparing it to Geass was a kind-of a stretch if I looked at it stylistically. Can’t relate to the Ghibli-ness of it since I haven’t really tried a Ghibli film, but if it’s as you say then it goes a ways up my priority list ^^

      I’d still have to see about Bamboo Blade, but I do hope it shows me a little more than “just” okay, lol

  3. Moribito is something I really want to finish watching. When I first learned about it, I watched the first two episodes and thought it was really good but other things pushed it out of the way and I forgot to finish it. It’s nowhere near being similiar to Code Geass though from what I remember.
    I’ve heard good things about Bamboo Blades but it’s generally not my style of anime.

    • That’s happening to me and Utena now, lol, I’m only 9 episodes away from finishing it, but, I can’t >.<
      I re-read the recommendation I was talking about, and the comparisons were mostly about the character relations and such.
      That's too bad, but I guess I can relate – still can't get myself to watch Gurren Lagann, even though almost everybody says it's awesome.

      • Everyone has that anime that no matter how highly rated it is, you either can’t bring yourself to watch it or you watch it and just don’t seem to get the hype. Actually for ages I couldn’t bring myself to watch Fairy Tail though after persisting with the first few episodes it turns out I really like it.

        • Very true. I guess you can say I’m a victim of both cases at times. I do take recommendations and such seriously though and I sometimes push through and watch that once-ignored series, like how it was with me and Death Note, so I guess it’s also a matter of timing, like in your case, it took ages ^^

  4. I also want to see Nausicaa because I just saw the new Ghibli turned into Disney trailer, The Secret World of Arrietty, about human meets the little people and since the last Ghibli film that I’d seen is Spirited Away.

    • Oh yeah, I saw that Disney had some sort of Ghibli feature on some nights. I was planning on catching Mononoke but I didn’t get the schedule. I haven’t even seen Spirited Away, lol, if they feature it on Disney I might get a chance to though ^^

  5. Never seen Bamboo Blade? Well, I suggest you get started then. It was pretty good in my opinion, but that is without looking at the manga material, since I have no idea how it is. As for Seirei no Moribito, that is something I regret not starting sooner. I have watched a few episodes and it caught my interest, but I have yet to see all in its entirety. First time I saw/heard of it was back on Cartoon Network during the 12-2pm time slot during weekends (that was years ago and not sure it is still airing – probably not).

    • I have Bamboo Blade and Kannagi slated for this month then, lol, should be awesome ^^

      I can’t really say I’ll follow up with Seirei no Moribito afterwards. It looks plot-heavy, so I guess I’d prefer to watch it when I’ve got, like, 2 or 3 whole days of free time. I remember seeing it, or atleast hearing the OP on Adult Swim I think, but I’m not to sure now as well.

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