Song Translation: LOVE TRIP – the peggies

lol yuuho tripping @ 03:29 gets me every time xD
(wait… is that what the “love trip” is actually referring to?)

*TL request by reader Abdul; via the “Contact” page! Yes, that tab actually works! jk

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(afureru omoi wa ikutsu mo aru kedo)
[ I have many overflowing feelings but, ]


(kimi ni tsutaetai kotoba wa ikutsumonai na)
[ I barely have any words I wanna say to you ]


(yorokobi mo kanashimi mo wakachi-au mae ni)
[ Before we could even share joys and sorrows, ]


(boku no kokoro de toketeitteshimaunda)
[ my heart had already melted away ]


1 2 3 で息を吸って吐いてくだけで
(1 2 3 de iki wo sutte haitekudakede)
[ 1 2 3, take a deep breath, and just blurt it out ]


(konna ni mo kantan ni nakushite shimaeru)
[ but if it was that easy I’ll just end up losing it ]


(dakara boku wa yukunda)
[ That’s why I’m gonna go ]


(kono koi mo kono uta mo koete ima)
[ this love, this song — we’re moving past that now ]


(kienai-de to negau hodo ni)
[ “Don’t disappear!” I plead, as ]


(nigitta te no chikara ga yowakunatta)
[ the hand I was holding had weakened its grip ]


(kimi ga inakutemo boku wa iki wo tsuzukeruyo)
[ I’ll keep breathing even without you ]


(demo, sore demo)
[ but, even still ]


君が必要なんだ ねえ
(kimi ga hitsuyou nanda nee)
[ I need you, hey ]


(hontou no koto wa itsu datte sa)
[ It’s clearly always been the truth ]


(kanjou no kage ni umorete mienakunatteru)
[ Just buried in shadows of emotion, becoming unseeable ]


(dakara bokura wa kouyattesa)
[ That’s why we do it like this — ]


(te wo niguru yo warai-aunda yo)
[ We clasp our hands and laugh together ]


1 2 3 で息を吸って大きな声で
(1 2 3 de iki wo sutte ooki na koe de)
[ 1 2 3, take a deep breath, and with a big voice ]


(bokura wa koko ni irundatte sakendetaritai)
[ I want to shout “We are here!” ]


(dakara bokura wa yukunda)
[ That’s why we’re gonna go ]


(hokorobi mo ayamachi mo koete imai)
[ our failures, our mistakes — we’re moving past that now ]


(nigitteita te ga hanarete mo)
[ Even if the hand I’m holding let’s me go ]


(nanimo kowagaru mono nante nai yo)
[ there’s nothing to be afraid of ]


(boku ga inakutemo kimi wa daijoubu sa)
[ You’ll clearly be fine even without me ]


(dakara kimi wo erandanda)
[ That’s why I chose you ]


(hitotsu ni nante narenai)
[ We can no longer become just “one” — ]


(bokura wa ai wo motomeru yo)
[ We, in search of love ]


(mitasarenakute ha ga yukutemo)
[ Even if its insufferable and can’t be fulfilled ]


(aishite mitainda)
[ I want to love ]


(aishite shimaunda)
[ Unwittingly I would love ]


(dakara boku wa yukunda)
[ That’s why I’m gonna go ]


(kimi janai dare ka wo mitsukenai you ni)
[ I don’t think I can find anyone else but you ]


(afureru omoi wo hitotsu demo ii kara)
[ With these overflowing feelings, just one will do ]


(kimi ni tsutaerareru you ni)
[ I might be able to convey to you ]


(boku ga boku de irareru you ni)
[ as if to keep myself as “me” ]


(kimi ga kimi de irareru you ni)
[ as if to keep you as “you” ]


(kono koi wo utau yo)
[ I’ll sing of this love ]

– –

LOVE TRIP is the coupling song to the peggies‘ double A-side single back in 2016 that also featured スプートニク (read as “Sputnik”, song translation for which can be found here).

I mean what else can you say about this sugary sweet song about an awkward budding love? A “love trip” of emotions, as one might experience, as they go through their first bout with confessing that they like someone with the intent of spending the rest of their life with them (haha, ikr). It’s mushy, youthfully innocent, and all-around fun — which about sums up ‘the peggies’ in as few words as possible.

They lean more towards the pop variety of girl bands as far as their sound is concerned, but don’t let that disuade you. What the peggies do; which is flood your ears with their quirky balance of girls rock and cute vocals; they do really well. the peggies have been finding their stride as of late (provding the first ED for Boruto, if any of you are familiar) so they’re definitely one to look out for.

Another translation request this week, this time from Abdul who reached out to me via the e-mail form found under my “Contact” tab up there in my home menu.

So yes, if you guys have songs you want translated (JP -> EN) you could either drop a line in my “Song Translations” page OR you can do what Abdul did and just send me an e-mail via the form in my “Contact” page — the only requirements being that the song doesn’t yet have an existing TL out in the web and that the lyrics in kanji are accessible somewhere.

Odds are I’ll get to working on it right away. Whether or not I finish right away is a different story, lol (reminder that I still have a standing list of TL suggestions from reader maskofsin, don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten man). It all depends on how hard I find the song is.

To echo off this sentiment I’d also like to point out that I’m still learning the language myself so these might not be the most accurate translations out there, so do take them with a grain of salt — and if you do know your stuff, please don’t hesitate to comment about what can be improved and worked on. I consider all my TLs a “live translation” in that they can always be fixed if need be.

Till I see ya next! 😀

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  1. Plus Yuuho the singer tripped while filming the last chorus in the mv (which they covered up pretty well on the bottom right with the art thingies) and they were all laughing 😀 thanks for the translation and interpretation as well!

  2. Wait I didn’t read the start I’m dumb, anyways, still glad to see they’re being appreciated more than ever with Centimeter

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