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PSA — avocados can be used as post break-up projectiles

– –

(watashi to wakarete kimi wa sa moderu-kyuu no bijin to tsukiattashi)
[ You broke up with me — and rebounded with a model-class beauty ]

(kokoro ga kudakeru oto ga shitashi ne)
[ There’s no mistaking the sound of a breaking heart ]

(soryamou baribaribaribaribaan)
[ Obviously, it goes *crackcrackcrackcrack* *boom* ]

(watashi to wakarete kimi wa sa mainichi juujitsu shite souda yo ne)
[ You broke up with me — and each day felt complete, right? ]

(sonnani autodoa hadatta no ne)
[ Almost like an outdoor party, right? ]

(soryamou baribaribaribaribaan)
[ Obviously, it went *snapsnapsnapsnap* *bang* ]

(ai shite ita nda kke?)
[ Did I even love you? ]

(ima ja mou yoku oboete inaikedo)
[ I can’t even remember nowadays, but ]

(ima mo an toki no koto bakka)
[ Even now, only that time ]

(omoidashichau no)
[ is what I remember. ]

(baka da yo ne)
[ Stupid, right? ]

{バイバイ} 全部知ってる
(baibai zenbu shitteru)
[ Bye-Bye I know all there is to know ]

{バイバイ} あの狭い部屋
(baibai ano semai heya)
[ Bye-Bye about that cramped room. ]

{バイバイ} まだ怒ってる?
(baibai mada okotteru)
[ Bye-Bye Are you still mad — ]

{バイバイ} 君に投げつけたアボカド
(baibai kimi ni nagetsuketa avocado)
[ about that avocado that I threw at you ]

(kimi to wakarete watashi sa karappo nukegara mitai ni nattashi)
[ You broke up with me — and I became empty like a hollowed shell ]

(mainichi jikan ga sugite iku dake)
[ Every day, as time passed ]

(tada tada daradaradaradara da)
[ Was oh so oh so oh so very dull ]

(kimi to wakarete watashi sa eiga o mite genjitsu toohi)
[ You broke up with me — and I watched movies to escape reality ]

(eiga no youna kudoki monku mo ne)
[ So those pick-up lines like the ones in movies — ]

(ima ja barebarebarebare da)
[ Now I’ve figured them all out ]

{バイバイ} 絡まっている
(baibai karamatteiru)
Bye-Bye it was sticking ]

{バイバイ} あの長いヘアー
(baibai ano nagai heya)
[ Bye-Bye to that long hair of yours ]

{バイバイ} まだ気にしてる?
(baibai mada ki ni shiteru)
[ Bye-Bye Is it still on your mind — ]

{バイバイ} 君に潰されたアボカド
(baibai kimi ni tsubusareta avocado)
[ Bye-Bye that avocado you smushed ]

[ Did I even love you? ]

(kimi o issai gassai kirai ni naritai)
[ I want to hate every single thing about you ]

[ Was I ever loved? ]

(kimi wa ittai zentai dounanoyo)
[ How are you able to live with yourself? ]

{バイバイ} サビついている
(baibai sabitsuiteiru)
[ Bye-Bye Getting covered in rust ]

{バイバイ} 君泣いていた
(baibai kimi naiteita)
[ Bye-Bye You shed tears ]

{バイバイ} 気になっている
(baibai kini natteiru)
[ Bye-Bye You wondered ]

{バイバイ} 君待っていた
(baibai kimi matteita)
[ Bye-Bye You waited ]

{バイバイ} こびりついてる
(baibai kobiritsuteiru)
[ Bye-Bye It’s sticking — ]

(baibai guchagucha ni natta avocado)
[ Bye-Bye that messed-up avocado ]

– –

アボカド (abokado lit. avocado) is a song by all-female three-piece band yonige, coming off of the third track of their first mini-album Coming Spring (2015).

A very straightforward song with a light-hearted take on an all too common phenomena for guys and girls alike – a break-up. Well, I suppose not all break-ups end with your former significant other throwing avocados at you, but the idea is more or less the same. The MV plays along with the theme of the song pretty well, so there’s no nuancing to be had (thank God). A girl reminisces about the time she threw an avocado at her ex. If anything, that should be a memorable enough event in your life to warrant reminiscing, and yonige helps you pull those old feelings out with a rockin’ tune to go along with it.

No editor again this time (I’m looking to resort to r/japanese or something similar in the future) so these might not be the most fitting translations.

Also, to people who actually know their stuff, feel free to point out any and all corrections/criticisms/clarifications you deem fit.

Might do one more song before the year ends, so stay tuned. 😀

9 thoughts on “Song Translation: Avocado – yonige

    • Definitely (or, well, I can certrainly try!)
      Did you have a song in mind? 😀

    • Hey, thanks as well for dropping by!
      Ooh, if you have a lyrics in kanji I can give it a go (but you’re gonna have to refresh me on サキ as I don’t /think/ I’ve heard that one from yonige; is it perhaps from their latest album?)

      My wording might be a touch different but I’d say both sets of lyrics are fairly accurate in their own right. I will admit though that the line —
      “ano nagai heaa” was handled better by the other translation
      “hair” makes more sense than “room” in the context of the line.

      I remember how that line in particular threw me for a loop since there /is/ a Japanese word for “hair” (but now I see the brilliance in the play of words in “heya” and “heaa”, lol)

      • Hey,

        Yes, it’s from their new album “girls like girls”.
        Here is the link that I found for the lyrics:
        It’s probably my favorite song released this year.
        I saw their album in many streaming services, but I also uploaded it on jpopsuki. (if you have/want an invite just tell me)

        About the avocado translation, I also thought I heard “nagai heaa” but since she also refers to the “heya” a lot, I was also confused.
        I also thought that your “SFX” were better translated.

        Thanks once again!

        • Oooh, yeap. Found it. It was written as 沙希 so I missed in when I was looking over the tracks I had. lol, that upload was from you?? Haha! I should be thanking you then! I’m on jpopsuki too. The moment that “girls like girls” went up I was all over it. Hadn’t had the chance to properly listen to it though (and I was also in-between doing other TLs)

          I’ll probably go ahead and edit mine.
          Being “tangled in a long room” doesn’t make sense xD
          About the SFX — I was just having a bit of fun with it, lol

          Stay tuned then~!!

          • Sorry, sorry. I got the name from amazon jp, I didn’t check with the uploaded version.
            I was searching frantically for it on 20th september, but could only found 2 days later, rushed to upload it since I knew there were people like me 😀

            I will! Thanks again for the translations!

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