My Summer 2012 Lineup

Plus some random Kara no Kyoukai news

But first, my lineup. I would’ve had this up a week ago but I wanted to see if I was gonna add more shows to my initial picks. That wasn’t the case as it turns out, and I ended up sticking to the five shows I planned on watching beforehand (and I still have a bit of a backlog from last season). So yes, only five this season. Starting off with..


Why? I’ve already encountered this series as a light novel a few months back and from what I read it seemed like something along the lines of Toaru Majutsu no Index, a series that’s also based on a very successful light novel and is also a show that I really enjoyed. The first two episodes so far displayed more or less what I expected (fast-paced fight scenes, foreign words tossed here and there) and I believe it’s doing well so far. This may also be one of the rarer occasions where I don’t mind the ecchi at all.

Concerns? The show openly promotes it’s harem-ness, and, well, it’s not like I loathe harems or anything, but it’s going to be more predictable now. Also, for those who may or may not have read the novel, they totally rushed through that fight in the second episode – hopefully they don’t do the same in the future.

Sword Art Online

Why? Another highly acclaimed light novel series adaptation. I’ve actually been waiting for this one ever since its announcement alongside Accel World because of how good the novels were. So far SAO has been nothing but top-tier – animation, voice acting, fight scenes, Yuki Kajiura, OP by Lia; kinda hard to find a reason not to watch it.

Concerns? Same with Campione!, LN adaptations have a tendency to rush (or even omit) certain parts of the story. Granted that episode 2 was based on a side story, but they still crammed that entire side story in one episode.

Tari Tari

Why? P.A. Works mostly. Plus, after Sakamichi no Appollon I’m now more open to shows that has music associated with their plot. It’s been really just a nice slice-of-life/school comedy so far (I’m expecting some drama along the way), and I think that’s a good change of pace from the harems and the all-female casts this season.

Concerns? Hmm, I guess I really don’t want Tari Tari to follow the same flow as Hanasaku Iroha did back then. Not that Iroha was bad or anything, but you have to agree that they really dipped low a couple of times.

Kokoro Connect

Why? I really thought Kokoro Connect was going to be full-on comedy when it was first announced so I wasn’t really expecting much from it – until I watched the trailer. After that I was like “Oh damn I have to watch this!”. It’s still pretty much mostly comedy so far (pretty good comedy too), but when they kinda routed to a more serious tone in episode 2 I was just sold. The character interactions are mostly what I look forward to here.

Concerns? They’re trying to balance comedy and drama here; and while it has been successful a lot of times before, Kokoro Connect kinda lays comedy a bit thick, so I’m a teeny bit worried that the drama could end up half-baked. But only a teeny bit.

Oda Nobuna no Yabou

Why? I honestly have no idea why I decided to watch this.

Concerns? Not as much as you might think actually. The lecherous lead guy actually pulls off some unexpectedly cool dialogue at times, and the animation isn’t half bad. I may be just bit worried about how much they’re gonna do away with their ecchi business.

– –

So yeah, those’re the shows I’m following this season. I’m trying to find some time to start Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita, but so far; no luck. I also won’t be doing episodics this season for a lot of reasons (I might pop-up a few posts every now and then when something in a series catches my attention)

Now, for the random KnK news I mentioned earlier..

Kara no Kyoukai: Mirai Fukuin has been green lit for animation! *cue party poppers*

I’m actually a bit late finding this out (announced since July 7) but all the same, I’m totally psyched for this one. For those KnK fans there who might not know of this, Mirai Fukuin (translated as Future’s Gospel) contains two stories: one coinciding within the timeline of the first seven movies, and the other one taking place ten years after the events of the Epilogue. ufotable will of course be taking the helm on this one, so yeah. Sadly, no premier date yet, but hey, more KnK 😀

6 thoughts on “My Summer 2012 Lineup

  1. About the same as my list with one or two add-ons. Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita would is one title. I was hesitant at first about Oda Nobuna no Yabou, but so far, not bad. Seen the Sengoku jidai period done to death, yet a couple more will not kill me, since this one is decent enough.

    Also I heard about Knk awhile back, but I seriously need to catch up on the complete series. Never did find the fortitude to get started on the 2nd movie, but seems like now (while I have the vacation time) might be a good chance.

    • Aside from Jinrui, I’m looking out for Koi to Senkyo but yeah, Summer 2012 is not as stacked as last season. lol, OdaNobu may actually be my first Sengoku Jidai themed show. I’m liking the dialogue so far though 😀

      Yeah, I don’t know how this passed my radar last week >.<
      Go. Watch it! lol, it'd be well worth a portion of your vacation time

  2. I’m watching two of the anime on your list – Kokoro Connect and Tari Tari. I share your concern in regards with Tari Tari. So far the two episodes I saw were not bad. Need to watch the third episode soon! As for Kokoro Connect, it’s a bit hard to really go crazy about it but I like it nonetheless.

    Personally, the anime that grabbed my attention the most is UtaKoi. Haha. Never once thought that’d happen, but hey, it did. >.<

    • No shounen love? 😀
      Yeah, but I do have high hopes for Tari Tari now that I’ve finished True Tears, so who knows? They did Another’s pacing rather well I think. As for KokoCo, I agree that it is kinda hard to take seriously, but it has potential.

      I was this close to trying out UtaKoi, lol, I might pick it up in the future if it turns out well

    • Well, you know what they say:
      great minds…like the same cute anime girls 😀

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