Summer Checklist Update #2

☑  Finish, and subsequently review Bamboo Blade

☑ At the same time, get around to finishing Revolutionary Girl Utena

☑ As well as Kannagi

☑ Tweak the site somehow (try out a new look maybe, or just re-arrange some stuff)

☑ Participate in YumeState’s Anime Watchers Club

It’s the 2nd of May! Boy time flies. Five out of thirteen done in so-so speed! I admit that I had a little trouble finishing Kannagi. There was just something about it that made it hard to jump into the next episode (forgive me Tsugumi). Still an extremely funny series though, and I wouldn’t mind going back to it for some laughs. Also, as you may have hopefully noticed, everything looks a little bit more neat and spiffy around Leap250’s Blog. I didn’t want to go for a drastic change just yet, but I think the simplicity of it all is pleasing in it’s own right. I’ve also cleaned up the pages, especially the “Articles“, and you’ll notice it’s less cluttered than it used to be. I’ll still be tinkering with the site come the next few days. YumeState has also finished its first series in the Anime Watcher’s Club which was Aoi Bungaku, and now we’re starting up another series for May, Ookami Kakushi (check out the details here)

8 thoughts on “Summer Checklist Update #2

  1. Brofist you for finishing Kannagi. Absolutely loved it! I did not find it too hard to finish, but somehow Nagi and Zange had something to do with it. Oh and Takako, too ^^

    • *brofists tsurugiarashix*
      Maybe it had something to do with watching it alongside these newer shows. Still, I love the comedy in Kannagi. Takako especially ^_^

  2. Hey, hey, that’s not bad. Now you make me feel bad for not even accomplishing anything even thought it’s already May T.T. Jk!

  3. Kai – Mars – Anime watcher, games/VN player, LN/manga reader & Aniblogger. Also a Hatsune Miku fan.
    Kai on said:

    Lol, while you are here finishing up your tasks, I’m here procrastinating and drinking coffee.. D:

    • I’m just trying to do as much as I can before I do some vacation stuff ^_^

      and I wouldn’t pass up a good cup of coffee anytime 😀

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