Summer Checklist Update #1

Finally some progress!

☑ Finish, and subsequently review Bamboo Blade

☑ At the same time, get around to finishing Revolutionary Girl Utena

That’s two out of thirteen down. It was awesome to finally cross Bamboo Blade out of my never-ending list. To finish Utena is also very very fulfilling, I think. Something that I’d almost consider a “must watch”. I’m almost halfway through Kannagi, and also eleven episodes in to Gundam SEED. As for the “Cover more than one show during the Spring 2012 season” I’ve decided to cover Sankarea and Tasogare Otome x Amnesia, effective come next week. For a multitude of reasons, I decided not to cover Medaka Box (for now at least). Yumestate’s Anime Watcher’s Club is also well underway (check it out here and here) I’m gonna check that out after we finish Aoi Bungaku. So yeah, I’m way past the midway point of April with a lesser amount of progress than I had hoped for, but I think I can make it ^^

8 thoughts on “Summer Checklist Update #1

  1. I’m desperately catching up on my review list too. Sigh.

    Will you be reviewing Utena? It might give a good idea whether or not to watch it… I’ve heard many good stuff about it, but I’m not too keen on older series…

    • You did a stellar job compared to my progress with those back to back reviews of yours, if I do say so myself. ^^

      I’m considering giving a review come this Saturday, but I’m still on the fence about it. Mainly because of all the stuff (like dem symbolisms) that I may have missed. Utena is good though, and for an old series it looks sharper than most (save for all the stock footage they reuse) I’d still recommend it though 😀

      • But 39 episodes + 1movie =S I guess I’ve gotten used to the 12/13 episode format for recent titles… Forcing myself to sit through all that if it isn’t my cup of tea is gonna be torturous.

        Well, I’m gonna bet it all on your opinion ^^ No pressure.

        • Yeah, 39 episodes wasn’t a cakewalk for me either. I got stuck at around 30 at one point. >.<

          Oh, you don't really need to watch the movie since it's a complete off-shoot of the original work. A different re-telling if you will (and it's totally crazy) That, I wouldn't particularly recommend ^^

  2. Kai – Mars – Anime watcher, games/VN player, LN/manga reader & Aniblogger. Also a Hatsune Miku fan.
    Kai on said:

    I need to keep up with some old anime myself, there are quite some epic ones I had missed out D:

    • We’ll get through this! ^^
      Though I say that, I don’t think our backlogs would ever cease growing in size. *sigh* So many good shows, so little time.

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