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After a week of discussion and reading my fellow ani-bloggers’ posts, I think its safe to say that it was a very nice learning experience.

For me especially, since, after checking out my fellow participants, I think I’m a tad bit “wet behind the ears”. Nonetheless, it was truly a fun time getting to talk with ani-bloggers who I’ve more or less stalked before starting up my own blog. That in itself made the idea of an Anime Blog Carnival very appealing. In that regard, kudos to du5k for the wonderful event.

As for the topic “What makes a 10/10 anime?” I’d have to admit that it made me hesitant to write about it at first. Like I said in my entry, I’m a generous score giver, so I didn’t think my scores would hold much credibility to how good the show really was. It took a few days of thought for me to finally realize that my opinions are, well, mine, and that what matters is what I thought was good.  Things flowed easier from there as I got to put into words my “preferences” so to speak, though, I mentioned that I got the idea from my Physics 10 reviewer, so I’d also like to thank my professor for that.

What was more fun however was reading all the ideas from my fellow participants. I’d think we’d all agree that we looked back at our preferences, if only a bit, after reading what others had to say. Take for example du5k’s entry, where he explained how his preferences changed over time, from ratings of enjoyment, to rating a show’s value. There’s also guys like Marow from AnimeViking and Mira from Hachimitsu who think that a 10/10 show should have that extra something, with that something being possibly different from viewer to viewer, that makes us enjoy a show by our own standards.

SnippetTee gave it a more statistical spin, giving a grade correspondence based on her specific preferences on animation, characters, musicality, plot and a memorable ending. Kai from deluscar and Sam from The Otaku’s Study went for a more detailed approach, including their own take on what they would want to see from a 10/10 show.

My final thoughts on this topic could very well be summed up by these words:

Enjoyment is the kingmaker

We’ve all said in our entries, that enjoyment is, one of, if not the most important factor when talking about good shows. In the end, a 10/10 show is what we make it to be.

So yeah, big thanks again to du5k, to all that participated and shared opinions with me, and to my fellow ani-bloggers in this Carnival. It was a fun week and I hope to share opinions with you guys again sometime ^^

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4 thoughts on “Blog Carnival: Roundup

  1. There is nothing wrong with being a generous score giver and it’s good you realized that. It’s your opinion after all so you can say whatever you want. Enjoyment is the kingmaker and without it what is the point.

    • I guess I was partly offended by that MAL equivalence thing. I won’t go changing my scores because of it though ^^

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