Update: First month, done

Hey guys, just wanted to make a quick update here and say that ‘Leap250’s Blog’ has made it to its first month^^

I am well aware that I have a tendency to just drop things that I randomly decide doing (I never did finish even one of the many fanfics I started) but I was surprised that I didn’t do that here. I truly enjoy what I’m doing, since I got to express my thoughts, and in turn, I learned a lot of new things, especially about Anime. I discovered a bunch of really awesome titles that I never would’ve attempted to watch, so yeah, that’s cool.

At first I was hesitant to start a blog, because I only had an interest in blogs only recently. I became a lurker for quite some time, giving comments here and there. One day, I got really curious as to how people received a certain show’s first episode, so I started browsing the net about it. I stumbled upon a blog which had an analysis about it, and I thought to myself, ‘hey, this is pretty good’. I wanted to read more of those kinds of posts, and at the same time, I wanted to be able to write something like that. And, well, here we are.

I also took this chance to practice my writing (or so I say). Being a member of the student publications at my old high school was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Now I’m currently taking up journalism, but I don’t have any writing classes yet, so I figured that a good way to practice is to write about something that I really like, which in this case is, Anime.

Expect me to be in the long run for this, because I don’t think I’m leaving this anytime soon. I still have a lot of things to improve on this site, its contents, as well as my writing style. College aside, I think I can manage.

So yeah, first month is officially done, and there’s still a bunch of things to talk about. To those who are reading this now and to those who are following my posts, thanks, and, well, there’s more where that came from I guess ^^

12 thoughts on “Update: First month, done

  1. Hey hey, it has been only a month and you’re doing great! I enjoy reading your posts =) Oh, pardon my manners…Congratulations!

    And yeah, I have the tendency to drop things too but so far I’m keeping up with blogging which is kinda surprising.

    • I do hope that I keep up with blogging for a long time. I’m glad that you enjoy my posts, so yeah, thanks! ^^

  2. Congratulations on the first month. And you are doing great so far; way better off than I am and I only been around for four months. As for college, I have to take consideration for my classes, but glad you already seem to have things set.

    Can not wait to see what you come up with next, so please do stick around ^^

    • I have three free days every week, so I more or less decided to use one of those for writing. Thanks, and I will definitely stick around ^^

  3. Congratulations on one month of blogging! I only started reading your blog recently, but there are already a few posts that I really enjoy. ^ ^ Keep up the good work!!

    • I’m happy to know that you enjoy some of my posts. Thanks, I’ll try my best ^^

  4. Awesome one, man! your blog has been a surprising and enjoyable read since I checked it. Always keep up the great work man. By the way, 16 yrs old and already a college freshman? Ang bilis talaga kapag nasa Pilipinas ka nag-aaral. By the way, your English is awesome!

    • Thanks! And in turn I enjoy making enjoyable posts, lol
      Haha, mukhang magkalahi tayo ah! Wla kasi junior high sa Pinas eh.^_^

  5. Congratulations! I can see lots of similarities between your experience and mine. Just like you, surpassing that thirty days was pretty monumental for me because I have so much hesitation starting my own blog. Plus, I also started as a reader who randomly pops out and comments every now and then.

    Anyway, keep up the good work. I truly enjoy reading posts especially your quick looks. ^^

    • To be honest, your blog was one of those that made me want to start writing. The first post I read form you was the one about DnS. I was so pulled in for some reason, and it made me want to start up my own blog as well (kinda a foggy story now that I say it like that)

      Thanks, and I do enjoy making those quick looks, so it’s pretty awesome that you enjoy reading them ^_^

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