The End of Medaka Box (and some musings on the works of NisiOisiN)

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I’ll be honest in saying that I was a bit sad to see Medaka Box go. Sure, it kinda tired itself out with plots going off-tangent at times but it was also quirky enough to be a unique “taste” of manga that you won’t really see as much in other more popular (and more successful) titles. It’s not revolutionary, what NisiOisiN (of Bakemonogatari fame) did, but out of nowhere twists and parodies and awesome characters (and side characters to boot) were sure as hell fun to read about. I’m not a big manga reader myself though, and if it wasn’t for the recommendation of a friend I probably would never even try reading Medaka Box. Thankfully I did, and I got to see it off with, probably the most awkward ending to manga I’ve seen – and it couldn’t have fit any better.

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Glad that’s over with

Hey guys 😀

Just checking in to say “what’s up?” since it’s been, like, a week and a half since I last set foot in the ani-blogosphere (and it’s the week of first episodes too >.<). I’ve seen a couple of first episodes already but I haven’t really dropped by other blogs in really a while. Long story short; I got slammed with a term paper that was supposedly due earlier today and spent the entire week (or so, lol) working on it. The crappy part was that my professor didn’t even show up today. Yeah, still glad I got the work done though.

And the day wasn’t really that much of a bummer because…

My books arrived! Four light novel volumes of Spice and Wolf awesomeness, plus, as a bonus – volume one of the manga adaptation (which, by the way, has WAY too many full frontal shots of Holo). Expect me to write about ’em in the near future. And yeah, now that that suck-y paper is done, I should have my blogging time again (and I still need to close of Sankarea)

so, ’till then, how’s the Summer season been treating you guys so far?

Summer Checklist Final Update

Alas, here we are with my final update on my self-proposed Summer Checklist. Honestly, Summer just flew by in a flash (and there wasn’t even a moment where I forgot what day it was!) But as they say, time flies when you’re having fun.

And so, after two months, the results are in, and…*cue drumroll*

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A new found appreciation for manga

With February 2012 nearing its last few days, I can’t help but feel that summer break is oh so near. Mostly because the heat is really kicking it up a notch these last couple of days, alongside the final stretch of this semester’s subjects. With exams and such steadily approaching, I decided to hold off some completed shows I had on-cue for the weekend until a week or two into March.

That being said, I don’t want to rush and pull an all-nighter of studying just yet. So taking anime out of the equation for the time being (save for on-going shows, lol) I needed to find something to pass the time when I’m not studying. Light novels doesn’t sit well after studying. Same goes for VN’s. A few curious clicks later though, and I found myself enjoying some manga.

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