Anime Shows That You Used to Love

“Oh~ Oh~ Oh~ Oh~~ I used to love yo~~~u!”

I’ve talked about it in some capacity before in all sorts of places (my About page, my MAL profile, in posts etc.) but I’d been exposed to anime very early in my life. This is actually very common for a lot of people from the Philippines who grew up in my generation, and like them the memories of my childhood do include having seen stuff like Voltes V and Daimos (the former I believe we had on VHS xD)

But I don’t count those experiences as having watched the aforementioned shows. For one, while I do remember seeing them, I can’t for the life of me tell you for instance what Daimos was about (hell, it was only recently that I found out that Daimos was a friggin’ truck, not a train!), other than that there’s a giant robot beating up kaijus and maaaaybeeee(?) a romance between the pilot and a girl, I dunno. The point is, my viewing experience of those old old shows wasn’t much of an “experience” at all. Anime was just something I saw out of circumstance as a young lad, like you would Sunday morning cartoons and educational programs. Did I love Voltes V and Daimos? I probably did; or at least, as much love as a pre-schooler can give to a TV show, sure. But more than likely, I don’t think I’d ever proactively seek these shows out any time soon if at all.

During my time in elementary school ,”The Big 3″ of Bleach, One Piece, and Naruto was having its boom amongst its widely prepubescent audiences and while I’ve already made clear my predilections towards these mainstream titles in an older post, I’m not afraid to admit that even I was Naruto-head in my spry youth. Dude, c’mon, ninjas? Teenage ninjas?! (that are not at all mutants and/or turtles?!?…. I’ll stop) But in all seriousness, I really was a fan, no doubt. I watched the anime religiously, I played the GameBoy Advance games, I memorized the hand signs for jutsus (…*cringe*), heck I even bought the metallic head protector! A lot of my friends were into it too, and I remember we’d go and play wannabe ninjas during recess. Would I say that I loved Naruto? Of course. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t. Just, at present, I don’t think it’s something I can say about Naruto — more so now as someone who barely even watches shounen anymore.

I count my real start with anime when I first saw Fate/Stay Night in high school and immediately after watching an episode I fell in love (even if Animax at the time had been billing it incorrectly as “Sorcerers versus Magicians” smh). Everything about it; the seemingly (lol) multi-latticed storyline of Emiya Shirou and Saber, their budding romance, and what looked to me at the time as just a true visual feature unlike anything I’d seen before. Now, before you say anything I’d have you know that this would be around late 2007 to early 2008, and F/SN was still relatively new at the time so do believe me when I say that it looked really good for its time (I can’t stress this enough xD) . Can I confidently say to you lot that I loved Fate/Stay Night? Yeah. Loved it to bits. It had everything that I thought I wanted in an anime, and more. However, if you made me watch DEEN/Stay Night now, I highly doubt the experience would be as magical.

While all these shows will always always have a special place in my heart (some more than others), these are titles I wouldn’t really show favor to at present. It sounds like I’m needlessly dumping on these anime but I do also want to believe that this is just par for the course of being an anime fan. We all have our early favorites; the shows that got us into anime in the first place; the anime that at one point in time we thought of as masterpieces; even ones that we just loved for no conceivable reason.

Nostalgia is such a trap in that regard. It’s easy to look fondly back at memories of things we’ve seen or heard in the past because of the sentiment we embed within them — and this goes for everything really, not just anime. I mean, some of you may have this one book that you’ve read over-and-over when you were a kid; a song that you’d play on-loop endlessly; or a movie you thought you’d never get tired of. We think of these things as having played a part of who we are now and so we treat them with a sense of familiarity.

Over time however memories slowly but surely start to fade; sinking into the depths of oblivion. Not to say they’re irrecoverable (because you can most certainly recall even some of your oldest memories still at times), but often the memories we try to pull out from the recesses of our subconsciousness end up being fragments of a whole. Or, y’know… maybe I just have bad memory (tehe~)

BUT, this also serves to prove my point. A single piece of sentiment can go a long way; almost enough to fill in the gaps of what we actually can remember. More than that, sometimes all we ever remember is the sentiment; the feelings, the emotions — the love. So you kinda have to ask: do we continue to love something for the sole reason of having loved it before? Even when all it has going for it is nostalgia? Is that even love still?

Personally I’d say, no, not really. As often as we fall in love with shows over the course of our anime-viewing lifetimes, I find that it’s perfectly fine to acknowledge that falling out of love with certain anime shows as time goes by is very much a thing too. It’s not because I think these shows just suddenly changed over the years and became bad or anything of the sort (nor do I really think that you’re only ever supposed to like “good shows”), I mean, there are still shows that I’ve seen close to ten years ago now that I still love so I wouldn’t really say it’s solely a case of old anime just being old (and therefore no longer being up to snuff anymore) either.

I’d like to believe that It’s more so about coming to terms with how we ourselves may have changed over the years — and perhaps along with it the way we feel about certain anime as well. I’m sure the reason will be different for each show that every one used to love (should they/you subscribe to this notion), but if anything, and I’ll leave you with this;

“‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”

or so the saying goes 🙂

Have you fallen out of love with an anime show?
What are some anime that you used to love?

Share ’em in the comments section below!
Happy Hearts Day to y’all; have a good one 😀
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9 thoughts on “Anime Shows That You Used to Love

  1. ikaw yung tipo ng con goer na nag jujutsu sa megamall! nakakahiya ka. hahaha but seriously, i will cringe at you as well. mostly because i am never courageous enough to do it in public. my friends do the naruto dash sa megamall and nakaka hiya kaya. lalo n pag andun ung mga fixture n cosplayers tapos kilala ka nila. ><
    and hey, nice to know I'm not the only one that loves FSN 06. pero I never knew Animax changed the name. I remember them advertising it as FSN.
    and yes, nostalgia is a trap. that's why Ican't love the new Kino, because I love the old Kino, and I guess I'm like the ghostbusters fan forver to say their long time fave is now Ghostbuster 1984, because the new one took the name as well. hahaha
    but I mostly don't rewatch because I know nostalgia is heavily biased. for me, as a reviewer, I can't let it affect me. xD But of course, I still smile while watching Groove Adventure Rave's OP even though Fairy Tail is superior overall. Laking AXN ako. hahaha

    • Eyy, unang con ko college na ako, hahaha, well past ny ninja phase! The only cringe thing na ginagawa ko nalang nun would be singing along to anisons na tumutugtog sa venue, haha!
      They didn’t change the name, just advertized it weird /they didn’t know what they were talking about xD
      Remakes are tricky because of that yeah. Still, I’m all for it. I wanna see more shows get the Brotherhood treatment.
      I think I watched Rurouni Kenshin sa AXN, lol

      • naku, meron kaya nag hihipo p pag nag papa picture. o kaa ung todo akbay o ung kabig side boob. haha ninja tlga. xD
        bihira nmn ang mga anime n Brotherhood eh. Cguro HxH at….anu p b? haha
        yes lol. though I saw it first in Studio 23 (whatcha want) meron p b S23? haha

        • oi, ibang pangni-ninja na yan xD
          I’d count yung Rebuild series ng NGE as Brotherhood-ing, lol
          wala na 🙁 pati Hero daw alaws na ah

          • yush, Hero signed off dis month lng. Feb 1, I think. kakalungkot nga kasi i was watching Food Wars there. hahaha
            and i don’t trust the Eva reboot. i have to see it, but feeling ko ma didisappoint ako. xD
            ah, si Fate!!!! di b na bigyan ng Brotherhood treatment dn yan.

  2. I don’t usually go back to anime and the few that i have gone back to i still really enjoy (though if I can watch the whole thing from beginning to end is still up in the air). like i was able to rewatch death note and i could probably still again. i also really love samurai champloo and i think i can rewatch it. i’ve done a couple episodes before but have never tried to actually sit down and rewatch the whole thing. i also rewatched parts of scryed but even during my first watch there were a couple episodes i wasn’t a huge fan of. i used to like naruto more but as the series continued i just got tired of how dragged out it was. i can still watch the movies but the series? not so much

    the thing that i have found that i love more for nostalgia’s sake is fanfiction. omg there’s TONS of stories i’ve gone back to that i loved when i was in like 8th grade or something but that i can’t really fangirl about now. like i’ll like the idea but bc i’m older i’ll find more faults in it (esp grammar and spelling and wow i can’t really read something if that’s not at a certain level). for those stories i’ve reread and not found as good anymore, i still love them but i feel more conscious about recommending them. but they still have a soft spot in my heart 😀

    • As we’ve talked about in one of my previous posts I almost never go back and rewatch nowadays — not by choice, but out of a lack of time — and now I think that works not only to the detriment *but also* to the benefit of these old shows. I realize, as I’ve reflected on this particular topic a bit more, it’s equally as possible to love a show more now than you did before; and I bring this up because you bring up Death Note, and Death Note is a title where, I’m more appreciative of it now than I was before simply because nothing yet has come close to replicating the experience I had with it. It’s not a sentiment I’d share with shows, like say, D.Gray Man which I really liked back in the day so I guess it’s safe to say it’s a more case-case type thing.

      I’d say I can relate, but for the majority of my stint dabbling in fanfiction I was on the other side of the process xD Which, I guess, allows me to offer my own sort-of perspective on the matter in that (in my case at least) I *thought* I was writing pretty decently, but now looking back six-seven years ago… *cringe* But yeah, I also had a similar feeling too when I made a sort-of transition from reading primarily light novels to.. I dunno, “actual” novels (xD). I still really love a lot of the LNs I read back in the day, but likewise, some of ’em I won’t recommend as much as the stuff I read now.

  3. Kai – Mars – Anime watcher, games/VN player, LN/manga reader & Aniblogger. Also a Hatsune Miku fan.
    Kai on said:

    This is certainly interesting to think about. Shounen used to be the only thing I watched, but now I’m not even sure if I can get through early Naruto and Bleach anymore, lol. And you’re definitely right about Fate/Stay Night. While it’s certainly amazing for it’s time, newer Fate works have proven just how dated Deen/Stay Night’s presentation is, and I’m not sure if I would like it as much if I’m to watch it now.

    • It’s like — you growing up alongside anime, or anime growing up alongside you — in a way, so I do wonder if it’s just an age/maturity thing in relation to taste; both on the part of the viewer and the medium.
      lol I remember screencapping the heck out of the old UBW movie ’cause I thought it was so gorgeous xD The funny (and impressive) thing really is, ufotable *keeps* getting better with each new Fate work.

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