Feature Translation: My Girl vol. 20 — Aida Rikako, Q&A

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Bit of a straightforward (and short) translation this time around, from the featured appearance of Aqours (second years) in My Girl vol. 20 back in October. My Girl is a trendy fashion magazine under the Kadokawa imprint, and this issue in particular, dubbed “Voice Actress Edition” brings in Inami Anju, Saito Shuka, and Aida Rikako for a 40-page special that includes photoshoots, interviews, and (what we have here) Q&As. Enjoy!

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Question & Answers
Aida Rikako (voicing Sakurauchi Riko)

【Q1】 For Sakurauchi Riko, autumn is?
~ An autumn for reading!

【Q2】If Sakurauchi Riko, and all 9 members of Aqours, were to go on a trip; which would be better?
Somewhere nice and warm like Okinawa OR a snow county like Hokkaido

~ They’re always near the warm seas, so Hokkaido*.

*Note: Aqours did in fact go to Hokkaido in the 8th episode of the second season

【Q3】 For Aida Rikako, when talking about “noodle dishes” it has to be..?
Ramen OR Soba-Udon

~ Ramen. I like firm (noodles)…

【Q4】How do you relay important messages?
Tell them by phone OR By mail (LINE)

~ Phone. It’d be too bothersome to write a text (in that situation)…

【Q5】What do you love more?
Dogs OR Cats

~ Dogs. But, lately I’ve been cheating on them with otters.

【Q6】 Suppose you get a day off in this year’s autumn. Which do you prefer?
Relaxing at home OR Being active outside

~ No question, I’m lazing at home. I’m your typical indoors-person after all.

【Q7】 The method you often use to go about buying something you want?
Buying it at the store without fail OR Net shopping

~ If I can, I’ll go to the store. What you see in pictures as opposed to the real thing is almost always different anyway.

【Q8】 While travelling, what do you find yourself doing most often?
Sleeping OR Something else

~ I listen to music.

【Q9】 What do you like on your eggs? Soy sauce OR Worcestershire sauce?
Neither of the two; ketchup. If it’s boiled eggs, then mayonnaise.

【Q10】 What’s the most often way you watch movies?
Seeing it a theater OR Enjoying the DVD/Blu-ray in your own home

~ If it’s a movie for a work that I want to see, then I go to the theaters, definitely.

【Q11】 During your school days, which subject would you say you were good at?
Arts and Humanities like Japanese language OR the Sciences like Math

~ English*. If I had to choose between the two (above), then Arts and Humanities.

*Note: Rikyako lived in the US for some time in her childhood
Well-documented in the other interviews she’s done, also this

【Q12】 Which of these would you say is your stress-reliever?
Eating your favorite “food” OR maybe, buying a “thing” that you want

~ Things for me. But I can’t really pass up food either…

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As always, take these with a grain of salt as there could be some errors here and there, and maybe things that could’ve been translated better. I’m continuosly learning the language as I go so any and all suggestions are very much welcome. 😀


7 thoughts on “Feature Translation: My Girl vol. 20 — Aida Rikako, Q&A

  1. page bookmarked. also, aminin mo leap, active na actie ka dahil ko mwahahaahahaha
    also, mayo with boiled eggs. it sounds like a mini heart attack, lol.
    the questions are oddly restrictive eh, making her just choose out of pre-determined options. or maybe i’m just overthinking it.

    • “dahil ko”? haha
      TLs aside, yeah, kasalanan mo bakit may anime-related posts uli ako

      Rikyako is notorious for her.. unhealthy food choices
      I noticed that too. I reckon it was just a way to keep this Q&A really short /also to make sure she chooses a definitive answer

      • it feels more like a test than an interview. it feels a bit impersonal. like, her image is so protected that she can’t go off script. i hate that in the idol scene. they feel like products.

        and yay,next kulitin ntn c Shizumi or si Fomafoo bka maging active dnmwahahahaha.

        • That’s another way of looking at it, yeah.
          Funny you say that actually. Two other Aqours members were in this issue, and they were asked the /exact/ same set of questions, lol

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