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So yeah, miharusshi over at Anime Vios tagged me for this one. 😀

A blog carnival, if you will, though if memory (and post history) serve me right, this is the first time Leap250’s blog has been involved in/nominated for a Liebster Award. I’m pretty sure most of you guys know what this is about (and have participated in this as well), but for those who aren’t as familiar – the whole thing is essentially writers passing the award along by tagging fellow writers, with the goal of introducing new blogs to potential readers. This is done by asking the tagged writers to answer a set of questions. After which they create a new set of questions and tag other writers, keeping the chain going.

The specifics would be as follows:

  • Thank the person who nominated you by linking his award and/or blogger
  • (Optional: Provide some background information and the rules on Liebster Award)
  • Answer the 11 questions provided by the blogger who nominated you
  • (Optional: State 11 facts about yourself)
  • Nominate 3~10 bloggers to do this, too
  • Write 11 questions for your nominees to answer and notify them of your nomination

I’ve been made aware that these aren’t so much rules, but just a basic guideline of sorts, and thus deviations as you see fit are very welcome.

..So! Let’s start 😀

miharusshi’s questions

1. Has there been a seiyuu/voice actor that you really dislike? Why (not)?

– Yuki Kaji comes to mind. I mean, I guess I don’t dislike him that much, but the guy could do with some versatility. It’s like he’s playing the same character in different shows at times, which just takes away from the viewing experience altogether. Other than him I don’t think I really dislike any seiyuu at the moment. I respect the craft too much.

2. What are some of your least favorite genres? Or at least, genres that you tend to avoid?

Yaoi, because reasons. Mostly mecha. It has nothing to do with the mechs themselves, but sometimes the plots just don’t do it for me. Only sometimes though, not all the times (’cause I did watch and enjoy Captain Earth). But I guess instinctively I end up avoiding ’em. Idol-themed shows are also on the list (with LoveLive! being an exception), as well as most Shounen and Sports anime

3. Do you read manga? Has there been an instance when a scene/chapter has moved you that you couldn’t help but cry?

– Yes, but not as often as I watch anime.

And also yes, that definitely has happened. >_<

4. What do you think is a romantic deed (e.g. confession, kiss, hug, etc) in any romance anime? Why?

– Tear-stained hugs. Something about a person allowing himself/herself to be seen at his/her most vulnerable state, and the other party being there for him/her.

5. Do you have keep a MAL account? Follow up questions: [5.a.] If you do, show off your MALgraph awards (anime and/or manga, whichever is fine with you) by posting a screencap. Which award do you wish to level up next and why [5.b.] If you don’t have a MAL, do you have a profile on any other anime listing service? Why prefer that over MAL? (Or why not keep any at all?)


I really should get to levelling up that slice-of-life one. There haven’t been any good ones (or ones that I like at least) as of late, so  may have to turn to my backlog for that. Finally getting that Psychological anime achievement would be nice too. xD

6. Do you keep or wish to keep a pet/s? Describe your bonding moments.

– I’m not taking care of any pet at the moment (we all go out of the house too often), though I guess I can share this story.

*wall of text after the break (tl;dr had a very sappy experience with a dog once, lol)

A family friend was gonna go out of town for a week, and he decided that he couldn’t take his 2-year old dog, Zorro, with him. Since Zorro already kinda knew me and my mom, we decided that we’d be the ones to take care of him while his owner was away. During Zorro’s first night at our house, my mom had to go to a meeting. After I fed Zorro and set him down on a rug so he could sleep, I went and got ready to turn in. While I was at my room I heard a noise. A sort-of rasping sound. I checked the living room and it was Zorro throwing up the food he ate. Of course I panicked and I didn’t really know what I was supposed to do. I decided to clean the floor first before calling my mom, but he threw up again. This went on for around six times or so. He grew visibly weak as he lay down on the rug I set out, and I was genuinely worried. I gave him a rub and said ‘it’s okay’, thinking that he was experiencing shock from being in a different house all of a sudden. I waited until he fell asleep. And waited a bit more, just sitting beside him. Checking if he was still breathing from time to time. At some point I pulled a chair near me and just set my head down. The next thing I remember was the dog licking me awake. It was the morning of the next day, and yeah, ended up spending the night with him.

7. In which of the 16 personalities (Myers-Briggs typology) do you classify? (Click here if you haven’t taken a test.) Do you agree with the result?

– I’ve taken Myers-Briggs a total of two times in the past – the first was before I shifted into the degree program I’m in now as a requirement, and the second as a class activity. Amusingly, I got two different results. The first time I took the test it said I was INFJ. The second one said I was INTJ. I suppose the former is more legit because it was assessed by a practicing psychologist. That being said, I don’t think I fit the profile of an INFJ. If I had to choose between the two then I’d actually be more willing to identify myself as an INTJ person (albeit not exactly). It would seem that the only sure thing about me is my introversion xD

8. Whatcha say?

 水星  にでも    旅に    出ようか~~ 
(suisei ni demo  tabi ni  deyou ka)
[ Would you go on a journey, even to Mercury, with me?]

Couldn’t think of anything, so, have a random lyric. :3

9. How did you come up with your username? Do you use other usernames in other sites?

– I came up the name ‘Leap250’ way back when I first signed up for a YouTube account, and I guess in my head at the time, random words mixed with random numbers seemed like the norm. Plus it worked as a really neat (for me at least) Tekken handle. Nah, I pretty much stuck to being ‘Leap’ to all sites I’m active on at this point.

10. What do you do to unwind?

– I listen to music, or read a book. At times I put on a podcast on the background and just sit back a bit.

11. Do you hate these questions? Was this reward too troublesome for you?

– Not at all 😀

11 Quick Facts About Leap250 (I might as well)

– The first anime I watched with Japanese audio was Fate/Stay Night (Studio DEEN)
– I finished the entirety of Book Girl and the Corrupted Angel in one sitting
– My favorite Japanese band (at the moment) is きのこ帝国 (Kinoko Teikoku)
– Although before that, it was SCANDAL
– Actually, almost all the music I listen to now are from Japanese bands
– I’m fairly quiet/shy
– I like walking around aimlessly whenever I feel down or when I need to think
– I’ve never eaten alone at a fast-food place
– I used to be pretty good at Tekken
– I can kinda play Riichi Mahjong (so long as the points are calculated for me)
– I can’t ride a bike

Aaaand, that’s it. Haha!

I’m gonna go the Kai (from deluscar) route and break a couple of rules. I’m gonna forego making my own set of questions for this one, but I would definitely want to hear you guys’ answers to miharusshi’s questions as well if you have the time. I only ever tag one person (NormalPerson) for these anyways xD (indirect way of asking the man to answer these questions as well)

Hope it ended being a fun read. ‘Till next post 😀

12 thoughts on “Liebster Award 2015

  1. miharusshi – A 20+ year old cat lover and bisexual person. She is a little bit addicted to Yuri (Girls Love) and probably loves idols, especially Sonoda Umi, way too much. Currently residing in the southern part of the Philippines, miharusshi is always searching for what her life can possibly mean.
    miharusshi on said:

    Yay! Thank you for participating in my Liebster Award! Hehehe
    Now to my comments:
    – I admit I had YUKI KAJI in mind when I asked question #1. Hahahaha And yes, so far, he’s the only seiyuu that I don’t really like, or can’t get to like as much as I do other seiyuu, which is a wonderful job and craft. I agree that his acting (especially when the specific scenes call for bursts of hot-headed monologues) make his characters sound all the same. And… meh. I noticed that it really bugged me since I heard him as Alibaba, after being disappointed by Ouma Shu. But that was the case before. He’s getting more roles now, and I think he’s starting to do some variations with his roles. Seiyuu gotta evolve, right?
    – SPORTS ANIME ARE GREAT. Please give ’em a try. Hajime no Ippo and Major are great series to start with. Please don’t mind the number of episodes too much. You’ll later find yourself asking for moar.
    – ;;__;; That kind of scene goes straight to my kokoro.
    – Yay for SOL! I just checked your MAL and our shared anime. You’re missing Minami-ke~ It’s a funny show about three sisters. It’s super easy to watch, but not super simple to get bored of. Oh, and ARIA. There are three Aria series at the moment, but a new one is coming out this year in celebration of the first series’ 10th anniversary. It’s a healing SOL and you’ll definitely love the bright atmosphere and setting and charming characters. 😉 Oh, and Natsume Yuujinchou! It’s kinda like Mushishi, but is not as neutral as Mushishi’s stance. It has happy and sad episodes, but its beauty lies on its persuasion to love life.
    Woah. There’s a Psychological anime achievement? O_O
    -AWWWWWW. That was… how do I explain it… REALLY BEAUTIFUL. It’s like a scene from a movie. So touching… ;;_;; So Zorro was alright in the end~
    – INTJ… like Tobio then.
    I’m an INTP, by the way, though I don’t think I’m really smart to be classified as one. Haha I do agree with lots of the definitions. I’ve taken the same test n times before, and I always get the same result.
    – That song was nice! She reminds me of Yakushimaru Etsuko. That breezy, but cute voice~ Thanks for sharing it! >,<

    *Actually, almost all the music I listen to now are from Japanese bands
    *I can’t ride a bike

    Yoohoo~ High-five!

    I really enjoyed reading your answers, Leap~ I hope something like this will show up soon, and I’ll make sure to tag you! 😀

    • Likewise, thanks for tagging 😀

      – I do admit, there was a point where I though Yuki Kaji was great, like, Kamiya Hiroshi, Hanae Natsuki level great. But watching Guilt Crown, and Accel World, and Shinsekai Yori, and *insert Yuki Kaji anime here* sequentially, and well, you know xD I actually had a mindblowing moment recently when a friend pointed out that Walker from DRRR!! is voiced by Yuki Kaji, lol. I do give him props for being a very active seiyuu.

      – I watch a couple from time to time 😀 I watched Haikyuu!! when it aired, and I’m actually a huge fan of Big Windup! (and a couple more baseball anime like Cross Game and Moshidora). I think I might enjoy Major, lol

      – And it was a rejection scene too >_<

      – Ahh, Minami-ke and Aria.. *adds to backlog*. I usually marathon SoL's in-between seasons, so I might go for 'em after Winter. I tried the first three episodes of the first season of Natsume, and I dunno, didn't get hooked right away (doesn't help that I just recently finished Mushi-shi at the time).

      – He's back with his owner now 😀 After he got used to being in the house he started chewing on stuff. Like, really chewing. Totally ruined that heartwarming moment we shared, lol

      – Cool chart, haha! Though I don't think I'm as strategic as Tobio. INTP eh? C'mon, hold that Iska head high 🙂

      – I know right~ Like a more hip-hop-ish Etsuko. I was instantly a fan of hers after Me!Me!Me! Glad you liked it.

      – *gives miharusshi a high-five*

      Thanks for reading 'till the end. Yeah, definitely. 😀

      • miharusshi – A 20+ year old cat lover and bisexual person. She is a little bit addicted to Yuri (Girls Love) and probably loves idols, especially Sonoda Umi, way too much. Currently residing in the southern part of the Philippines, miharusshi is always searching for what her life can possibly mean.
        miharusshi on said:

        – Oh wow. He’s actually very famous right now, and I think it was last year when he grabbed the Best Male Voice Actor in Seiyuu Awards. I personally know some of my kouhais from high school who got a big crush on him. And I do think he’s pretty cute, too.
        – Ah, that’s good to know. I, too, am inclined to watching baseball anime, but that’s mainly because there’s a lot of choices for that. I mean, baseball being the most popular sport in Japan. But even if there are many of them, it’s amusing to see that each has its own story and ‘feel’, for lack of a better word.
        Oh, please do watch Major! :>
        – May I know which anime that rejection scene is from? (I might have watched it haha)
        – I watched Natsume before I got to watch Mushishi, and there was a long gap between those times, so I was able to view them separately. I highly regard both series, so I advice you to give Natsume a second chance.
        – Hahaha what a good dog! 😀 (I mean it, from an outsider’s POV)
        – Hehe, maybe due to my introversion, I’m not the type to actively associate myself with the uni. I don’t even own a maroon/uni shirt. Y’know, Upbeat stuff. Welp, the fact that I can’t easily afford them is another.
        – Yeah, I really liked it! I might feature that song in my ASS soon. 🙂

        • – Yeah, Shingeki (Eren) is probably what he’s most known for along with what most viewers associate with him. Which is a little sad too when you realize he’s been in the game for a while now.
          – True. I mainly like ’em because of the drama associated with high school baseball, lol, Major has been in my backlog for some time now. The number of episodes is just..xD
          – Off the top of my head I believe Kokoro Connect had one 😀
          – I really should, haha. Considering that I really like the shows associated with Natsume (Mushi-shi, xxxHolic, even Hotarubi no Mori e).
          – I believe that in his heart, he’s a good dog 😀
          – Meh, I say “hold [your] head high”, but I’m pretty much the same XD
          – Ohh, nice 🙂 More daoko love!

          • miharusshi – A 20+ year old cat lover and bisexual person. She is a little bit addicted to Yuri (Girls Love) and probably loves idols, especially Sonoda Umi, way too much. Currently residing in the southern part of the Philippines, miharusshi is always searching for what her life can possibly mean.
            miharusshi on said:

            Oh, don’t worry about the number of episodes in Major! You’ll conquer them in no time (when you actually decide to watch it)!

            Oh, Kokoro Connect. I see. I didn’t really get invested in that series.

  2. Heshethey – I write, sing, run, read and fall in love. Having an erratic misfortune is also my hobby. Currently in the process of writing more stuff and probably publish a book. :)
    normalperson on said:

    You chose to nominate me during the worst time on my life. I have crappy internet speed! (It’s better off dead than suffer they say)

    I can’t even load one page of yotsuba for pete’s sake. *sigh* ….

    … *goes to a nearby cyber cafe*

    • Heshethey – I write, sing, run, read and fall in love. Having an erratic misfortune is also my hobby. Currently in the process of writing more stuff and probably publish a book. :)
      normalperson on said:

      Ps : I guess the biggest problem with mecha/shounen/anything-that-involve-fighting manga/anime is the deus ex machina they intentionally put inside to further increase the plot progression (for a hundred more chapters), It’s like ‘hey this guy can’t win this, let’s make him suddenly inherited the most powerful magic in the universe second only to when I say so or when I need a more powerful villain. Then again, aren’t all manga like that? (-_-”)

      Ps(ps) : That’s why I tend to look for gag manga.

    • I seriously appreciate you taking the time xD
      Your ‘Net is still that bad huh?

      I wouldn’t say “all” manga; and I’d place a few exceptions like Medaka Box and Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer, but yeah, for the most part, “power” [deus ex machina power] doesn’t really mean anything in manga in terms of plot relevance anymore, and has just become more of an aesthetic.

      As for gag manga, well, I’ve only read like one or two, mostly 4-koma, so I don’t think I have a valid opinion in regards to that 😀

      • Heshethey – I write, sing, run, read and fall in love. Having an erratic misfortune is also my hobby. Currently in the process of writing more stuff and probably publish a book. :)
        normalperson on said:

        I’ll try again tonight ( T^T) The post that is.

        Simply put, the real deus ex machina aren’t determined by the curve of the plot, it’s the writers. And it’s not only for deus ex machina because there are more observable tropes inside manga/anime that happen to exist because of the writer. (My point is, I’m not into watching a pair of bouncy bosom jumping around while the hero (the hero could have them too) try to save the world and everything happened just because the writer say so)

        I love gag manga because of the logic. The logic of which I can only describe in one word, nonexistent. 😀

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  4. Kai – Mars – Anime watcher, games/VN player, LN/manga reader & Aniblogger. Also a Hatsune Miku fan.
    Kai on said:

    #1 Though Yuki Kaji is a popular choice for main male protagonists.. :p

    #2 Yea, I can’t explain it that well myself but mecha is definitely a genre I like least. I do like anime like Code Geass and Evangelion, though both of those had a lot more to offer beyond the genre. And yes, I never watched a single Gundam series :\

    I can’t say I liked idol anime too much either. My first idol anime I watched was im@s (the first one), and I didn’t feel too invested compare to other people at the time. I adore these idol anime to no end now though (liking im@s CG and Love Live! :p), and since I hold these idol anime to higher regard now, I think I want to rewatch the original im@s soon.

    #5 I never even notice this, lol. Where do you guys find the graph? News to me.

    • #1 – Meh. I’d say I’m more of a Hanae Natsuki guy myself xD

      #2 – I like those two too (and some other obscure ones like Bokurano and Star Driver), but yeah, those shows weren’t “just” mecha, to say the least. I watched Gundam SEED when it aired in our local TV, but aside from that, yeah, haven’t watched another Gundam since.

      It’d probably be a while until I pick up another idol anime. LoveLive! was just a different experience 😀

      #5 – , have fun :p

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