A Review on True Tears

Thanks to feal87‘s occasional recommendation (and being a fellow romance fan myself) it was only a matter of time until I finally got around to watching this series. I’ve heard many a tale of its near realistic plot feats, but I took it with a grain of salt – seeing as it also sports the oh-so-dreaded, forbidden, and angst-bound ratio of 3:2. Plus, it made rooting for the eventual “losing” girl to be all the more heart-wrenching.

Suffice to say, I still made that mistake – to the credit of the twisty-turny roller coaster ride of a love story that is True Tears.

Genre/s: Romance, Drama

True Tears is a relatively distant off-shoot adaptation of a PC visual novel of the same name. Incidentally, the name is about all that links the VN to the anime, which is a little unusual I think – but, the name is the game, and credits are given to the studio-collabo, La’cryma (fun fact: lacrima is latin for tear). Retracting all that I think it would be better to say that this series was inspired by the VN, rather than being an adaptation (unless there are elements from the VN that had been implemented in the anime, to which I’m not entirely sure). The series itself spans thirteen episodes, and aired back in the Winter season of ’08 as the first TV anime series produced by the P.A. Works.

The title is a fair give away to both the plot, as well as the overall feel of the story. There will be tears (on what side of the screen they come from is beyond me). The perpetrator behind these lachrymations is none other than the number one guy himself, Nakagami Shinichirou. A high school student, as well as a talented artist, at the springtime of his youth – who also happens to live together with his childhood friend, and of course love interest, Yuasa Hiromi. That being the case, the young lad has yet to get her to respond to his feelings – much less any other girl. That all changes with the arrival of the series’ heroine (well, they’re all “heroines” but yeah) Isurugi Noe.

With Noe being the catalyst of it all, True Tears presents itself as a very character-driven romance that just thrives on the emotions of young teens. I’d suggest thinking along the lines of “ef – a tale of memories” for something uncannily similar, mainly because both titles went and established itself as a non-harem cast (or at least, the main guy actually struggles as to who he really wants to end up with), and even manages to make those ending up together a canon thing. That could be just a pet peeve of mine, but I like closure in these kinds of stories.

I said earlier that the girl I was rooting for didn’t end up with our guy here, and I’m sure a lot of people thought the same (or am I just a sucker for them eccentric girls). That said, the series has it’s fair share of both unpredictable and not-so-unpredictable plot twists that it becomes almost hard to keep track of who’s “winning”. I mean, there’s also a third girl and a second guy in all of this mess – making for the aforementioned ratio that ends up leaving at least one character with the shorter end of the romance stick. However, all things considered, everyone, and I mean everyone, got something out of it. Hence, closure; and very well done I might add.

Aside from the story, what stood out most from True Tears was its visuals. I like the attention to detail that P.A. Works gives to their shows; both the characters as well as their immediate surroundings. Granted, you (or at least me, lol) couldn’t really tell that P.A. Works was responsible for this one when you compare it to their works as of late (like say,  Hanasaku Iroha or Another). I do think that’s sort-of good, as it stands out more than those shows I mentioned – plus the fact that P.A.’s works as of late kinda share too much of a similarity with one another. But again, that may just be me. One thing I would like to point in the visuals department though was the frequent use of, like, these bird’s eye view shots with cel-shaded animation (the ones that look like they came from a video game). I dunno, those just felt a bit out of place. Nothing big really.

All in all, I believe that True Tears definitely deserves a spot among the great romances out there. A true testament against the common misconceptions, that shows that a series doesn’t really have to be tagged shoujo for it to have a good romance story. Give it a try if you haven’t yet – I’m sure eufonius’ OP should draw you in nicely.

9 thoughts on “A Review on True Tears

  1. I remember back when this was airing, and ya, most people definitely were routing for the “eccentric girl”. Though, even if things didn’t turn out how I wanted, it was nice to see a series that actually gave closure (as you mentioned), it’s something I like to see in a series too.

    Although for the most part this was a good romance series, I feel the reason why it still gets mentioned often enough is because it manages to deliver a story that actually ties off most of the ends to the story, and the guy actually picks someone. It’s sorta irritating that a good deal of anime series don’t even bother to give any closure to their series…..

    • It was a well made feint really. I never would’ve thought they’d play it out like they did, and yeah, very few series give us that sense of closure when the story kinda demands it

      True, and loose ends (although give us hope for a sequel or something) really bother me, as I believe a lot of other anime fans as well. However, not as much as when a lead guy doesn’t pick someone. Really one of True Tears’ more memorable selling points 😀

  2. This had been in my backlog for the longest time ever. I heard the someone else telling me that the plot in this is something akin to ef as well, which pulls my interest almost completely 😀 Not sure if I want to play the VN as well, actually, I’m not sure if it’s even translated, haven’t look it up yet.

    • I actually kept putting this title off because I initially thought it was the standard harem type show, so I have to give feal the credit for me crossing this off of my backlog. Yeah, the character setup totally resembles that of ef’s in the weirdest way really.

      I haven’t seen an English translation for it yet at the site I frequent, but I hear it’s not that good anyways.

  3. Ahahah, I can’t see a better ending for this series because well the girl I liked win in the end. I was like “YAY! This is the first time the girl I choose actually win something!” 😀

    Still yes, I would hope for PA Works to do more shows like this…*_*

    • It was a surprise really.
      Before the end I had no clue who would actually win 😀
      (Noe! >.<)

      Yeah, P.A. really need to go back to their roots ^_^

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  5. Ah man. I seriously don’t know if I actually finished watching this anime or not. I can’t remember! But I remember this anime being great. *checks myanimelist* What the… I watch it already and I don’t remember a think except for some chicken house and stuff lol!

    • Haha! lol, but yeah, as great as this series is, it’s been done a lot of times already. Plus, the chicken house kinda stands out in the memories 😀

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