Sankarea: A pleasant surprise

Seriously. I did not expect this episode to be this good.

I’ve been reading Sankarea the past month so I know that the story is my kind of thing, but the kicker, and the reason for my praise this time around was probably the impressive visuals. Okay, I know rating something based on looks is not the best way of doing things, but I mean c’mon, the lighting here was just so well-done, I almost thought it was Shaft.

That aside, the premise is a not-so-typical romance-comedy with some minor ecchi (hopefully it stays minor) centered around the zombie-phile (as in he’d totally confess to a female zombie, provided that she’s moe) Furuya Chihiro and the beautiful (and moe at times) Sanka Rea. With the accidental death of his cat, Babu, Chihiro tries his hand at reviving him via some sort of potion described in an old notebook he found at a relative’s house. His experiments take place every night in an abandoned building at the outskirts of town. Coincidentally, Rea also frequents that area to vent out about her family. By chance the two meet one night, and from then on set out on creating the concoction that would bring the dead back to life.

The pacing was well-done. Then again it was a 45-page first chapter that they animated so I guess that’s expected. Though if you’ve read the manga, you’ll notice some very minor deviations as to how some events occurred (like how Ranko visits Chihiro’s) but the idea was the same anyways, so I thought I’d just throw that out there.

A promising start in my opinion, and hopefully it builds up from here ^^

2 thoughts on “Sankarea: A pleasant surprise

  1. I also enjoyed this. At first, I was forced to watch it since everyone was telling that it’s good, and it, really, is good. However, I don’t know if it’s just me, but I kind of felt like this kind of production should be handled by Shaft because I somewhat felt Shaft’s shadow.

    • Yeah, Sankarea has been garnering praise rapidly these past few days. Here’s a really fun fact I learned recently – the director of this really is someone from Shaft!

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