Nisemonogatari: The end, and what may come after

Here it is, *sigh* the last episode of everyone’s balanced dose of fanservice and plot >.<

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I think I’m not alone when I say that I’ve been waiting for Koyomi to get beat up, big time.  Not that I have anything against the guy (save for getting all the girls) I mean, looking back at Bakemono, it’s kinda expected. Well, he already got mauled by Karen a few episodes back, but that doesn’t really count. This time however, Yodzuru totally dished it out on him. Seriously, do we have to wait until Kizumono for us to see a fight where Koyomi actually wins? (and, yeah, he does)

The revelation that Yodzuru, Oshino, and Kaiki were classmates, as well as fellow occult club members was a bit surprising really. I thought they only knew each other through their respective businesses. They also mentioned an upperclassman who was also in their club. I think he/she will have some sort of involvement in another -monogatari series.

As shocking as that was though, Shinobu again wins me over. This time she’s in hot teen form! I could totally hear some Shiki Ryougi in her voice now that Sakamoto Maaya shifted to a slightly deeper tone. Plus her laugh was magnificent. It’s a shame we didn’t get to see her fight with Yotsugi, seeing as how much trash-talk Yotsugi let out, you’d think she was incredibly powerful compared to the “powered-up” but not 100% Shinobu. The result – flawless victory. If anything this entire series did a fine job hyping up Shinobumonogatari Kizumonogatari.

Speaking of hype, they left us with a “to be continued” frame near the end. As to what that may imply is beyond me, but my guess is the continuing series Nekomonogatari being in the works, or on a smaller scale, maybe some extra episodes for Nisemono, but I’m leaning more on the former.

All in all, Nisemonogatari was a fun ride. The lack of Hitagi (especially in this last episode) didn’t really hurt the series as much as I thought it would. It is, after all, two arcs focused on Koyomi’s sisters. They deserve some time in the spotlight. Besides, Hitagi and Koyomi had some awesome development in here anyways (though I would’ve loved to see more of short-haired Hitagi) The only complaint I may have was that they could’ve made Karen Bee a bit shorter. In the end you could say they pulled it off anyways. I gave it a 9/10.

So yeah, one down this Winter. What did you guys think of Nisemono? ^^

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  1. Definitely befitting of the name “Fake Story” in more ways than one. Although, bitter sarcasm aside, it was enjoyable overall – wish I could really seen how bad Yotsugi was beat down, but Kizumonogatari is coming soon; so I am at least thankful for that. Also, your guess is correct, they plan to animate Nekomonogatari through Koimonogatari, but they haven’t been greenlit yet from what I heard. I can not find the Japanese article I read it from, but here is something similar:

    • I agree. I didn’t really think I’d enjoy the sisters as much as I did. Can’t say the same for Yotsugi though. Something about her just seems so off, which is also part of the reason I wanted to see Shinobu beating her down. I have a gut feeling Kizumono is still a ways down 2012 >.<
      More -monogatari is awesome. I saw that thread a while back too but I guess it's already expected that the six shows are gonna be -monogatari series'. Koimonogatari sounds heartbreaking from the tidbit I read.

  2. That Shinobu! Can I take her home?! Can I? ç__ç
    Looking forward to the new chapters if they’re ever animating them, especially “Nadeko Medusa”…:P

    • Sadly, we all want to take Shinobu home :3
      Me too! All the following chapters sound interesting, there’s also “Shinobu Time” ^^

  3. As expected, the conversations were interesting and for me, the lack of actions is compensated by that. There isn’t a lot of series that can pull this off. However, Koyomi’s antics for Nisemonogatari kind of turn me off. He’s like a huge pervert >.<.

    • It’s very rare for dialogue-heavy shows to be as “pulling” as the -monogatari series is. Though it does make up for the lack of action, I don’t want to expect every fight that Koyomi has would end up getting himself slaughtered, and yes, he’s a huge pervert *remembers the line “Isn’t it hotter if your little sister isn’t blood related?* ^^

  4. Kai – Mars – Anime watcher, games/VN player, LN/manga reader & Aniblogger. Also a Hatsune Miku fan.
    Kai on said:

    So many dose of Shinobu 😀 I’m sooo looking forward to Kizumonogatari, from looking at the trailer, it’s gonna be so awesome 😀

    • Hopefully, we don’t go into relapse without getting our weekly fix of Shinobu ^^

  5. I enjoyed Nisemono but I still prefer Bakemono especially because of its ep12. The dialogues of the former are better but the latter left something more memorable and heartwarming. But overall, I agreed that the Nisemono is a fun ride… because of this show toothbrushing will never be the same for me. ^^

    Btw, Shinobu also totally won me over with her adult version on the last episode, I really like her.

    • The dialogue in Nisemono is most definitely more enjoyable than Bakemono (though, that’s not to say that Bakemono didn’t have awesome dialogue as well) but I guess what caused the lack of heartwarming moments was the subsequent lack of Hitagi and Koyomi moments, lol, I still hesitate after I put on the toothpaste >.<

      Shinobu more than made up for Hitagi's absence though. Good, welcome to the Shinobu appreciation club :3

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