Nisemonogatari: The Karen Bee arc comes to a close

And it does so in magnificent Shaft fashion. Probably the best episode dialogue-wise so far in my opinion.

Starting us off is Koyomi who finally finds Karen somewhere under a network of highways. Despite Koyomi’s efforts of dragging her back, Karen takes a stance and challenges Koyomi to “fight”. Karen displayed some intensely unrealistic techniques that sent Koyomi flying all over the place. Shinobu offered to help, but knowing her, she would’ve taken it too far. It ended up being a curbstomp by Karen (though Koyomi probably didn’t want to fight her in the first place) until Koyomi talks some sense into her.

They talk about what Koyomi said a few episodes back – about how the Fire Sisters were “right”, but they were not “strong”, hence they’ll never be friends of justice or justice itself, but just impostors. Karen retorts by saying she is strong since because of the beat-down she gave Koyomi. To that, Koyomi explains that there’s more to strength than physical strength, such as mental strength and will. The Fire Sisters never had a will of their own, as they were always thinking about the safety of others. A self-sacrifice is far from justice, but that doesn’t mean they’re wrong. Koyomi is bothered by everything that’s happened as well, and he’d rather deal with it himself than involve his sisters any further.

Admitting defeat (and affection, lol) Karen is carried back home. The only person left to deal with at this point was the con man himself. This time it was Senjougahara who confronts Kaiki, with Koyomi also on to him for what he did to Karen.

What follows is a full-on conversation between Senjougahara and Kaiki, and the subject of lies. Kaiki explains that he is only a con man, and that he doesn’t necessarily believe in oddities (or Kai) but he knows that there are forces at work. In fact, the wreathe-fire bee was also a lie according to him, and Karen’s illness was a sort-of progressive hypnotism (I don’t buy it though)

Despite that he gives a rather half-hearted apology for Senjougahara’s family, and assures them that he will leave the town as they would have wanted. He also explains that Karen would be better in no more than three days. Koyomi’s reaction is noticed by Kaiki, and proceeds to do a comparison between himself and Koyomi. He says that they are very different people, saying that he is Rubidium and Koyomi is water (this makes sense, I guess, because, Rubidium, when mixed with water, causes a violent reaction similar to an explosion)

Before he leaves though, Senjougahara asks for his cellphone and subsequently breaks it in half. After that she goes and says “the cruelest thing in the world” which was that those who get fooled are partially at fault (that was definitely not the cruelest thing she has said, ever) For Senjougahara, this was her way of moving past what happened, by admitting that she too fell for Kaiki’s deceit.

Kaiki on the other hand, sees it as Senjougahara dwelling on the past and gives an example by saying that the man that tried to rape Senjougahara had already died, in an incident not related to her whatsoever. The past is a trivial matter for him. He also implies that Senjougahara had a crush on him back then, and saying that pursuing those thoughts of the past are worthless. With Senjougahara stunned for a moment, Kaiki finally leaves (I do hope it’s “finally”)

Koyomi inquires about the whole crush thing and Senjougahara brushes it off as a misunderstanding on Kaiki’s part. It was however true that Kaiki was to her, a knight in shining armor of sorts (if you’d remember some Bakemono- scenes, Senjougahara once said that she would have fallen for anyone that would have shows the tiniest bit of affection for the crazed virgin that she was) In reality though, she would really have fallen for anyone that saved her, and the thought of that disgusts her. But in the end, she’s happy that it was Koyomi who fulfilled that role.

With the curtain finally closing down on the issue, Koyomi remembers the “request” that Senjougahara had for him after they dealt with Kaiki. This turns into probably one of their best scenes together, with the conclusion being a rather huge step further into their relationship.

All’s well and good for now, as Karen is back to normal. With this we say goodbye to the aren Bee arc, and most likely we’re gonna have Tsukihi Phoenix up next. Can’t wait! ^^

6 thoughts on “Nisemonogatari: The Karen Bee arc comes to a close

    • Yeah, it was like, he’s not a good guy, but he’s not necessarily bad either. Still a bit creepy though. And the thought that Gahara might’ve liked him is just.. >.<

  1. Yes, I agree that the conversation in this episode is by far the best. It’s quite interesting to see how Karen and Koyomi interacted the way they did.

    • The Shinobu episode is a close second though, but I guess it’s because I’ve read Kizumono beforehand that I appreciated it

      Yeah. That was pretty awesome of Koyomi, letting his sister lash out on him before letting her know that he’s just worried about them.

    • And very compliant at that. Well, not that there was any implication beforehand, but he’s rather the honest con man, lol. There’ still Tsukihi’s arc, and he might still be involved there somehow so who knows ^^

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