Nisemonogatari: Kaiki creeped me out

You know an episode is good if it makes twenty-four minutes fly by like you were just watching it for five. Well, it’s either that or I’m just happy to watch Nisemono.

The fifth episode feels the most wordy, I think, compared to the last four, but then again, most dialogue here is all story, so I guess that would make sense. We do however, start off with a funny scene with Koyomi and Tsukihi, with the latter digressing so as to avoid talking about Karen’s encounter with Kaiki. This leads to Tsukihi arriving to the subject of “something¬†embarrassing”, whereas she asked how Koyomi doesn’t have friends. He retorts and says that he has five friends now (Hanekawa, Senjougahara, Nadeko, Kanbaru and Hachikuji, lol) and proceeds to explain why he never chose to have friends before, but was cut short by Tsukihi.

I’m guessing Koyomi’s “reason” for not having friends is the same as the one he mentioned in Kizumonogatari. Basically, he believed that having friends makes you a weaker human being, wherein if a friend gets hurt, you’d worry about that friend, and that if you have a lot of friends, you’d have to consider worrying about them as well.

Afterwards we see what really happened to Karen the day she encountered Kaiki. This scene felt really creepy in my opinion. Not that it was scary or anything, rather the atmosphere was just so evil. Karen tracked his weirdly monochromatic office and declared to give Kaiki a beat-down. To which Kaiki just shrugs off. He begins to talk about his beliefs, in that he only does it for the money. Everything that happens after he gives a charm or a curse is no longer his problem, all the more since his customer are a bunch of foolish kids.

This angers Karen, but Kaiki decides to shut her up by using the “wreathe-fire bee”. Really though, seeing Karen¬†completely¬†shut down like that was really intense. To add insult to injury, he even (technically) stole her money. That was just so wrong on so many levels.

Apparently it was Hanekawa who found Kaiki’s office, and feels slightly at fault for what happened to Karen. So as to “make it up” to Koyomi, she gives him a free, non-expiring, 24/7 ticket to touch her breasts, but upon doing so will result in Hanekawa hating him forever. I doubt it’s worth it though, lol. Their conversation trails off to how she wants Koyomi to start studying after this is all over, to which he gladly accepts. There’s also the return of Hanekawa’s catch phrase somewhere around there, so that was nice.

The last bit of the episode has Koyomi and Karen, with the latter now appearing very sickly. She does make up for it with her words when she starts defending her ideals – in that even though she’s not strong, she can’t ignore someone that needs help, or someone that needs to be punished. Koyomi explains that that idealism is what makes her childish.

We also have a short Shinobu scene near the end when Koyomi asks her the possibility of transferring the wreathe-fire bee’s adverse effects on Karen to him. Shinobu answers vaguely, saying something about it being doable, though not advisable. After some contemplation, Koyomi decides to do it. What follows is a very intriguing scene where Koyomi moves to kiss Karen. A means to transfer the illness maybe?

In the end, Koyomi gets all the girls. I doubt the sickness can be transferred so easily, as I think there’s more to it than Shinobu can remember.

12 thoughts on “Nisemonogatari: Kaiki creeped me out

  1. the only thing I don’t forgive to Kaiki in this episode is that scared face on Karen! I prefer her smiling by 1000 times!

    I really want to see Shinobu fighting against someone ( maybe Kaiki), she will probably own everyone with her vampire power…:P

  2. The best part of the show for me was the ticket part. The camera flash and everything to celebrate was awesome, but in the end it is just not worth it. I also like the part where Araragi said “Not even half of Hanekawa’s size. She’s the real thing”. Imagine Senjougahara was there, Araragi is so dead! lol

    • As much as any man would want that opportunity, I wouldn’t want to have Hanekawa hate me for the rest of my life. It was a no-win situation, lol

      I’d imagine Senjougahara to be conscious of her size as well, before killing Koyomi, I mean, she’s the real thing after all ^^

  3. Evil Kaiki is evil. Pure evil, that guy. But I like the music that was playing when Karen and Kaiki were conversing. I like how the gist of the anime is delivered through heavy conversations and yet it isn’t boring. That’s what make all the ~gatari series special I guess.

    • I wanna beat him up for doing that to Karen, but at the same time I’d probably be afraid to even enter his office >.<

      Their heavy dialogue is like their take on "fight" scenes sometimes, because of how intense it is ^^

  4. I truly enjoyed this episode because of Kaiki’s creepiness. That episode with Karen is my favourite because Nisemonogatari just proved that it doesn’t really need to be ecchi to have those wonderful dialogues and awesome characterization. And for once, the fanservice-y air got cleared up but yet still managed to deliver a very sensible and significant moment.

    The incest scene is quite interesting, I wonder how it will turn out.

    • I guess I went into this knowing that it was gonna be a bit ecchi, but I’d have to say that they cranked it up a notch (especially with Sengoku, lol) this season. And yeah, thankfully their doing it right and giving us, not just fanservice, but awesome-tier dialogue along with it. ^^

      It just seems to easy, so I’m gonna guess there’s a catch in their somewhere. I’m leaning on something about Koyomi being a vampire.

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