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Another random post for you guys (I’ve got some reviews in the works, but that would have to wait, lol) and this time I’m gonna be talking about something similar to a post I made a few months ago – that is, one of the many reasons why we pick up a series, be it from the current season or from a past one. And for this post, I’ll be talking about “hype”

A quick look at a dictionary would give us a few meanings of the word hype. Based on the usage it can mean “to stimulate” or “to enliven” with a more positive tone, while it can also mean a “put-on” or “exaggerated claims” denoting something negative. In a sense, hype can can be either good or bad, depending on the outcome of what had been “hyped up” in the first place, hence the phrase “living up to the hype”.

Almost anything can be hyped up. Anime in particular is no exception. Now, you may be thinking, anime hype is only concerned with premiering shows. This is where I throw in my two cents in and say that it’s not only for newly produced shows. As there are two or three ways you can interpret hype, there are also many ways on how hype applies to anime, or so I’d like to believe. I’ve categorized such ways into three – Production hype, Fan hype, and Self hype.

Production hype is when a show gets buzz for having a virtually awesome combo of producers, seiyuus, directors and, well, basically all of those responsible for creating a certain show.

For example, the announcement of Summer 2011’s Blood-C became pretty hyped up by the collaboration of CLAMP and the Blood franchise, as well as the participation of the very beautiful Nana Mizuki.

This is probably the most known form of hype as it deals with season premiers, where most viewers are tuned in the most. That being said, the hype here begins very early – usually as the show gets its final list of main seiyuus and they start releasing promotional trailers. At this time, the hype build-up is caused by the viewers’ assumptions that if “these guys” and “those guys” make an anime together, it’s bound to be awesome. The hype lasts until a few episodes in to the series, where the only thing that matters at that point is whether or not the show is worth the watch.

Fan hype, on the other hand, is more subjective in that, the build up is by the fans themselves.

To try and make things clearer, I’ll use Death Note as an example. Death Note, despite airing five years ago, still has a ton of loyal, entertained fans and continues to make more until now.

This type of hype lives on for as long as it’s fan-base lives, which basically means, forever. (or, y’know, until the zombie apocalypse messes with all of us) The hype spreads through mediums mostly, with sites like MAL, forums, anime reviews, or even through personal means by a friend’s recommendation. I mean, wouldn’t you want to share what you found awesome? The multitude of positive insights therefore is the hype itself.

The last hype-type is what I’d call Self hype.

This is just how it sounds – you’re hyping yourself for a show, be it for production preferences, or your own. The hype begins when you start being intrigued by a show, maybe check out a synopsis or two, listen to the OP a few times, maybe ask someone about the series. Basically, you’re teasing yourself in to watching a show.

I guess an example of this for me was when I hyped myself for DuRaRaRa!! – I watched/listened to the OP without knowing anything about the series, then I went and looked at some character profiles after spoiling myself about Izaya’s character. This could differ from viewer to viewer, but for me, Self hype lasts until you either finish the series or are satisfied by it’s developments (or possibly, lack thereof)

So yeah, in the end, I guess hype isn’t all bad, but it’s not a fool-proof guarantee.

So, ever been hyped before? ^^

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  1. I been fooled a couple times by all sorts of hypes, lol. Hype is sort of a double-edge sword, since if you are look at one aspect (Director, Studio, etc) you are bound to have high expectations to begin with and ultimately disappointed if it does not match your actual vision. However, if the source material is not good to begin with or the director has difficulty adapting the material (like with Horizon) or various other problems, Hype is nothing but Hype.

    I usually try to go in with a blank slate watching shows, but after begin introduced to the manga, visual novel, game, and light novel side of things my expectations are usually whether or not I read the material and if I like it or not. If I have not read any other source material or the project is original, then I usually turn to seeing the staff working on the project, but still does not affect how I receive the show.

    • Hype can be pretty cruel at times too, lol. I’d have to agree that it’s kinda a double-edged sword, since the only way to prove it is by watching the series and see if it would live up to the hype it made. That feeling of disappoint when it doesn’t is just so.. >.<

      I only look out for a few names in the production staff, and I usually go for the source material after I watch the series. Most of the time, I self-hype myself for a series so before going at it, so my view of a show is already leaning towards something positive rather than a clean slate.

  2. I’m rarely affected by production hype I suppose. I never really investigate who and who is behind a series so I wouldn’t know. But for fan hype and self-hype, yes. Especially fan hype. The curiosity of what’s so great about this anime will motivate me to watch a series. Sometimes, I get disappointed though. >.< And I'll get myself all hyped up for the sequels if the first seasons were among my favorites. I agree that self hype, as you put it, will only last for as long as a series is.

    • I’d probably be hyped for anything done by ufotable, or anything with Kalafina doing an OP or ED, lol, but I too don’t pay the production crew too much heed. As for fan and self hype, I guess we’re the same. I’d usually be swept by recommendations of the same show regardless if I ever planned to watch it or not, and once I hype myself up, there’s no turning back.

      It’s a very disappointing feeling really, when you get so hyped up to no avail. Sequels especially (I’m looking at you Shana III >.<)

  3. Same as Hoshiko, I don’t really buy it if it’s production hype because I don’t really know the different kinds of productions in the first place. But at least now, I know the distinct qualities of Shaft and Noitamina, yet still I don’t really know that much when it comes to their history.

    I guess I’m more of a self-hype, one particular show this season is Symphogear. I’ve seen only few people liking the show, but I’m liking it so I guess I’m creating my own personal hype to continue watching and it’s working.

    • Yeah, but I guess I buy into it only a little bit if it’s ufotable or Shaft. Aside from those I can only distinguish few production staffs, so I pay it no mind when actually watching the series.

      Self hype is probably the most suitable sometimes, as you’re excitement is by your own standards and such. Symphogear received a lot of “meh” when it was first announced so I see how there’s less people watching it.

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