Your “Guilty Pleasure” Anime

Being Anime fans, it’s safe to assume that we’ve all watched a variety of shows. From the old-school to the mainstream, the classics to the new generation, shounen to shoujo, drama to harem, and well, you get the picture. I do believe though, that we all have that one show that was a little bit different from the rest, which has set camp in our hearts, with no plans of leaving anytime soon.

“Guilty Pleasure” is commonly used to describe something you shouldn’t like, or are guilty of liking it, but at the same time you do like it. I’d describe a Guilty Pleasure Anime as a show that you love to come back to when all the other shows fail to impress you. It’s not a masterpiece show, but we love it nonetheless. Basically, it’s your biased favorite.

I’ve archived some shows but there’s a handful in there that I’ve re-watched more times than the others. One of those shows would be Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi. It was one of my early favorites during my first years of watching anime. I saw a very short clip of it (eight seconds long if I remember correctly) and it was enough for me to want to give it a go. The art style really got to me, though at that time I had just got around watching some other J.C. Staff shows. The story wasn’t anything like I had expected, rather, it was loads better. I started recommending it like crazy afterwards.

I was blind to its flaws because I was so entranced by it. Maybe even now, after reading what others see in it as flaws (character development and such), and after seeing some of it as well, it didn’t matter. I still loved it. And yes, I’ve re-watched it a bunch of times. I can’t really say it’s the nostalgia factor, since it wasn’t that long ago that I’ve watched it, but if I had to give a reason, it maybe because it was one of the shows that got me started with anime. Kinda like how when you got a new toy but you don’t want to get rid of your old one (or is that just me, lol)

It’s my go-to show when I need a few laughs, a kyaa~ moment, or just something to pass the time when the day feels slow. Definitely not the best, but I guess that’s the idea here – a show doesn’t need to be near flawless all the time for us to say we like it, and sometimes ignoring the “flaws” and just enjoying the show just works.

So, you guys have any “Guilty Pleasure” shows? ^^

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  1. Guilty pleasures… Not sure to be honest, what should I consider a guilty pleasure, especially as I watch pretty much everything every season, but I suppose any low-story-lots-fanservice series will fit in the description. 😀

  2. Mine is Lucky Star. I’ve seen it like maybe a million times but never bored of it. Still randomly select an episode to watch it today. It just make me laugh, and it still does after all this time. >.<

    • I’ve actually had Lucky Star on my plan-to-watch list for a while now, lol, I gotta get around to watching that ^^

  3. I guess my used to be random guilty pleasure were Kannazuki no Miko and Junjou Romantica simply because I’m so captivated how they defy what’s normal. However, overtime, I fully got tired of them.

  4. I have a few, but can’t think of the good one’s I want to use. However, MM! and Kannagi sort of fit the bill. Re-watched both at least once (which I did) and still tempted to watch them again, lol.

    • Ooh, Kannagi, I’ve been tempted to watch it ever since a friend mentioned it once. I shall find time!

      • I think you will find it semi-likeable. If you like random comedies, I would say it is a good one. Just sad that Bandai had to die, especially when their were going to publish the manga and release it officially 🙁

        • Just checked out Bandai’s cutoff titles. Kannagi had the most volumes discontinued for publishing. They even have some nice anime titles slated too, like Nichijou and Gosick. It’s a shame >.<

  5. Leap250, yeah, you gotta watch Kannagi.
    My guilty pleasure in anime. That’s tough. I watch anime on my breaks at work, cause there’s never anything on TV… EVERYBODY looks at me like I’m guilty, whether I’m watching Bebop or Aria. Guys had the funniest reaction to ep 1 of Eden of the East!
    But one that makes ME feel a bit guilty to watch? Well, in spite of its disjointed plot and rushed storytelling, I really like Elfen Lied.

    • *starts looking for best Kannagi release*
      Having nothing to watch on TV is true on my part as well, but I guess it’s already normal for everybody around me when I watch anime, so I’m more or less guilt-free in that regard ^^
      I know what you mean about Eden, lol, my older brother and I had a good laugh with all the “Johnny”‘s and the squiggly white censors

      Elfen Lied’s a bit gory for me…I think, haha, I mean, that’s what I hear from it at least. If it’s not “all” gore, I might give it a shot someday.

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