Saa Christmas!~

As the first Christmas for Leap250’s Blog, I’d like to wish you all, a very, very..

Merry Christmas ^^

I didn’t have the chance to make a more special post this year, as compared to my fellow ani-bloggers, but all the same, I’m stoked that I made it to Christmas (if this counts as “making it to Christmas”) *pulls a party popper*. I’ll try to take this as a challenge – that I reach next year’s Christmas and make some nice Christmas related posts.

But, for now, to all those who had that tiny spare time to chance upon this post, I wish you guys, fellow ani-bloggers and readers, a Merry Christmas, have fun, and “here’s a party night from me to you”

13 thoughts on “Saa Christmas!~

    • Thanks, Merry Christmas Cholisose ^^
      Yep, that’s Taiga from the Christmas Party episode of Toradora

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