Update: 2 weeks of AWOL, and 100th finished series

To those who may have noticed, I haven’t posted anything lately. The past few weeks were pretty rough at school alongside some personal matters, and I couldn’t get the free time that I wanted so I could write. No worries though, all is well again, and I’ll be making posts this coming week.

On a different note, according to MAL I have now officially watched 100 anime titles (yeah, it ain’t a lot yet, but it’s still awesome to know) And what show completed the list? None other than the recently finished Steins;Gate. Very awesome.

So yeah, I’ll be back ^^

6 thoughts on “Update: 2 weeks of AWOL, and 100th finished series

  1. Now that you mentioned it, I realize I never keep track of the number of anime I’ve watched. Should go check my MAL right now. On the other hand, it’s time to marathon Steins;Gate.

  2. Congrats on the 100th. I am still in the midst of recompiling my listing, so I can do a rewrite of “My History With Anime”. I am starting to realize now that I have watched a whole lot more than I can remember, so MAL is very helpful for being up forgotten titles.

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