My Anime Bucket List, part 1

I think that at least some if not all anime fans have their own list of shows they do plan to watch, on the ever expanding future. Those shows that you hear are good, so you decide to try it out some day. Or shows that really piqued your interest, but you never have the time to watch it. Maybe even shows that you just know you want to watch, but can’t get yourself to do so. Whatever reason it may be, I’m sure you guys have at least one or two titles (if not a whole list) that you really really wanna watch, before you go and “kick the bucket”

With that said, I present to you the first part (yeah, it’s a long list) of my Anime Bucket List.

These are in no specific order by the way, so yeah, first up is Black Cat. I’ve known this title for a long time now, and I could never get the opportunity to do so. I hear it’s pretty good, and I saw bits and pieces of it from our television network’s anime channel (pulled it out before I got the chance to watch it from the beginning) I know it’s only twenty-four episodes long, and I could have easily marathoned it during the summer, but strangely enough, I still haven’t up to know. I’ll definitely get to it one of these days.

After watching ‘ef-a tale of memories’, I was rather impressed with how they wrapped things up. I then looked it up and saw that its prequel was also animated. The drama in ‘a tale of memories’ was really something, so I expected ‘ef-a tale of melodies‘ to do the same. I’m not it any rush to go at it now though, since it’s only twelve episodes long, and I could easily pick it up in-between seasons. Nevertheless, I still avoid spoilers and the like about it, because I really want to enjoy watching this as I did with ‘a tale of memories’. I’m a sucker for the genre, and I would love to add it to my completed list some day.

Ah yes. Romeo X Juliet was also one of the shows that our anime channel managed to pick up, but at that time I wasn’t interested as much, since I thought it was a direct re-telling of the classic Romeo and Juliet . Which also came around to bite me on my rear after hearing that the story was good, and it was something that I would like. True enough, I looked into this show more and it was not as direct as I thought. That was about two years ago, and yeah, I still plan to watch it until now, and I think I would enjoy it when I do.

Almost the same story as with what happened with Romeo X Juliet, Le Chevalier D’Eon was already around by the time that I was only getting started with anime. I remember disliking, what I thought was, the main story of this series. The credit to that goes to the not-very-accurate promotion commercials I got to watch. It wasn’t until I found out that this show was actually very history-inclined. That piqued my interest a bit, since at that time, I had just finished Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohahanihoheto (yes, that was the title) another ‘historical’ anime. I enjoyed Bakumatsu because it did show some real historical events, which D’Eon apparently did as well.

There’s just something about baseball that really interests me. Which led to me marathon-ing Ookiku Furikabutte (Big Windup). By that time there wasn’t any news about a second season yet. Time passed and I kinda just forgot about it. Maybe a year after that, I saw Ookiku Furikabutte Natsu no Takai-hen (Big Windup: The Summer Tournament Chapter) and of course I was psyched at first, but it didn’t occur to me to watch it at that time, nor do I have the same drive to watch it now. Maybe I’ll get to it once I re-watch the first season, but yeah, it’ll probably be a while before I try this one.

So yeah, that’s five from my list of, well, let’s just say a lot of shows. I’ll post some more some other time, ’till then, see ya ^^

13 thoughts on “My Anime Bucket List, part 1

  1. I read the manga for Black Cat, and it was pretty fun. Nothing groundbreaking in terms of plot, but the characters were solid, and the fights didn’t drag on for 20 chapters. I’m content with the manga so I don’t plan on watching the show for it.
    I’m interested in giving Tale of Melodies, RomeoXJuliet, and Chevalier a try some day too. My plan to watch list is pretty large as well. >_>

    • Can’t say much about the manga, but I hear they didn’t change much (save for the end?) in the anime, so yeah, you’re probably not missing out on not watching the show.

      Yeah, we all need a time machine >.<

  2. Most of those series listed I have watched, especially Black Cat and Le Chevalier D’Eon I remember fondly. Like you, I have ‘ef-a tale of melodies on my list as well as have the visual novel already, but not sure which to start with, lol. I have to admit though, your listing so far is making me think of series that I have on my list I believe I will never start, lol. I did have a goal of starting a bunch of series before I reached the age I am at now, but I only manage to clear half of them. Well, guess I can reset the date to next year, since I am almost done with desired titles. Only twenty more to go I must see XD

    • May we fare better this time around ^^
      I’d really love to start on the VN too, but I’m still caught up between two VN’s that I haven’t finished completely yet: Umineko no Nako Koro ni and Ever17. So you could say that I still have a load on my plate before I go and start another one. I didn’t really set a definite deadline for mine, but I would like to cull the list eventually. My estimate is about 30+ titles, so yeah, it’s still a ways to go.

  3. Wow, you mostly have shoujo/drama on your list. I haven’t seen any of those too but they looked really nice (plot and design wise), and I still yet to finish Ef-a tale of memories.

    Just like you, I’m having such a long list of what I’m planning to watch due to lack of time. To be honest, I still have Kimi Ni Todoke s2, Utena, and Arakawa s2 on my on-hold list. I guess it’s really easier to watch a show if it’s ongoing because you get to enjoy the hype within the aniblogosphere. Hopefully one of this days, I can catch up with my backlogs.

    • Can’t argue with that, I’m a sucker for a good drama. And as of late, shoujo as well. Which makes it all the more challenging, since it takes me a long time to finish those kinds of shows. For Kimi ni Todoke S1&2 I could only watch 2-3 episodes at a time.

      I agree that it is rather easier with watching an on-going series, since there really is no way you can rush through it, and it’s fun to watch a newly released episode. I wish you the best of luck ^^

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