Yuuki Yuuna is a Hero (that we need, but don’t deserve)

Hey guys! Long time no see!.
Though I think a good number of you guys already know how I roll.

YuuYuuYuu1Which is of course being the sporadic aniblogger that pops in and out whenever he pleases. But enough of that, and let’s get right on to this here post – this post in particular is something that I’d been meaning to put out for quite a while now. Not because it’s timely or relevant, but I suppose it does touch on that issue.

As some of you may know, Quick Looks is where I normally try to showcase to you guys shows that I find interesting enough to recommend. I suppose what I’m aiming for now is a little bit of that still, mixed with my own musings on the matter – as I believe there is something to be said about this feature, specifically in regards to current anime trends. But, I’m getting ahead of myself. *ehem*

So, for the next couple of minutes (or, y’know, read at your own pace), allow me to ramble about Yuuki Yuuna is a Hero.

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