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Here on Quick Looks, I give my impressions on anime, wherein I try to become at the most 80-95% spoiler free as possible. Why you may ask? Well, I plan to target these posts to those who haven’t watched the titles that I will present here. It will serve as a primer for what’s in store for them. I may give off points from the first episodes, as well as tidbits from the series as a whole to provide information, but these are not full reviews. These are just, well, quick looks. If you have been planning on watching that series but are¬†hesitant, see if I have it here, maybe it’ll give you the push or pull that you need.

— Leap, 2011

Quick Looks is a concept that I still find to be fairly promising, but my execution of it during the early years of my blog didn’t really match what I envisioned it becoming. I wanted these posts to be a primer for shows, so that people can decide whether or not they want to check these titles out on their own. But for the most part I just ended up giving an extended synopsis with only a handful of actual insight. I plan to make more of these again for sure.

5 thoughts on “Quick Looks

  1. It’s great that you have this section. I haven’t seen that much anime yet and I don’t know that much blog which offers spoiler free reviews. I look forward for to these kinds of posts. ^^

    • Thank You ^_^

      I kinda had this idea after being inadvertently spoiled from one series that I wanted to know more about. So yeah, what you said made me really happy. I look forward to sharing opinions with you as well.

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