Fall 2011: Un-Go – penultimate

Hey guys ^^

It has been, more or less, a month since my last update, and prior to that I lapsed into some sort of unprecedented hiatus. Worry not though, ’cause I ain’t quitting yet. So yeah, since it’s my holiday break I thought, what better chance to bring this blog to life.

To kick things off, I’m here to talk about the penultimate episode of the mystery/fantasy Fall 2011 series, Un-Go.

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Fall 2011: A Week of First Episodes

Fall is now in full throttle (almost), with only a few more shows to make their appearance. Contrary to my last post, I ended up picking more shows than those that I’ve mentioned.

The first week is always fun, since this is where we get to see if the hype holds true or not. There are a lot of hyped up shows, and I think it’s safe to say that some held up, while some did not. Here’s my take on the first week of Fall 2011.

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My Fall 2011 Lineup

It’s the last day/night of September (here anyways, depends on the timezone) and the Fall season has already shown its presence. We are mere nights away from a fresh batch of promising and very well-anticipated titles.

I have been eagerly awaiting this year’s Fall season for a really long time now, and from the looks of it, I’m almost positive that it is gonna rock. So yeah, here are my picks for this season.

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