My Fall 2011 Lineup

It’s the last day/night of September (here anyways, depends on the timezone) and the Fall season has already shown its presence. We are mere nights away from a fresh batch of promising and very well-anticipated titles.

I have been eagerly awaiting this year’s Fall season for a really long time now, and from the looks of it, I’m almost positive that it is gonna rock. So yeah, here are my picks for this season.

1.) Fate/Zero

The very reason why I waited for October 2011 since the initial announcement way back in December. It was the time when ufotable were announcing their “4 big projects”, or something like that. Yes, for ten months I always noted to myself “a few more months until October”. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this in my posts, but I’m a Type-Moon fan. I’ve read some the VN’s (Fate/Stay Night and Tsukihime) I’ve watched the adaptation/s (the existence of a Tsukihime anime remains vague in my memory) and in the case of Fate/Zero, I’ve read the light novels. Basically anything “nasuverse” related material that is translated, I think I’ve touched one time or another. I thoroughly enjoyed Urobuchi Gen’s work on the light novels, and yeah, I think an anime adaptation will just increase its awesomeness two-fold. So Fate/Zero, definitely my uncontested first pick.

2.) Mirai Nikki

I was one of those guys who saw the “OVA” a couple of months back. Luckily, I had not read the manga yet at that time, so I wasn’t as screwed over as much. Seeing the hype that built around that trailer, I decided to read the manga. It was a big moment for me, since Mirai Nikki became the first manga that I have read, from the first chapter up to the last (not much of a manga guy, lol) It was that good for me. The plot, the “edge of your seat” feeling it gives, and the sheer craziness made me just want to keep reading and reading. Eventually, news came for the actual series, and it quickly made its way to my ‘plan to watch’ list. I have some scenes I’m concerned about seeing again, but I still have medium-high hopes for this as an adaptation.

3.) Guilty Crown

Now this show, I just picked on a whim, simply because it looks great. That may sound shallow, but once in a while, I do enjoy some nicely animated action in Anime. The story sounds interesting, and after seeing some PV’s, I think it could really be good. The staff working on this is really good too. We have Redjuice (a dude from DeviantArt) on character design, directed by the same guy who directed Death Note, supercell, and of course, Production I.G. as the producer. Again, very trivial, since it would still depend on how good the story is. That said, I really, really hope they makes this into something incredible. I foresee a lot of Engrish though, but I guess that’s okay.

4.) Shakugan no Shana III

At first, I didn’t care for Shakugan no Shana. At all. This was when Shakugan II was still new. This all changed when my friend and I made a bet. I was to watch Shakugan I and II within the school year (around 2009-2010 ish). It was to see whether or not I’d like it. After a month or two, the bet was settled, and I, lost. I didn’t really ‘love’ it, since I did dislike some arcs from both seasons. I then found out that, they weren’t really following the flow of the light novel. But, I did like it enough to make me want to watch the third installment. I’ve been hearing good things about it, and I’ve also done my own research about it. The famous ‘Seirei no Hebi’ arc gets animated, finally, and based on the mood of the trailer, I think it’s safe to expect a more darker tone in the story. This is only speculation though, and things can go either way.

5.) Un-Go

When this title was first introduced in the Fall 2011 show list, it really was just a ‘title’. No information on it, at all, save for the picture of a tall man accompanied by a kid. The mystery behind the show, and the title itself really piqued my interest. To my surprise, this mysterious show, was actually a mystery show. From what I gather from the preview, we have another detective-themed show, this time, with a more intense feel to it. That said, I’m gonna be a bit cautious in watching this, seeing as how detective-themed shows can be wrongly made at times (see Kamisama no Memochou) Despite that, I have a gut feeling that it won’t disappoint.

6.) Working’!!

I’ve always seen Working!! (with no apostrophe) whenever I looked for something to watch. I never gave it a chance. Then came the announcement of the second season. A strange epiphany occurred to me, and I suddenly wanted to watch the first season. I marathoned through it in two-three days. I’m not gonna lie, it was funny. It was like DRRR!!’s comedic, slice of life, brother. So yeah, as a last minute addition to my lineup, I’m hoping that it does well, and continues to be funny.

Well, that’s my lineup. Based from my experience from past seasons, I can drop shows if I just don’t like it (Blood-C, I tried, really) and I can also add some shows along the way (Mawaru Penguindrum) But I think I have a pretty solid list. I’m a little iffy on Persona 4. I hear that it has a good story, and I’m more or less familiar with the Persona series, game-wise, but the memory of Trinity Soul is still pretty fresh, so I don’t know yet. Anyways, What’re you guys picking up? ^^

13 thoughts on “My Fall 2011 Lineup

    • Well, for now, yeah ^^
      Although I have had my eye on some other shows too, (aside from Persona 4) like Chihayafuru, Phi Brain, the HxH remake, Senjou no Horizon and maybe Haganai, but we’ll have to wait and see. One more night!

  1. So close to Sunday. I skipped the Mirai Nikki OVA, but with all the shows I have slated, I doubt I will be watching the series right around now. Well good we won’t have to wait long, since Fate Zero along with a few other airs tomorrow.

    • That’s too bad. The manga had some really nice twists (well, not that I’m gonna enjoy them as much now, since, I know what’s coming and stuff)

  2. I am absolutely thrilled when I found out UN-GO is a mystery show. I also couldn’t find any information on UN-GO until fairly recent. I hope this one meets my expectation, unlike Kamisama no Memochou. Besides UN-GO, I’ll be watching Fate/Zero and Working’!! too among others.

    • I know what you mean. I’ve been itching for a good mystery since Gosick ended. KamiMemo didn’t really help in that matter.

      Awesome, hope to hear more about your picks soon ^^

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  4. Interesting list. Fate/Zero, UN-GO and Crown Guilty are on my trial list. I’m also hoping that detective theme shows will be done right this time by UN-GO.

    Enjoy the Fall Season! ^^

  5. I’m definitely watching Fate/Zero as well. Seems like it’s much better than FS/N. I’m also probably going to watch Shana, but more out of obligation to the franchise. Should be a fun season I hope.

    • I’ve read the novels, and the story is indeed better. What’s left is how they adapt it and, judging from the first episode, (and since it’s ufotable) Fate/Zero is in good hands. More or less the same reason for with Shana, though the story for the third season does interest me. I hope for the fun as well ^^

  6. While summer 2011 was really great for slice-of-life shows IMO, I’m really hoping fall will bring some great thrillers. Fate/Zero looks promising after its rather multilayered first episode, and I have high hopes for Person 4 and Mirai Nikki as well.

    • If it’s thrillers you’re itching for, Mirai Nikki is a good pick (though, if you’ve read the manga already, it won’t be as ‘thrilling’ I suppose) Fate/Zero is my biased number 1, lol, but so far it is doing well, not how I imagined, but it was good. I guess I’m also gonna check Persona 4 out, just in case ^^

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