Lovely? Am I Though?

Well, if you guys keep saying so, then it must be true :3

Moyatori (of The Moyatorium) thought we were lovely enough to be deserving of this award — which, some of you might recall as having already been bestowed to us by a certain pantless individual (do give that a read as well!) So it does offer some amount of credence with regard to the loveliness of this here blog. That and people are just nice xD Jokes aside, massive thanks to Moya for our first nomination of 2018!

As with all posts of the same ilk, this award comes with its own set of rules, but well, these aren’t so much “rules” really as they are just a list of guidelines that you may or may not alter to your choosing —

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link their blog
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  • Share 7 things about yourself
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Okay. Time to talk about me then~!!

– –

7 things about Leap

1. GlassesI have horrendous eyesight — to the point where I almost always bring a spare pair of glasses with me like you would a spare tire if you’re driving a car. Can’t even type without ’em (…it’s that bad). I started wearing glasses right around the 4th grade. Before that I thought it was just normal that I couldn’t see things from afar and that I just had terrible luck being seated so far away from the blackboard in classes; which made it hard to copy notes and stuff. My mom one time took a look at my notebooks and wondered why I hadn’t been writing on them, and well, the rest is history.

2. I do most of my reading when I do my laundryI wouldn’t really call myself a multi-tasker but the act of just reading in general is always a time sink for me (on a good/preferrably rainy day I could sit for hours on end just pouring through a good book). I don’t think it’s such a bad thing, but as I allude to in my post about rewatching anime, time I spend on consuming different forms of media is really getting away from me as the years go by. …These are also more or less the same thoughts I have for doing laundry (xD hear me out!) I find that laundry eats away at a fair chunk of my free time too. So, as a solution (?lol) to this conundrum, I thought I’d start doing both at the same time. It’s actually been pretty good so far and I’m making decent progress on my backlog of stuff to read.

3. I crossdressed once for a class projectWell, hmm. It wasn’t so much a “crossdress” as it was just me wearing hot pants, a tube top, and flowy blouse. Oh, make-up too. Let me explain (please). As a final project for my Japanese language class we had to do a video presentation that would showcase everything we’d learned over the course of the entire semester. The class ultimately decided on us doing a thirty-minute rendition/parody of Hana Yori Dango (Boys Over Flowers), and long story short, I got casted to play as a non-canon and completely original character; “gay goon”. Suffice to say it was a very memorable class.

4. I write blog drafts in Notepad
This was a practice I adopted in my years in uni. Y’know how sometimes teachers/professors would make you write papers that must have at least x number of words and/or pages? I hated those. Not because I didn’t like to write but seeing my progress in word processors as I go along made me anxious. I see the blank page on the screen barely filled with text, and I begin to worry whether or not I could meet the requirement, so I’d force the words out of me no matter how bereft of actual thought went into them. With Notepad (or any text editor really), all I have is this white space — this free free space :3 Plus, it’s a good way of not being overly reliant on auto-correct.

5. I used to make embrassing free verse poetry in my spare time

Come, let us cringe together!

“Reversal of temporal order judgement” (2015)

When our eyes meet
It is as if the world stops for a couple of seconds
Doing its utmost to stretch out that one moment
All the while my entirety is shattered in an instant
Obliterated from the inside by your chance gaze
In that slow minutiae, I am destroyed
Yet that fragment of reality is as fleeting as your next blink
That when you turn to look away, the world reverts
Time moves forward again
I become whole once more
Pieced back together by retrocausality
Nothing happened
Yet, the damage was done
When our eyes meet
All but myself unnoticing –
The glorious destruction of a timid heart

6. Stoker might still be my all-time favorite movie

(The Handmaiden (2016) is a close runner up though)
Stoker (2013), despite what you would expect, is not a movie about vampires at all. Without giving too much away (if you’re interested in seeing it yourself), Stoker is a coming-of-age psychological thriller (I know, awesome right?) that was just oh so weird in the best ways possible. It actually feels very Shaft-y at times so anime fans in particular might find some enjoyment in its quirky cinematography. Mia Wasikowska, who some of you may know of as Alice from Alice in Wonderland (2010), has a stellar performance in this film as its leading role,

7. I play Riichi MahjongNot that I’m any good at it. I was compelled to learn (or at least try to learn) the game after having watched Saki — a feat that ate up almost half of one of my last summer breaks in uni. The game itself was easy to pick up because of how similar it was to a game that I used to play with my friends using standard playing cards (Tong-Its for those familiar). I’m too lazy to actually learn how to compute the points and hand values (and I’d be too nervous to play on actual Mahjong table) so I mostly play digital. Always a fun mental exercise and a decent enough way to pass the time.

– –

After all that — still think I’m lovely? xD

In keeping with tradition, I won’t be tagging anyone for this — I know you’re all lovely lovely people, and you guys don’t need an award from lil’ ol’ me to prove that 😀

Thanks again to fellow Kalafina fan and translation-senpai Moyatori (I keep going back and forth with how I call you, haha!). Seriously, her translyrics are something else. Check ’em out if you haven’t yet.

Till next read guys!

16 thoughts on “Lovely? Am I Though?

  1. That was fast! And I am no senpai…>///< Thank you for always reading my translyrics though!
    You're so productive when you do your laundries… I usually just leave for a while (and forget about the laundries) or sing while it happens.
    Keep being lovely.

    • I was stuck writing something else, so doing this was a nice change of pace xD. No problem. And likewise thanks for making them!
      lol, it’s a public laundry area on my end, so I can’t really sing out of the blue, haha!
      You too 😀

  2. a bit TMI on number 3. dude, we’re friends on facebook! wtf, i can’t unsee it now.
    and amazing poetry, mala emo lng pero it’s really good
    i rely a lot on auto correct, so writing on notepad feels weird. i copy paste on notepad though, and write down dumb thoughts on it.
    and what is your beef with laundry? i love doing laundry, since, yeah, you can do other things while you wait for the machine to do its thing. i’m in the countryside, so when the sky is clear, i always want to hang some laundry. xD

    • it wasn’t as bad as what you’re imagining, probably xD
      lahat naman tayo nagka emo phase TPAB, maraming puwedeng paghugutan haha!
      I typo a lot as a result though, so maybe not the most efficient way of doing things
      yeah, that’s pretty much it, you kinda have to be doing something else than “just laundry” (plus, imposible mag sampay dito 🙁 we have to use dryers. and it’s a public laundry area so paunahan talaga mag-salang ng labada, lol)

      • ahahaha. i have a mental image of it. so that’s how my day started, lol
        and yes, malsarap tlga mag headphones habang naulan habang kasa bus at nag eemo. hahahaha
        auto correct is a life saver for me, since my editor akodati sa MAL at super critical nyasa english ko. T.T
        naku, life is awful without clotheslines. i can relate since i lived in a dorm in college.

  3. I like going to notepads and sometimes even google drive to do my “preparations” when I’m not too confident if I can write anything out of a current topic. But when I’m confident, sometimes I just wing it, and on very good days (and with topics I’m extra familiar with, obviously), I swear my hands just seem to move on their own, lol. The “phenomenon” is as rare as they come though.

    • Yeah, gdrive has proven to be very nice for me too — especially when I have random ideas for posts that I end up writing on my phone. lol, yeah, I get what you mean; your fingers are just ahead of your thoughts almost with your brain pulling out words from the air like it was nothing. I’m just glad the “phenomenon” still hits me every now and again xD

  4. i’m having a moment of dejavu rn lol, i could have sworn i’d checked this post out already and even commented but i guess not xD??

    also Yay to glasses! dem megane feels 😀 i also have really bad eyesight. without my glasses i can’t type and sometimes when i wake up in the mornings i can’t find them so i have to have my brothers come in to find them and they’ll be RIGHT THERE how did i miss them?! Orz

    i also used to do quite a bit when doing my laundry but now we have the machines at home so i just…tend to forget my laundry until i need it or someone needs to wash.

    oh wow…i haven’t used notepad in forever!! tho i also don’t use word or anything like that. i have a habit of just directly doing my drafts in wp >_< and lolololol i used to write cringey poetry when i was younger too, some pretty dark stuff sometimes

    • This award chain did get around quite a bit so maybe it wasn’t my post that you remember? xD I did check my comments box to see whether WP messed up and didn’t let your comment go through

      I’ve been wearing glasses for so long it’s become my ‘signature look’ according to my friends (I just can’t with contacts >.<). lol so you also do the thing too where you're stepping into a bath and you try to take your glasses off only to realize they actually were already off and all you did was swipe at air for a good second or two xD

      Part of it is also, I won't hear the end of it if I don't properly put in fabric softener every wash cycle, so I really can't leave anyways, lol

      I even have it as a shortcut on my taskbar, haha! WP slows out on me sometimes, and I've had times where it'd crash and not autosave my progress (or overwrite my work with an older revision) so yeah, I tend to only go to WP when I finalize and do spellcheck and stuff.

      I'd write them at the back of a notebook I use for course work and I'd always have a mini heart attack whenever a friend asks to compare notes xD

      • no im sure it was your post but maybe i just replied to it in my head xDDDD i tend to do that when i’m at work @_@

        contacts tire me out pretty quickly but some people say i look better wo them. maybe i need to pick a cooler frame xD

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