One Lovely Blog Award

There are a good many things that can rouse Leap250’s Blog from its state of suspended animation, and while I wouldn’t want to divulge such flags out in the open, surely one of ’em is being handed an award (because we’re shallow like that xD).

I kid, I kid.

The Pantless Anime Blogger thinks we’re awesome and “lovely” apparently (massive thanks~!) Now while I’d take being awesome any day, I’m hardpressed to imagine how one would think of this blog filled with the most random mishmash of anime, J-music, and idols as lovely, or at the very least that’s not the first word that comes to mind (though I guess if you’re into all of those things that I listed then I hope you’ve been having lovely time)

The award comes with a set of rules, but as always is the case with these blog chains, these aren’t so much “rules” as they are just a list of guidelines that you may or may not alter to your choosing —

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link their blog
  • Add the One Lovely Blog Award to your post
  • Share 7 things about yourself
  • Pass this on to as many people as you like (max 15)
  • Include this set of rules
  • Inform your nominees

Now that formalities are done, let’s get right on it!

– –

7 things about Leap and his blog
(and wow, a Miley Cyrus song just played inside my head, lol)

1. This blog is actually six years old already

Old enough to go potty on its own! jk. But really, I do think this might surprise some, if not a lot of people, that come across this post and this little factoid about this blog (more so since I haven’t really celebrated my blog’s anniversary for like four-five years xD). Now, whether I’ve been blogging for the better part of those six years is another story. I’m terribly erratic and I can’t keep myself to a proper writing schedule to save my life — something I learned only after only a couple of months since I started. Needless to say, I’m as laid-back as can be, and as a result I don’t have that old-blogger swag (and the subsequent notoriety that it comes with). I’m more of a greenhorned-veteran, or a super novice (shout out to all my Ragnarok peeps), in that regard; kind of a half-a**ed existence in the ani-blogosphere really, but hey, it is what it is.

2. Type-Moon’er at heart

The Voltes V guys, SHOHOKU, and Recca’s gang might’ve gotten me into anime, but it was Fate/Stay Night that made me stay; Tsukihime that held me in its arms; and Kara no Kyoukai that gave me a home. I love Type-Moon. I may not keep-up with it as much as I did back in the good old days — with me camping around Beast’s Lair waiting for anything and everything that was translated, but I still do hold the franchise very near and dear to my heart. Despite it not being a primarily anime-centric franchise, Type-Moon made me an anime fan, and I’m always gonna be thankful to them for that.

3. Pilipino

medyo bumenta talaga sakin ‘to eh, haha

I love when this comes up as it always brings with it some amount of surprise for people. It doesn’t really come up in what I write most of the time but it always warms the heart when by some happenstance I find out that some of the people who visit my blog are my “kababayan”. That too I guess. I don’t think I’ve ever written anything in full-Filipino on here ever (I’d be curious how many people would read that though xD) But yeah, no, Pilipino po ako guys, haha! salamat kung napadaan ka dito ๐Ÿ˜€ (and I guess this inadvertedly confirms that I’m also a guy, for those of you who may be wondering).

4. SCANDAL was my first J-music love

I started listening to Japanese music independent of anison back in 2012, when SCANDAL released Taiyou Scandalous. I mean, I was already a fan of theirs when they sang the ending theme — Shunkan Sentimental for Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, but even then I very rarely listened to Japanese music outside of anime OPs and EDs. It was my older brother who’d been following them and at the time he was showing me the PV for TaiScan. I thought it was a fun-looking music video and the girls sounded great, so I ended up wondering if SCANDAL’s other songs were like that too. Suffice to say it was down the rabbit hole from there.

5. Most of what I play nowadays are mobage

F2P all day err’day (now if only I was as lucky on SIF………….)

I was gonna put something in here about me being a gamer and all, but I mostly only play mobages on the regular (and I know that doesn’t really count as “gaming” lol)ย  I used to be better at being a gamer to be honest. In high school I was known as “the guy who can unbrick any PSP”, armed with nothing but my Pandora Battery and my Magic Memory Stick (which is all you need really). I’ve spent countless hours on my Phat PSP-1000, still alive to this day, playing anything and everything I could; from PSP games, PSX, to straight-up old GBA. I’ve retired from the PSP scene, and have since been reduced to your typical trash F2P mobage player. Yes. Oh how the mighty have fallen. I’m on Fate/Grand Order (JP) and Love Live! School Idol Festival (JP) — drop me a line in the comments if you want a friend invite ๐Ÿ˜€

6. Real Talk posts are my favorites to write

Real Talk is a “series” of posts that I’ve written where I try to relate different ideas that I encountered through academic discussions and theoretical discourse to specific occurrences in anime. Doesn’t really say much when I’ve only made three of ’em (well, five if you count my Love Love! musings) but yeah no, I love doing ’em because I get to use stuff that I’d learned either from uni or from just my own ventures into different fields of study, and by the end of it I end up learning more than when I started, which is always a plus. I plan to do more some time in the (hopefully) near future, so if you’re ever around when one comes up then do check it out.

7. I’m technically a librarian

Which is always weird to say because no one believes me xD Really it’s ’cause I don’t look the part. After all, when you think of “librarian” you think of older people generally, whereas I’m just in my early twenties (sorry, real age is a trade secret, teehee~). I have a degree in Library Science which I got around to getting a year and some change ago, and I also have a professional’s license to practice librarianship (the Philippines recognizes librarianship as a profession, as you would engineers, doctors, etc. cool stuff). So I definitely have the credentials as far as being a librarian in the Philippines is concerned. BUT, I’m no longerย in the Philippines, and the US (which is where I’m currently based) requires me to get a Master’s in Library Science if I want to pursue a career in librarianship.ย  Heh. Yeah……

– –

Usually when these blog chains reach me it’s pretty much petered out and most of the people that I know have answered ’em already, but in keeping with tradition, I nominate my good good friend normalperson and him alone ๐Ÿ˜€

Thanks again TPAB for the nomination, stay forever pantless, my good man.

Till next read! ๐Ÿ™‚

11 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. you’re older than me!!!! and here i am throwing my hard earned veteran title around, haha.
    and lol, i thought you said you love the tsukihime anime. what are you talking about? tsukihime has no anime. XD
    you’re also in luck. librarians are in demand here in the philippines. some schools don’t have any, because no one is applying. sayang at napa America ka. pero mas maganda nmn cguro dyan? musta buhay sa iang bansa? have you befriended any hot chicks you can introduce to a fellow filipino, eh, eh XD
    also, i did tag in the hopes that you’d be active. and it worked!!!!!

    • ^ Aha. All according to keikaku eh? xD
      Older, yes, but certainly not wiser in the ways of the blogosphere — nor do I have the numbers to back up those 6 years (I don’t think I’ve even broken 200 posts yet!)
      Oh, right, right. How silly of me. I meant the Tsukihime manga
      I know right? That’s why I chose to be one really, job security and all. Or, well, part of it. I actually shifted into that degree program in my third year of uni (used to be a Journ student believe it or not, haha!)
      Ayos naman, yun lang talaga, hirap makapasok sa trabahong library kasi priority nila kundi college students mga military veterans. Not hot chick friends to spare yet, sorry :)))

  2. Holy crap. It’s been awhile. ๐Ÿ™‚ How are you? I had only managed to arrived here from your tag. (Of course other than your post (your Japan had improved greatly I see)) Yes, I am jealous.

    I’ve been too busy with school since it’s my final year, yay, on this perilous journey of which seemingly have no end. :/ And I’ve been busy with writing pieces of poetry here and there, alongside short stories whenever I’m free. (The blog has been abandoned! T^T)

    But how are you? How’s the library? Have you gotten your dog!?! :O

    • PS : Now I’ve gotten over our silence over the months (?).

      1. 6 years old! I would’ve not met your blog if it weren’t for the heart wrenching movie of ‘The princess and the pilot’ and my crying-younger-self who sought for the review or discussion about the whole plot. (Of which I cried, after knowing/reading the novel)

      5. I remember my psp days. The eternal 5.50 gen d3 on my psp 3000. (I was too much of a scaredy cat since I don’t have a pandora battery). Remember when 5.03 can’t play new games and you had to update them and you had to wait for the crack as well since you can’t downgrade them.

      7. Librarians! Are you going to take the masters then? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    • It really has been :)) I’m good man, you?
      Same, I haven’t been keeping up with your stories ๐Ÿ™ (thanks! lol, I’ve been hitting up Japanese grammar books in my spare time so I think that helps, plus the translations that I do as practice) I mean hey, I started learning the language when I turned 18, there’s time for you yet!

      It’s your final year already?! Man time flies. I remember we were e-mailing before about how you were just getting started. Haha! Oh, then where do you put the stuff that you write nowadays?

      I’m good, i”m good. Library work might have to wait until I either get a Master’s degree or I just straight-up do unpaid volunteer work for ’em for a year straight. Neither option sounds attractive to be honest xD Still haven’t gotten my dog here ๐Ÿ™


      Yeah, it’s definitely been a couple of months since we last chatted.

      1. I know, crazy right? That post was back in 2012 — a solid five years ago!

      5. I started with 5.00m33 dark_alex ๐Ÿ˜€ (ahh, good times~) It’s a funny story really; I sent my PSP for repairs when I bricked it for the first time, and when I got it back, it had a pandora battery instead of my old regular one (I guess the guys who fixed it inside)

      7. Not any time soon, no.
      If I ever do get one, I’d want it to be in the Philippines ๐Ÿ˜€

      • I’m literally in my 20s now. Huhu. Time sure flies. I might buy legitimate books of it since pdf doesn’t help much in terms of concentration.

        Yes, it is my final years. I’m having my practical next year and possible employment whenever I’m done. Which turns to worst since I don’t know what I will be doing for a living. There’s a small unknown open blog where you post any literature on it. It’s not much but I’ll show you if you want to see it. (I’m 50 pieces away from submitting it since they want 100 pieces to start). Speaking of short stories, if I get published I’ll send you a copy. The shipping might cost more than the book tho XD

        That sucks (the library and the dog part). Have you been back to the Philippines since?

    • The short answer is:
      Yeah, pretty much xD

      Slightly longer answer is:
      It’s “in demand” mostly because there aren’t a lot of people taking the course to begin with (my graduating class was around 40-50 people I think, lol).

      While libraries in general only ever really employ 2-3 maybe 4 librarians per library, a lot of librarians employed by schools for instance aren’t /actually/ librarians. Like, they have a degree in something else and they just took a 2-year diploma course for records management or something similar, which most schools don’t mind because they can pay them much less than they would an actual librarian.

      However because accreditation is a thing, having a licensed librarian in their ranks gives them a lot of points. Outside of schools, Public/Government offices, also like using librarians as their clerical staff, so while it’s not the job of being a librarian per se, it’s a librarian’s sort-of job (if that makes sense)

      • I see. It’s nice to hear your field of expertise is on demand. My problem here is that oil and gas-related jobs, ones I’m least interested in, are the ones in the highest demand. To be expected, considering the country I live in, you know? Though the joke’s on them now since oil prices have dropped tremendously and us Brunei don’t really have anything else going for.

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