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It’s almost funny how long overdue this post is xD

So yeah, Kai from deluscar tagged us a while back for an Infnity Dreams Award, and to be honest, part of why it took me so long to actually make this is that I’m not much of a dreamer. Doesn’t mean I don’t have things that I want to accomplish now, but I wouldn’t necessarily call them dreams xD

Dreams (to me at least) connote something grand and far beyond your present self, and the pursuit of which shapes how you go about your life. I never had that kind of drive, so I really had think for this one. Then I realized that dreams don’t necessarily have to have purpose, but just something you want to do. And with all that in mind, here’s what I came up with —

1. Write a novel


Just a random sketch of Kiyohime (F/GO)

God knows I’ve always wanted to at least finish one of the stories that I’ve been working on. Some of ’em I started way back in high school, one in particular was with a couple of friends. We were ambitiously trying to create our own manga (as you do), and we made some headway in creating the universe and stuff, but sixteen year old boys can only go so far I guess. I continued to write, or at least tried to continue, but the story just didn’t come to me. Rinse and repeat for like, five or six times, and here we are, lol.

I suppose the real dream that I see on writing is if I can eventually release it to the public, in the hopes that I make a living out of it – but that’s a stretch.

2. See one of my favorite J-music acts perform live in the Philippines

The sad reality that I wasn't yet a fan of tricot when they went to the Philippines last year :( [photo credits to OhMyLittleGirl]

The sad reality that I wasn’t yet a fan of tricot when they came to the Philippines last year 🙁
[ photo credits to OhMyLittleGirl ]

Just something I want to experience. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see their favorite bands live? More so if they’re foreign acts, that might only drop-by your country once or twice in their musical careers (although, going to Japan and seeing them live is also a neat idea). But other than just attending a concert and enjoying the music, I’d want to see them here. I’ve always been curious as to how a concert headlined by a Japanese music act would do in the local scene. Like, how would a Japanese band’s/singer’s performance be like in a non-native environment like the Philippines? How would they react to an audience that sings along with their songs? What would it feel like to sing-along to Japanese songs out loud with a bunch of fellow fans?

I suppose it’s not gonna be as different from band concerts in general, I guess the most appealing idea to me would be that it’ll be foreign music in a language that not everyone is going to be familiar with.

3. Take a scenic trip around the country with a significant other


From our trip to Boracay last summer

Because it kinda feels like I’m cheating on the ol’ Inang Bayan (Mother Land) if I say I want to go to x country when I haven’t seen even a fraction of where I’m from. It sounds like I’m viewing it as an obligation more so than something I genuinely want to do, and yeah, it’s pretty much half and half. I feel like I owe it to myself to actually appreciate the sights and scenery around me, that I’ve only read about in books and seen in pictures.

And yes, I wouldn’t mind the company of someone trekking along with me. Makes the whole trip twice as fulfilling in my opinion.

We’ll keep it at three. xD

Did we end up sharing some dreams? Any dreams you won’t mind sharing?
Drop a comment below if you did/do. 😀

4 thoughts on “Infinity Dreams Award

  1. Would love to see your story if you managed to complete it, definitely feel like it will be pretty light novel-esque :p Could probably even commission a few black-and-white illustrations for some of the scenes for good measure.

    As for wanting to see J-musicians perform live, don’t anybody? :p As for me though, I really want to see either Miku or IA live :/

    • I’ll be sure to put something up here on the ol’ blog if I ever make some major progress on my writing xD And likewise, I’d like to read your work when you complete it as well.

      True. It’s probably a fairly plausible dream, depending on which bands people follow, lol, I’ve seen vids of some Miku lives (with the hologram and stuff) and the thing was just so surreal. It’s going to be crazy seeing that in person.

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