Summer 2011-Fall 2011: Mawaru Penguindrum – penultimate

It has come to this point. We are now one stop away from alighting the craziest train ride this year, if not of all time. Let us take a look from the station we departed last and see, how far we traveled, with our heads on our hands and our brains bullied, all the while watching it all unfold.

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My Summer 2011 Picks: Dantalian no Shoka

In my last post I discussed Kamisama no Memo-chou, and how Gosick set the bar for this specific type of anime. That being the case, a new challenger appears a little late, but proves to be rather promising as well.

My fourth, and last pick for my Summer 2011 lineup, Dantalian no Shoka

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My Summer 2011 Picks: Kamisama no Memo-chou

By the end of the Spring season, we witnessed the end of a well accepted series that, not only competed with the Mystery genre, but also set the bar to the “ordinary boy-encounters-extraordinary girl” type of story. Yes, I am talking about Gosick. I loved that series, not because of the detective aspect of it, but for the sheer presentation of it’s story. It made it to the top of my Winter lineup, along with Mahou Shoujo Madoka and Kimi ni Todoke II.

With the start of the Summer season however, another series takes a whack at using Mystery, and attempts to knock Gosick from its pedestal. From 1924 to the 21st century, my third pick, Kamisama no Memo-chou.

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My Summer 2011 Picks: Blood-C

In my last post, I said that I was feeling wary about discussing the Summer season titles. A lot of people believe that the Summer 2011 lineup is pretty bad. I don’t fully agree with that statement. I have totally been looking forward to some titles, and some of them have lived up to my expectations so far. So, wariness? Pffft. Who am I kidding? I’m stoked to talk about the four shows that I picked up. Compared to my Spice and Wolf post though, this may be a little rough, since I haven’t tried making a commentary about a series that is new, or hasn’t already finished yet. So I did my best in scouring the info that I need, to provide my insights on the shows.

With that said, how about I start with the first title that I watched out of my picks? This is, Blood-C.
(note: I actually made a rookie mistake and published an earlier version of this just a few hours before episode 3, so I rehashed it a little and just strikethrough’d some things I said for reference.)


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