Mystery Blogger Award

Yeah, I suppose I’m a bit of mystery in some respects (xD)

As long in the tooth as I actually am around these parts, I don’t think the blog’s current level of notoriety would reflect that in proportion necessarily. A lot of that is the amount of activity in here no doubt, but there’s also my being a presence outside of just the blog, which is admittedly something I’ve been neglecting. If anything, awards posts like this have been a good way of introducing myself whenever they happen to come my way, so I’m always thankful to be part of these.

This time around I have the wonderful Rise from Phoenix Talks Pop Culture Japan to thank for the tag ๐Ÿ™‚

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Followers of the blog know that I usually forego tagging anyone else once the award reaches me as both a custom and in knowing that the people I would tag for something like this have already been tagged at some point (lol). I do, however, implore anyone who wishes to answer along with Rise’s questions to do so down below in the comments section ๐Ÿ˜€


3 Facts About Me

1.) Whenever I listen to music, I listen to albums; from the first track to the last. That is to say, I very rarely put songs on shuffle, and I only occasionally single out one song that I want to listen. There’s a feeling of cohesion that comes with listening to songs in the sequence they were put in, and I would like to think that albums are stuctured with that semblance of thought in mind.

2.) I follow and am a fan of professional mixed martial arts. At the very least I make it a point to catch all the UFC fight cards, and I try to catch the odd fight or two in other promotions should time permit.

3.) Something that became a hobby (if you could even call it that) for me in the past year has been me owning and testing out different sets of budget audiophile grade in-ear monitors to use for casual listening. I’m currently on six pairs; three I use on rotation, with my favorite of the bunch being my custom Sony MH755.


Rise’s Questions

> Howโ€™s it going?
~ Generally good, if I may say so myself. Of course, at the time of writing, the whole world has kinda been in a weird place — some parts more so than others. This too shall pass, of that I am almost certain, and I can only hope for the continued safety of everyone in this trying period of time. Life has been good to me though as I said, all things considered, and right now I’m just staying put listening to some Perfume (xD)

> When did you first get into blogging?
~ It’d be right around the second quarter of 2011 (oof) at the start of my university years. I mention about as much in my “About” page up top but back then I was keeping a personal diary and at some point I realized I was mostly talking about the anime I’d picked up and enjoyed. It was around that time too that I started to become exposed to ani-blogging, as I wanted to know what other people thought of the shows I’d been watching too. I was inspired greatly by Snippettee and her different analyses of the anime that had been airing at the time, so much so that I wanted to be able to express my own ideas like she did her own. Remembering that I already made a WordPress account months prior (for a separate purpose that I ended not going through with), I fired up what was then supposed to be just a throwaway account, and the rest as they say, is history ๐Ÿ™‚

> If you could switch blogging schedules with any other blogger, who would you switch with?
~ I’m barely on any sort of schedule, so really anyone (xD) But if I had to name someone, I’ll go ahead and say Rise’s regular every-other-day posting schedule ๐Ÿ˜€

> Which do you prefer, the original material or adaptations of said story? (example: I prefer the live action of โ€œThe Antiqueโ€ over the original manga.)
~ I think this is more so a case-to-case basis kind of thing. Like, on the one hand, “Goth” the novel is about ten times better than the live action movie adaptation it received; and on the other side of the equation the “Ouroboros” manga was not as entertaining as its J-Drama counterpart (at least in my opinion). That said, I do feel like I favor anime adaptations of manga over the manga source material themselves, if only because (and for the simple reason) of me just wanting to see something animated rather than me filling in the gaps of imagery with my imagination.  

> What would you do if you were transported in the last fictional world you watched/played?
~ The last game I played/am currently playing is Fire Emblem: Three Houses, so it’d be awesome if that meant that I was going to be transported there as a student of Garreg Mach. Like, I’d wonder what weapon I’d be most proficient with, or what faction I’d even be part of. Playing as a teacher (/spoiler, I guess, lol) also made it seem (to me at least) like being a student there would be so much fun so (xD)


My Best Posts

Now, whether or not these are my “best” posts is beyond me (lol), but I personally like these tribute posts I made for both the series finale of Love Live! Sunshine!! (Hard Work, Failure, and the Ardor of Takami Chika) and Kinoko Teikoku’s hiatus (The Quick Rise and Gentle Fall of the Mushroom Empire)


Thanks again to Rise (follow her if you haven’t yet!) for nominating the blog. I hope my answers proved to be an interesting read, and yeah, till next post~!!

13 thoughts on “Mystery Blogger Award

  1. I’m actually envious that you’re able to listen through a full album. I am so sporadic with my listening that when I do finally hear a full album I’m like “!!! So this is the recommended order!!”.

    I’m glad that despite the circumstances, that you’re doing pretty well. Listening to Perfume to pass the time, isn’t a bad way to spend it!

    • It helps that I have a long-ish commute to work by way of a 20+ minute bus ride, which is about 2/3s an album already + walking time ๐Ÿ˜€

      Very lucky in that regard. I hope you’re well around your area Rise! And yeah, I’ve really been enjoying just going back and checking out Perfume’s discography!

      • That makes sense. I have about a 5 minute drive. A blessing and a curse, so I have to build in listening time elsewhere with my walks.

        It’s solid here. Just a lot of self quarantine~

        • I’d say the idle time I get for listening would be the one good thing to takeaway from my otherwise long commutes, but I don’t mind it as much anymore, lol

          Happy to hear it. Stay safe~

  2. What do you think of the Israel Adesanya VS Yoel Romero fight? I think I get why it ended up like that, still definitely not as exciting as I thought it would be though, lol

    • It was straight up like Lewis VS Ngannou in my opinion. Both came in with gameplans involving waiting on the other guy to commit and stuck with it until the end. I had Romero “winning” it to be honest because he hit the harder shots in the first couple of rounds, but really they both lost that fight, lol

      • Yeah, the way Adesanya fought him made sense, especially in round 1 when he actually tried to engage, and even an elite striker like him got countered hard. So he just kept jabbing, kicking and using range. Romero just does Romero things and just waited for him to come up (which is like never, lol). Weird fight.

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