Feature Translation: VOICE BRODY February 2018 — Saito Shuka, Interview

… Nanto? Nanto?? Shukashuu TL!!!
I did say I was doing “mostly” Rikyako translations
Translation requested by AlfredoPasta (@sliceofalfredo) who provided scans 😀
Thanks to r/learnjapanese and the Japanese StackExchange for entertaining my queries.
No QC this time (…..because I was too shy to ask around :3)

We’re taking a short break from our almost-regular-but-not-really-scheduled Rikyako-related content this week to bring you this interview off of the February 2018 issue VOICE BRODY featuring Aqours’ Saito Shuka; the voice of Love Live! Sunshine!!’s Watanabe You.

– –

Some notes before we start:
– (笑), generally used to indicate laughter in transcribed Japanese interviews were transliterated into (xD) for this TL, ’cause lol why not (“lol” could work too I guess …)
– words found in parentheses are either words that I put in to clarify certain things, or words that I add to make up for nuances and inferences in the language.

I’m wholeheartedly【grateful】for the moments when I shine the most

I sense that Saito-san has a heightened affinity towards Odaiba
Saito There’s a fireworks competition right? When I was little it was a tradition for our family to go every year so, walking on the shore that I haven’t seen for such a long time, I felt nostalgic. My family, we get along really well y’know? I have an elder sister and two older brothers but we never got into fights, and my mom is someone who I could really talk about anything with — like she’s a friend.

Like a true friend huh?
SaitoIt’s a beautiful feeling (xD)*

*Note: There was actually a bit of pun/wordplay action here
マブダチ (mabudachi colloq. true friend),  マブイ (mabui colloq. beautiful)

Beautiful is it? (xD) The base of that overwhelmingly positive air of yours is, without a doubt, the support that comes from your family’s environment is it not?
SaitoEver since I was a child I wanted to challenge anything and everything, and as a result I came to learn a lot of different things. Amidst all that, the biggest thing that would connect to what I’m doing now would be dance — that’s something that I’m immensely grateful to my mom for having me try it out.

Relatively speaking, are you the type that can do anything so long as you put your mind to it?
SaitoNoooot reeeaaally~ I can’t do everything y’know? (xD) I very rarely grow fond of things about “me”.

That’s something you’ve talked about in interviews in other magazines, right? It’s really unexpected
SaitoI honestly have no clue about what people refer to as “my own charm”, and on the whole I don’t really like that (idea). “You’re really cheerful”, “You’re very positive” I get told that a lot but, in reality that’s not really the case. I like appearing in public and I really love chatting people up, but I can also be quite reserved and surprisingly blunt.

Is there a sense that you’re in control of when you’re enjoying yourself?
SaitoThat might be the case. While I was still learning the ropes, “(You) have different switches” is something that a teacher of mine once said. It’s not like gears that I shift in my head but more of a spontaneous change that just comes to me naturally — even I find it a bit mysterious, and I think to myself maybe this is what having that switch means. But, in order to receive the love of the people who are cheering on the me who’s not too fond of herself, then I’ll try my hardest to find something good about myself — I’ve been doing my best lately (xD) Even now I haven’t been able to find it though.

I’m pretty sure you have your good points (xD) But given your way of thinking Saito-san, would you say you have a fairly strong connection to「Love Live! Sunshine!!」’s Watanabe You, who shares a similar mindset?
SaitoI’m turning into her, or rather, all I am inside is Watanabe You. When I’m standing in that place as Watanabe You, I get the feeling that I want to live as Watanabe You and a sensation wells from the bottom of my heart — this is something that I have inside me. If I ever met this girl …….. That’s why I can’t bring myself to to say or do anything bad to her. Her existence for me is at a level where I believe we co-exist in this career. Without You-chan, there’s no meaning to me being here.

Well………… as expected, that’s quite extreme! It’s pretty amazing though.
SaitoAhahaha! But it’s my first role after all so I have strong sentiments, and I treasure it really, these thoughts. I, well, this is something that I only think to myself but — whenever I stand on stage, it’s probably the moment where I shine the most. This is something that I really feel! My name being called makes me happy, and in that time, Saito Shuka will come bursting out. That’s why being able to be part of this moment is something I’m wholeheartedly【grateful】for — “to everyone!!”.

That’s, as Saito Shuka, right?
SaitoYes. “I’ll open up a big hole in my heart so wait up”* is something that I wrote in one of my blog posts. I, the people who come see me, they fill up that gaping hole and I take that (feeling) home with me — when I think of it like that, as I stand on the stage; the thought of “let’s go and cheer this person on” is, no matter how you look at it, is a pretty amazing thing right? That is, it’s because it’s me that I think; Why is it me? Is it okay that it’s me? I’ve even had someone say “This is my first time writing a fan letter”. As such, I must become someone to whom people would think “good thing I wrote that first letter”.

*Note: ShukaBlog here

Like, “if that’s the case, I’ll repay it in full!”
Saito“You better take it all in now y’hear!” That kind of feeling (xD) That’s why even hereafter, in any way, shape, or form — to continue standing on the stage is my dream. Standing on the stage, (in front of) different people with their own different emotions, I want to express my gratitude (to them) and it’s always something I strive to do. I think it’s nice that the times and places where I can meet (these people) has increased. How many fans I have — to tell you the truth I have no idea. If it’s the people who’re cheering me on as Saito Shuka: the “person”, then…… about three people, maybe.

For sure there are a lot more! (xD)
SaitoBut, thinking that “I have tons of fans”, I don’t really wanna become big-headed……… At all times — not forgetting to be humble; not forgetting to be grateful — is how I think I want to live my life.

……… That was quite the fastball*, Saito-san!

*Note: “straight”
The more literal translation of this line would be “That ball was fast, Saito-san!”
…..more about this in my Thoughts and Takeaways xD

I’m sure it’ll【reach】(your fans)
SaitoI hope so~ (xD)

***Thoughts and Takeaways
– Actually had a lot of fun translating this — largely in part of how… different I’d imagined Shukashuu’s answers being in that she comes across as very introspective in this interview; I mean even the interviewer kinda had to ease her back in at one point. In hindsight I feel like I should’ve read some of her older translated interviews in preparation (to at least have had a general feel for how Shukashuu is during interviews).
– Man, that fastball line xD Normally I don’t have much trouble with Japanese metaphors (because I always check whether something is a metaphor or not anyways), but this one doesn’t even exist in any other text whatsoever — almost like the interviewer made it up on the spot (lol). Suffice it to say, it was quite the head-scratcher for the people over at r/learnjapanese and the Japanese StackExchange, before we ultimately settled on it having meant that she was just rather “straight” with her previous declaration.

– –

As I’ve said at the start I didn’t have someone more capable than myself QC over this so, apologies if something ended up being mistranslated, and if you spot any errors or lines that could be worded better don’t hesitate to call it out in the comments section below 😀

In keeping true to doing mostly Rikyako translations, next thing that I’ll be putting up will most likely be the third and last part of Rikyako’s interview, hopefully in the week following this one. Her next feature drops today/tonight/tomorrow(?), and while I can’t really promise anything yet, you can be sure I’m at least gonna be reading that so stay tuned.

‘Till then!

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  1. ung fastball, parang “ang pranka mo nmn”, tama?
    and I like this kind of interview. I odn’t know who she is, but I already know her reading this interview. great job Leap! and wow, you belong in a community of japanese translators? teach me japanese!!!

    • Yep, more or less ganun yung dating xD
      I wasn’t all that familiar with Shuka either (compared to Rikyako at least) so this interview taught me a lot about her — specifically her thoughts on being an idol, which I found very interesting. Thanks! I was actually worried if it reads well because I tend to keep Japanese sentence order.
      Well, “belong”, rather I just throw out a question and wait for people there to answer them, haha!

      • ooohhh~ is the spike in the thousands. xD
        but i think you found an audience that caters to translations, so i say milk it!
        and the translation job is awesome. a bit confusing sometimes, but nothing a re-read for more context can’t fix. though, that’s really part of the challenge of translating.
        at anu xa? love live? kktuwa, gus2 ko tlga intimate and interview para hindi halatang manufactured ang sagot nila, though xmpre may guidelines p din ung interview.

        • nah, just in the high 500s for a day, lol, but compared to the traffic that I usually get, that’s a lot xD it got picked up by one of the Shuka fan pages so that’s why it got around, lol
          Ah, yeah, seiyuu din siya sa Love Live! 😀

            • Yeah, it’s definitely a stat I can be proud of (kahit karamihan ata sa clicks para sa pics ng seiyuu, not sa interview, joke xD)

              I plan to do more yeap 😀
              Legit goal ko rin talaga makabasa at least ng LN na raw, hahaha, though di ko pa na-try sa level ko ngayon. Oh man, if I could do this for a living in the future that would just be the absolute best.

              • take advantage mo nlng ung mga visits for pic. i do that in my blog, and it keeps a consistent 200 above views a day. hehe

                alala ko tuloy ung manager ng babymetal, di b translator din xa muna. na intervie xa one time, kakatuwa nga. hahaha
                and i know you’ll get there! *thumbs up*

  2. Nice! I’ve come to seriously like her as a person more than as a seiyuu now. I really do hope she gets more roles than just LL ones like Chika’s seiyuu; it will be a hell lot of fun.

    Also, Alfredo will be proud of this.

    • She certainly has a way of winning you over. And yeah, definitely. Shuka has the vocal chops for it so I do hope too that she starts netting some roles now that the series proper for Sunshine!! has wrapped.

      Yeah, made sure he’d be one of, if not the first to read this, lol

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