Feature Translation: blt graph. vol. 23 — Aida Rikako “gracefully”, Interview

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Another Aida Rikako TL πŸ˜€ (so by now you guys who’ve read my other feature translations should have a good grasp of which Aqours member I like most). I did say I’d do more of these if/when I get my hands on something, and that something here is an interview off of volume 23 of blt graph. — a specialty idol-centric publication under the Beautiful Lady Television banner (hence blt). Rikyako was featured in a 10-page spread in this 2017 September issue with the theme “gracefully”.

Well, without further ado – enjoy!

Thanks to fellow RKK TLr digiroko for letting me compare notes with her own TL on this!

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Some notes before we start:
– οΌˆη¬‘οΌ‰, generally used to indicate laughter in transcribed Japanese interviews were transliterated into (xD) for this TL, ’cause lol why not (“lol” could work too I guess …)
– words found in parentheses are either words that I put in to clarify certain things, or words that I add to make up for nuances and inferences in the language.

It’s because I can’t imagine it — a future where I don’t know what could happen makes it althemore interesting

Year ’15; the start of the anime/game media mix project γ€ŒLove Live! Sunshine!!」featuring the 9-man idol group Aqours’ member – Sakurauchi Riko, as played by Aida Rikako. In the midst of preparations for the broadcast of the anime’s second season, we now peer into her state of mind.

–– Just a few days ago you ushered in your birthday but, looking back on your life up till now, what sort of feelings have come to surface?

γ€Žγ€€From when I was 20 years old up till now my life has been very fullfilling; that is to say, being able to do the work that I love leaves me feeling happy every day from the bottom of my heart. 』

–– Your life wasn’t like that at all until you turned 20?

γ€Žγ€€Of course, it wasn’t all fun up to that point but, for the most part I do have a ton of memories of being constrained, or how do I put it. I didn’t like school all that much too. I wasn’t good at socializing, not that there’s any particularly deep reason to it though (xD)

Other than that I butted-heads with my parents quite often, this and all the other things that went with being a teenager, I think to myself “if I don’t let these things get to me I can live my life”. Looking back on it now that is. Nowadays, I’m no longer bothered by the little things or rather, “whatever happens, happens right?” is what I’ve come to believe.

In hindsight, I do wonder if it’s because of those past experiences that I’m able to live the life I’m living now. 』

–– From between when you were a teenager up to your twenties, with the changes to your outlook (on life) that came with it, what had been the biggest impetus for you?

γ€Žγ€€I’d like to think it (outlook) just gradually changes bit by bit but, if I were to raise a single turning point for me, then I think it was because I aimed to work as a voice actress that my disposition had changed.

This is something that I really wanted to do, I mean realizing that (for myself), allowed me to sincerely do my best against even the biggest of obstacles. That’s when I noticed my personality had come to light. 』

–– By the by, from when you were even younger what had been you dream?

γ€Žγ€€Back when I was a tot, TV-child that I was, I wanted to become a singer. That would be around when I was about 2 to 3 years old..? If not a singer, then something vague as just wanting to live in the entertainment world is what I feel (my dream) would be. 』

–– Saying you already felt that way when you were around 2-3 years old.. that’s quite the story huh?

γ€Žγ€€One way or another that’s what it felt like. But, I do feel that I hit the nail on the head when I thought those things. 』

–– On the subject of personalities, what kind of child were you?

γ€Žγ€€I believe I was a quiet and calm child. That’s (something), that even now hasn’t really changed (for me). That’s why right now, for many years, that very atmosphere feels like it has been chasing me.

That and, I wasn’t really good with expressing how I felt. I think that’s why I admire the world of expression (acting) so much. 』

–– Such is Aida-san; from at the age of 20 up to the present, does not fixate on the little things; has developed a “whatever happens, happens right?” way of thinking; and is who we have now.

γ€Žγ€€Right. In the end experiencing a lot of things, or how do I put it… being able to change even the most distressing events to mean something good for me rather. That’s why, now I don’t worry as much about the little things, yes. 』

–– Nowadays, is there really nothing you’re worried or anxious about?

γ€Žγ€€I’d be lying if I said there weren’t any at all I mean, it can’t be helped it if I do become worried (about things) y’know? I’ve been able to overcome them thus far, so well, I think things just manage to work themselves out, that or if I spend way too much time worrying about something then I face it head-on and do what I can, and if I fail then that’s the time I start thinking about it again. 』

–– Did you ever imagine you’d become what you are now in the present, if just a little?

γ€Žγ€€No, not at all. I couldn’t imagine a future like how it is now, and even how I am now is something I couldn’t imagine for myself. 』

–– Well then, how do you visualize the following future?

γ€Žγ€€How, I wonder? I’m mostly the type who can’t really picture a future for herself. In interviews I get asked a lot about how I envision the future and I did think that being more or less able to talk about the subject would be for the better but, even after taking that into consideration, “I don’t know” is what I ultimately end up with. 』

–– But, even if you can’t picture the future, you’re not particularly anxious about it right?

γ€Žγ€€No anxiety at all. On the contrary, I think that too is interesting. No matter how many times you visualize the future, it’s not really gonna go exactly as you planned it, rather you never really know what could happen. However my work as a voice actress, doing expressions etc. is something I surely want to continue doing. 』

–– That being said, “if I attain this future I’d be happy”, do you have something like that?

γ€Žγ€€Just one. I want to own around 10 Shiba Inus! Even 20 would be fine (xD) If I can only have the minimum, then 5! At present I take care of one at my parents’ house, but if I get to take care of more, then I think that would just be the best. But I guess, living in not-the-most-spacious of houses, that might not work out (xD) 』

–– In particular, a future that you wouldn’t want would be..?

γ€Žγ€€As I thought, I really do love the work that I do now and, I think it’d be said if I become unable to do this.

If I don’t have the work that I have now, I think I won’t be “me” anymore! 』

***Thoughts and Takeaways
– It could very well just be me, but comparing this interview to the one she had over on Seiyuu Animedia (here and here) which came out more or less just a month before this one), she seemed more.. confident(?) in her answers here. I think maybe it was because a large part of this interview had her talking about her future (owing to more room for optimism), whereas the Animedia one focused more on her past — which she does mention here as being rather tumultuous, for lack of a better word.
– That said, as optimistic for the future as Rikyako comes across, her “come what may” attitude was interesting to note in relation to that.
– The Shiba Inus bit was cute :3
– But my biggest takeaway from this interview was how much Rikyako has identified herself with her work — almost equating it entirely to her identity. I guess it could be the same for most it the entertainment industry (I wouldn’t know) but that last statement she made about how she’d most likely stop being “herself” if she couldn’t do the work she’s been doing really did catch me a little off-guard. Of course, one way of putting it is she really (like really) just loves her job.

– –

So it’s (sort-of) safe to say now that this won’t be the last thing I translate because of a recent flood of Rikyako-related content, but as always I’ll only ever work on one if no one else is (this time though is a bit different as digiroko was already working on this before I picked it up, lol, thanks again for letting me see your work!).

Last TL for the year though… well, we’ll see :p

As per the usual, do take these translations with a grain of salt. I’m still a “student” of the language and a large part of why I do these is practice. That said if you do find any errors and/or things that could be done better please don’t hesitate to call them out. I’d be immensely grateful.

Till next!


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