Song Translation: Runner’s high – First Impression

Ahh. Youth~

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*re-worked with a bunch of edits thanks to locksleyu’s comments ^.^

(koukotsu, bouga)
[ Ectsatic, Enthusiastic ]

(tokyo, yuugure)
[ Tokyo, Sunsets ]

(kimi ga inaku natte mo ikiteiku)
[ I’ll live on even without you ]

(gendouryouku kure)
[ Give me motivation ]

(koudou ga omoi o nashi dashite hashitteiku)
[ I’ll run as all rationale leaves my mind, ]

(kodou yo todoke, imahashiru)
[ Heartbeats, reach! I’m running now ]

(kuukan-sei ni oitsuku you ni hashitteiku)
[ I’ll run to somehow close that gap ]

(kankai o takushi)
[ Leaving it all to intuition ]

(watashi wa aatisuto)
[ I am an artist ]

(kansei o migaku)
[ Polishing my senses ]

(sainou, shitto, iranai wa)
[ Talent, Envy; I have no use for ]

(seimeiryoku kure)
[ Give me vitality ]

(kandou ga me no mae o osotte naiteiru)
[ I’m crying in fear of the excitement before my eyes, ]

(kodou yo hibike, ima hashiru)
[ Hearbeats, resound! I’m running now ]

(sendou ni kizu tsuitatte hashitte iku)
[ I’ll run as I get hurt in agitation ]

(koudou o okose, ima hashiru)
[ Heartbeats, rouse! I’m running now ]

(kanshou, bougai, aragau you ni hashitte iku)
[ I’ll run as I’m interfered, obstructed, and opposed; ]

(kankai o takushi)
[ Leaving it to intuition ]

(motte, tatta, kimi no kuchiguse)
[ Enduring, Standing — Like you always say ]

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ランナーズ・ハイ (rannaazu hai lit. runner’s high) is a song by Osaka-based three-piece band, First Impression.

For the most part, a “runner’s high” is pretty much the same thing as what you’d call an adrenaline rush — a state of both mind and body where exileration caused by aerobic exercise (ie running) produces feelings of “euphoria coupled with reduced anxiety and a lessened ability to feel pain”. Any and all inhibition is cast away, allowing someone to move completely unhindered through one’s own will. Or so the science goes.

Runner’s high in the context of this song was used, I believe, to tell a story of running through life; not away from all the challenges and tribulations that everyday brings, but through them, head-first with reckless abandon. In some ways this is a nice approach to dealing with things in an unfamiliar environment, especially for youths going out in the world for the first time trying to figure what to do with their lives. It might not be all that ideal to to just “run” towards things without considering the repercussions, but if anything it shows earnest resolve — which is always nice to have.

I seem to have a penchant for female-fronted three-piece bands as of late, but hey, if they all keep sounding like this then I’m always gonna be all ears. First Impression is such a treat in that they’re so.. simple. In a time where being experimental on the airwaves is all the rage, it’s the reliable riffs and runs that I can’t help but keep coming back to at times.

*An interesting thing I noticed while I was parsing the lyrics for this was the constant use of different words that had more or less the same meaning as one another:

恍惚、忘我 — koukotsu, bouga — ectsatic, enthusiastic
原動力, 生命力 — gendouryoku, inochiryouku —  motivation lit. driving force, life force
干渉、妨害、抗うよう — kanshou, bougai, aragau —  interfered, obstructed, or opposed

I just thought it was clever is all 😀

How’d you guys like it? 🙂
As always, I do these translations by myself, so they may not be the most accurate ones around — so for people more familiar with the language do feel free to call me out if a line or two (or three.. or four…) seems a bit if not completely off.




5 thoughts on “Song Translation: Runner’s high – First Impression

  1. A few comments:
    1) “くれ” (kure) means “give me”, not “receive”.
    2)届け and 響け are in a rough command form, not -ing as you have translated
    3)傷付いたって is in a form that can mean “even if I get hurt…”
    4)Your translation for 行動が思いをなしだして may not be correct, double check meanings of なす
    5)I am not sure if you translation for “干渉、妨害、抗うように走っていく” is correct, since you have “whether I am ~ed”. I think it’s more like “I’ll such such that…”

    Anyway, that is just a quick look, there may be more.

    Nice job though!

    • First and foremost — thank you so much for your comment and for actually pointing out specific lines that need work 😀

      1) I have no excuse, a very basic miss on my part 🙁
      2) This too (OTL)
      3) Ooh, ’cause it could potentially be in ~たら form?
      4) For this one, I just saw なし and my mind went straight to 無し, which in hindisght may not work grammatically as it’d been used in the sentence
      5) I’d attribute this one to just me getting carried away with taking creative liberties. I think ように threw me off and made me think it was a conditional (as opposed to it being used to denote.. generality?)

      No worries. I can’t stress how grateful I am for the bit of your time that you gave to giving this translation a quick rundown.


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