Getting Settled In


Pseudo update under the cut.

So yeah, close to a month already spent in my new home here in Cali, and things are finally beginning to slow down a bit. That is to say time just flew the moment we set foot here — what with meeting up with relatives and taking in some of the new sights, coupled with getting used to pretty much a whole new life from the one I’ve lived thus far. It was only until I recently that I managed to pull out the ol’ laptop and hop on over here (as well as catch up to my animu of course)

Not gonna lie, I miss my old setup a lot. I mean, it’s nothing to brag about really — just a relatively old PC that I modded just enough to suit my anime-viewing needs. It got the job done though and that was more than enough for me. Now, well, the laptop is okay (more than okay, it actually beats out nearly all of my PC’s specs outright), but y’know, you get used to doing things a certain way and things just stop feeling right when you do ’em another way am I right?

That would mostly explain my inactivity these past few weeks. Not that I was super active beforehand. I suppose, if anything, you guys can expect the same level of output from me (a sort-of “my pace” output, but still) now that I’m more or less settled in.

I have a lot of catching up to do still (with current season anime, and ani-blog happenings in general) but I’ll get to those soon enough. I hadn’t had much opportunity to clear my anime backlog too, so no anime-related posts until I do so (I can always whip-up some LL! related write-ups if anyone wants em’…) But, but, for readers who follow my song translations, I have a couple more I want to release before the end of the year so look forward to that!

I’ll cut it short here.

‘Till next post 😀

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