One Year Old!

We made it guys. Leap250’s Blog is now officially a year old!

Now that’s something. I honestly really am surprised that I’ve kept doing this for over a year now. I remember the early moments of July last year when I decided to use my existing wordpress account to run an aniblog. It was a spur of the moment idea mostly. Looking back at it now.. I dunno. It just feels awesome.

Leap250’s Blog started fast. And I mean fast; churning out posts every two or so days. Then I hit that two-three month burnout period. August came and I was invited to join YumeState by UltimaniumX. The guys over there gave me that small jump-start to keep blogging, but again, after a month of inactivity that followed, I was about to throw in the towel. By December though, du5k from One Minute of Dusk invited me to join an Anime Blog Carnival. That I think was sort-of my rebirth. From then on Leap250’s Blog’s viewership skyrocketed, and I began to blog in a more normal pace for the following months. Crazy ride huh?

My track record I think reflects that. Can’t really say if I did year’s worth, but yeah. So far: 76 overall posts, 26, 000+ all-time views, 231 tags, 691 comments, about 3% of my allotted memory space for media (lol),  and some other stats I don’t have access to. How’d you guys think I do? Personally I’m just glad I made it to other blogs’ blogrolls, lol

It was a fun year, and you guys made it so. So thanks to everyone who stumbled upon this blog; to those who shared opinions with me, and I’ve shared opinions to; to those who got me to watch awesome shows that I never would’ve touched a year ago; to those aniblogs that inspired me to do the same; and to you who’s reading this now. Wish I could give each of you guys a cookie :3

But seriously, I’m really grateful to you guys for taking the time to read through the posts of such a sporadically updating blog. Hope to still see you guys in the longer run 😀

Oh, and to commemorate this milestone, effective today, I will be launching Leap250’s Blog’s (I really need to get a blog name down, lol) twitter! You can follow me at @Leap250 (or you can press Index-tan’s icon at the sidebar at my home page). I’ll be hunting down aniblog twitter accounts later today so yeah.

‘Till then ^_^

8 thoughts on “One Year Old!

  1. Congratulations! I can still remember how it feels really good to reach your first year and how it’s really fun to reread the old posts and reminisce what happened on that year.

    So here’s wishing you for more milestones to come. Happy blogging. ^^

    • Thanks. That means a lot coming from you SnippetTee 😀
      Hard to believe a year has passed when I first read your Dantalian post

      Same wishes to you as well! Let’s all surpass that 2-year hurdle I’ve been hearing so much about ^_^

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