Sankarea: A Questionable Ending Choice


Yes, yes, this is a post long overdue, but I’ll keep this short because I really just wanted to ask your guys’ opinion on how they played this last episode out.

The last few episodes had us with Chihiro’s stand off against Dan’ichirou (which was mostly okay, a teeny bit slow in my opinion though), and the arc was subsequently closed come episode 11, with Rea finally freed by her father. I was expecting this episode, then, to be a sort-of cliffhanger for a second season, since the conclusion of the Sanka family arc is just near the midway point of the manga.

However, the more I re-watch the episode, the more that I feel that they didn’t really leave a cliff for us to hang on. I guess this is similar to what happened to Tasogare Otome x Amnesia, with how both studios created an original “ending” (or at least, a scene not from the manga) but unlike Tasogare, there really isn’t a clear end here. One of the reasons why I think they might gimp out on a second season is because they transposed a certain key scene from further into the manga and placed it here (the Ranko-Rea rivalry scene).

I don’t really know why they did that; maybe they wanted to close off the series with a little more impact; maybe they felt like they needed to animate that. Personally I would’ve preferred it if they stuck with how the manga did it. It just felt more intense (and less random) I think, and it wasn’t to the effect of closure, but more of a growth in character (which is why I say it’s a key scene for Rea, Ranko as well as Chihiro)

Plus, that scene was a ways after they introduced my favorite character (Darin! >.<), but that’s already my biases kicking in

I do hope that this ending was just a buffer episode, and that DEEN plans on creating a second season in the near future. Sankarea has a unique romance thing going on, and we need this. They have a lot of material to work with too (the better arcs come around after this one) so it’s still very possible. But again, with how they decided to end this..

So..yeah. I’m closing off Sankarea (only for now, hopefully) with slightly mixed feelings.

How was Sankarea for you guys? 😀

4 thoughts on “Sankarea: A Questionable Ending Choice

  1. Quite a bad way to end it, but well I’m reading the manga so I can survive with an inconclusive ending for now.
    Hoping for a new season soon…:P

    • Everything just felt so…random >.<
      But yeah, thankfully we have the manga still

      DEEN, for the love of all that is good, animate Darin! 😀

    • Even I was confused in those last minutes, lol, and I read the manga! 😀
      I’d suggest you do so too; should clear up your confusion

      We all need more moe Rea-tan :3

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