Tasogare Otome x Amnesia: Swimsuits and Shadows

This scene was pure win ^^

Some time went by since the events of the last episode, as it was now summer vacation. Our Paranormal Investigations Club is now undergoing a summer training camp of sorts, headed by our newest member, Kirie. Her grandmother (Yuuko’s sister) has some pull Seikyou Academy, being one of its directors, so Kirie managed not only getting the gang inside the campus for an overnight stay, but they get the pool to themselves. And what’s summer without pools? In turn, what’re pools without swimsuits?

Luckily we don’t need to answer that question. Teiichi and his women have some aquatic fun, except for the most important girl of them all. Yuuko seemed down in the dumps ever since they arrived, much to Teiichi’s confusion. Apparently Teiichi never dropped by the school once vacation started, leaving Yuuko all alone. Seeing him goofing around with his two-girl harem seemed a bit unfair.

The club shacked up at the old night duty room of the academy. It made for a perfect base of operations for them since the room itself had its own mystery. According to an old diary in the room, there have been nights where there would be a sound of someone knocking on the door, but there was no one on the other side of it. The knocking came day after day, but each time there was no one there. But, much like most of the mysteries in this school, it is tied up to Yuuko’s antics. This time around, it was her trying to get out of the cold winter and warming up to a stove that was once present in the room.

Of course, they find that out later on. Kirie takes Teiichi along for some night patrolling. She explains that she’s looking for a second ghost – the ghost she once saw as the “true form” of Yuuko. She calls the wicked being a shadow. Kirie admits that she does harbor some fear, but now that she has a friend, she can take it head on.

Later that same night, Yuuko takes Teiichi for a night stroll (cue tsundere Kirie), taking him to numerous shortcuts and walkways before reaching their destination – the rock of curses. According to Yuuko, when a person writes the name of someone they hate on the rock of curses, the curse will kill them. On the other hand, when a person sees his/her name on the written on the rock, he/she will be the ones who are killed. In an abandones patch of land in-between the school structures lay the rock of curses. Sure enough, we see Teiichi’s name written on it – in black, smooth, and probably water-resistant ink, written by none other than Yuuko herself.

Afterwards, Yuuko and Teiichi go for a dip (and in Yuuko’s case, it was skinny dipping..just saying) concluding their sort-of romantic night together. Meanwhile, the shadow has made its way to the old night duty room, with Kirie still asleep.

What does Shadow Yuuko plan on doing to our closet tsundere!?

8 thoughts on “Tasogare Otome x Amnesia: Swimsuits and Shadows

  1. I have to say, not as interested as I was in the first episode. I guess my expectation were raised due to the first episode feeling so different. I would probably care more about the scenes between Yuuko and Teiichi if Teiichi put some freaking effort into it. He’s being led by the hand all the time, not just literally but figuratively too.

    You know about this series right? Does the plot pick up soon?

    • I’ve been reading the manga, yes, but they’re only loosely following it. The first episode is the only episode so far which doesn’t have any direct semblance to the manga, while the rest have bits that were changed.

      It should be picking up I believe. There should be a big reveal about the shadow in the next few episodes, as I don’t think they’re gonna drag it along. The shadow serves as an important purpose to the story. There also should be one more plot element (the seven school mysteries) that should be introduced soon as well.

      As for Teiichi and Yuuko, well, all I can say is be patient my friend ^^

  2. Yuuko forced Momoe to change from her cute swimsuit. School swimsuits don’t have the same charm. Kirie is pretty cute when she’s scared even if she acts all strong when Teiichi is around.

    I’d like to see the shadow actually do something. A whole episode based on overcoming the shadow would be interesting. Though this seems like a final; boss scenario.

    • I lol’d when Momoe thought that Teiichi was hurting because of her swimsuit 😀
      Yeah, Kirie can be cute at times, I admit

      She/It should be looming around the school more often now, but yeah, they might use the confrontation with shadow Yuuko as the finale.

    • Yeah, that was actually quite funny too. Momoe’s face after that was awesome ^^
      Shadow Yuuko is loads more creepy now that she’s animated >.<

  3. Momoe! Momoe! Momoe! Momoe! Momoe! Momoe! Momoe! Momoe! Momoe! Momoe! Momoe! Momoe! Momoe! Momoe! Momoe! Momoe! Momoe! Momoe! Momoe! Momoe! Momoe! Momoe!

    Is there anything else important in this series? 😛

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