Tasogare Otome x Amnesia: Okay, that was a little creepy

Nice going Kirie >.<

Here we are with Dusk Maiden of Amnesia’s third episode and, well, contrary to what I said in my last Amnesia post, things are flowing as they did in the manga. A few tiny changes here and there, but in essence there hasn’t been any major departure from the source (yet). Last week we had Momoe’s introduction episode, and in this episode we have Kirie’s. Her character took some time for me to like in the manga since she was always so wary of Yuuko in the earlier chapters.

She makes her entry by sending a warning letter to Teiichi about Yuuko, which means she definitely can see Yuuko. Believing her to be the ghost that snatches students, Kirie took it upon herself to educate Teiichi about what befalls him. Teiichi doesn’t believe it right off the bat, but it does leave a seed of doubt in him – “Did Yuuko lie?”

Another interesting thing we see here is how when Kirie pointed out the “true” appearance of Yuuko, Teiichi started seeing the same thing – namely, a decaying, animated body of a deceased Yuuko (and I admit, I was a little bit creeped out by that). This is an example of what Yuuko said last episode, in that, her appearance manifests into how a person perceives her. For example, Momoe saw Yuuko as a demon, and as a result, she was perceived by Momoe as a genuine, shadowy demon. Likewise, Kirie saw Yuuko as someone who was already dead, given that Yuuko’s technically the deceased sister of her grandmother. Then again, Kirie said that she may have always seen Yuuko as just another student. What could she have seen that made her think otherwise?

The final bit of important info we get from this episode is the other story about those who got spirited away. Apparently their school was built over a shrine, and as a result, the school was “cursed”. The girl who vanished (whom they perceive to be Yuuko) was in theory, a victim of the school’s curse. Coincidentally, the place where Yuuko’s remains are situated, looks eerily like a shrine. Teiichi notices the interrelation of the stories (the mystery behind the mirror, the ghost that takes students away, and now the shrine mystery) presents the idea that the “mysteries” and ghost stories could all possibly be cover-ups for some greater mystery – most likely the truth of what really happened to Yuuko.

The plot thickens, and I’m starting to appreciate their direction ^^

10 thoughts on “Tasogare Otome x Amnesia: Okay, that was a little creepy

  1. I’m curious about the ending. The manga is not finished so I have no idea how it will end. Hopefully the real mystery behind the seven stories will be interesting.

    I kind of want them to cut the fanservice time though. It’s getting really annoying. Don’t you think?

    • Yeah, I’m getting curious as well. My hunch is that Yuuko will finally come to terms with her “past” (lol, trying to avoid spoilers for those who might chance upon this comment) and be set free

      Well, considering the amount of fanservice in the manga, I can still bare with it. But yeah, now that it’s animated and all, having fanservice scenes every single episode is starting to get to me. It doesn’t need that much service anyways in my opinion. The story is good enough.

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