Tasogare Otome x Amnesia: Yuuko wins me over, again

Rom-Com Horror? Yes, it’s a fine season indeed.

Tasogare Otome starts out with literally the most original first episode this week. That is, a majority of what happened in this episode wasn’t in the manga at all. Well, we don’t know if they’ll continue steering away from the manga but if they do, I don’t think there’ll be much of a problem. I don’t think they’ll do anything drastic like change the entire course of the story anyways.

As to why, well, for the most part the manga is pretty pseudo-episodic, with the Paranormal Investigation Club dealing with various rumored and/or factual supernatural phenomena within the school (like how in this episode, they checked out their school’s dumbwaiter elevator because of the rumors about it) so they could get away by making an original supernatural case, so long as it still fits. The “mysteries” are all linked by the series’ main conflict, so to speak, so although I say it’s episodic, there’s still an underlying story within it.

Another reason why I don’t think it’ll be a problem is because of the characters. I mentioned this in my episodic anime post, and it proves true – the characters are what drive these kind of shows. Then again, it’s very possible that this won’t be episodic, but really, these characters couldn’t have been adapted more fittingly. Teiichi is still the funny yet direct at times guy, Okonogi remains the goofy and fun to watch girl, Kirie has kept her straight-face coupled with tsundere act, and of course Yuuko is still the mysterious lovable girl (if not more so, lol)

To end this little impression of mine (I might start spoiling you guys if I don’t) I’m gonna have to say that Tasogare Otome looks like a pretty solid adaptation, for now. The ecchi factor, although present, wasn’t up to the level that I was expecting it too, so that’s good.

Also, I absolutely love the OP song ^^ (though they used it at the end with this one)

4 thoughts on “Tasogare Otome x Amnesia: Yuuko wins me over, again

  1. This reminds me of Natsu no Arashi, not just because of the concept of a ghost forgetting her past, but also because of the direction of the episode. It has a very similar setup, they show the plot of the episode, then they show it again from a different perspective, then they come together for the conclusion. In Natsu no Arashi’s case, they used time travel to show the different perspectives.

    The pacing of the story is also similar. They seem to both start in the middle of the story and then work its way back. So I’m assuming the next few episodes of this show will reintroduce all the characters and show how they met.

    Background animation also seem similar, even though they both are from different studios. Same director I guess?

    • Funny that you mention Natsu no Arashi. I haven’t watched it myself but I do know some things about it as it has been in my plan-to-watch list for quite some time. And from that I agree that the setup and the story really are a bit similar.

      Yeah, I think they might go with character introductions next, though there’s a chance that they won’t follow how the manga did it so I’m pretty clueless as well.

      Arashi was done by Shaft with Shinbou taking the lead on it, while Tasogare is being done by Silver Link (only show I know that they made was Baka-Test). Then again a lot of shows this season are taking a page out of Shaft’s playbook (frame angles, scene lighting, weird conversation setups)

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