My Spring 2012 Lineup

I’ve now just realized that I didn’t make a lineup post for Winter, which, I kinda feel bad about, given how surprisingly good the season was. This Spring however, looks rather promising, if not more so than how Winter was promising.

This is just gonna be a quick rundown of the shows I’m planning to pick up, why I want to watch them, and my concerns about ’em. With that, let’s get this list going.

Fate/Zero S2

Why? Do I need a reason? (lol, seriously though, with how ufotable handled the first half, I’d excpect nothing less from the second)

Concerns? Almost none. I think I’d pretty much end up loving it regardless of how it turns out. But, I do hope they tone down the CG a bit.

Medaka Box

Why? If you’d notice my manga post a few weeks back, I’ve just recently caught up with Nisio Isin’s Medaka Box and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying it from the get-go. Action, comedy, romance, what more can I ask for?

Concerns? Just menial stuff, like how Gainax will be handling the production.

Tasogare Otome x Amnesia

Why? Basically the same as why I wanted to watch Medaka Box. As a manga, Tasogare Otome is pretty amusing, with some interesting mystery/horror sub-plots thrown in here and there. I’ve also taken a liking to the series’ main female Yuuko-san :3

Concerns? Since the manga has an ecchi tag, I’d expect the same for this adaptation, but I hope they don’t go overboard with it.


Why? This was announced alongside Tasogare Otome, and with good reason: it’s a mystery-themed show. I’ve been itching for a good mystery that would top Gosick (which I don’t believe to be that hard of a feat) After Kamisama no Memou-chou failed me, I’m hoping that Hyouka wouldn’t.

Concerns? KyoAni of K-On! and CLANNAD fame will be handling this one, and while the idea of them doing this kind of show is intriguing, I think it’ll also be a challenge for them.

Accel World

Why? I always lean towards light novel-anime adaptations because light novels, I believe, are wonderful story sources. Although I haven’t read Accel World, I know the gist of how the story will progress.

Concerns? The protagonist isn’t really what you’d call a regular one. Whether that’s a good thing is something I’m still on the fence about.


Why? The manga and it’s adaptation was made known to me by a college friend. He was so psyched about it so I decided to check it out and add it to the list. The manga is surprisingly interesting, despite having a “zombie” theme (a genre that I never really liked)

Concerns? Two words – Studio DEEN. Oh and it also shares the same concerns I have with Tasogare Otome, that is, ecchi overboard.

Nazo no Kanojo X

Why? It was fun finding out that three of the manga titles that I decided on reading (Tasogare Otome, Medaka Box, and, well, this) will have their anime adaptation this season. NazoKano has a pretty interesting romance thing going on, and the main couple’s interactions were a fun read.

Concerns? The guys doing this are almost entirely exclusive to heavily ecchi shows (wow, now that I look back on this list, I’m picking up a lot of ecchi >.<)

I might check out Sakamichi no Appolon, Jormungand and Tsuritama just for the heck of it, and all three look interesting as well. This season might have the most shows I’m gonna pick up within a single season, which is fun for me since Spring 2012 happens to be my Summer break ^^

I also haven’t decided on what show/s I’m gonna follow episodically (yes, I’ll continue doing some episodics) so stay tuned for that, but I’ll probably tweak my episodic post format a bit since my Nisemono posts were a bit tl;dr, I think.

So, what shows are you guys excited for?^^

11 thoughts on “My Spring 2012 Lineup

  1. All those anime you mentioned are on my watching list as well except for Accel World. Accel World looks like a standard anime without anything special to me.

    Hyouka is going to be awesome. The first PV was just awesome. The animation is just WOW!
    No love for Tsuritama? I think Tsuritama is going to be awesome. Oh and Sakamichi no Apollon is going to be awesome. I’ve heard they won quite a number of awards already from their manga.

    • As the days progress, I’m slowly getting less and less and excited about Accel World. The light novels won some awards though so I guess it has a strong suit somewhere.

      Yep, gotta agree with Hyouka. Plus the characters are so unique ^^
      Well, it’s not that I have no love for it. I actually thought of Arakawa Under the Bridge when I saw Tsuritama. I just don’t know much about it, lol, I’ll most likely check it out then

  2. I have high hopes for Tasogare Otome Amnesia and Sankarea. Hopefully we won’t be dissapointed.
    Also, I suggest you give all anime a try before judging them.

    • I hear ya. I’m loving the horror/romance vibe in both of them ^^

      I’d more or less end up watching more shows than in my my initial lineup anyways, but I doubt I’d watch all within the season. It’s not that I’m judging those that I didn’t pick as bad or not worth watching, but I don’t really see myself going for something like, say, Kuroko no Basket or Ginga e Kickoff 😀

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  4. Hyou-ka also intrigues me. Unlike other mystery anime such as Gosick (which failed to impress me), this show’s mystery vibe isn’t too over advertised because the trailer seemed to focus as well on other themes such as friendship and school life, which is actually making me curious…

    • Yeah, the “mystery” side of things wasn’t really what Gosick ended up having as a strong suit. It was more adventure-y and dramatic, which was okay for the most part. Then again, think back to KamiMemo, DnS and, in some cases Un-Go, Victorique still sits at the throne.
      The synopses makes up for the lack of mystery advertisement I guess, but I don’t mind some school life and other stuff mixed in there. The trailer looked so moe and fun and dark at the same time ^^

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