Nisemonogatari: The older little sister Karen

Here we are, episode two of Winter 2012’s Nisemonogatari. Re-introducing the trend from Bakemonogatari, the episode starts out with a distinct (and might I add nice) OP sequence for the first arc, which is the Karen Bee arc.

The episode continues from the previous one, with Koyomi arriving at Sengoku’s house. I died.

We now see her in her new look, with her headband clearing away her bangs. With Koyomi’s praise and Sengoku’s tsundere-ish response, we now know that she purposely changed her look for him, which by the way totally works. They then proceed to Sengoku’s room where she, what I believe, tries to seduce Koyomi by first making him set at her bed, taking of her jacket and asking Koyomi to do the same with his parka. She then tries to suggest playing “King’s Game” with Koyomi (the game being more or less like following the “King’s” orders, which is normally done by drawing lots with more than 2 people)

With Koyomi not liking the idea, they end up playing “The Game of Life” instead, which is basically a board game where one leads a life with jobs and gratuitous amounts of fake money. The scene gets serious as Koyomi asks about how Sengoku was fairing after her “snake constrictor ” incident from the first season. She’s okay for the most part, but the charm she encountered back then was brought up. Apparently, charms like that one were spreading again among middle schoolers.

Koyomi’s suspicions about his sisters’ mission of justice holds true as Sengoku talks about Karen’s questioning of her. Karen, along with Tsukihi, also collectively known as the Fire Sisters, seem to be out for the one who’s spreading the charms. With that in his mind, his happy time in between a game of Twister with Sengoku ends abruptly with the arrival of her parents. It’s truly a shame her love is inrequited.

Again, with nothing else to do, Koyomi phones another of his friends, Kanbaru Suruga. Which then leads to a comedic scene of Kanbaru stripping as she pleases while on the phone with Koyomi, who then gets caught naked by her grandmother. The fact that her room has mountains of boy’s love books doesn’t help.

After the call Koyomi makes his way to Kanbaru’s, but comes across his sister Karen who’s walking with her hands (I take it as training perhaps) Koyomi attempts to make her stumble by sweeping her arms, but Karen recovers in time to see that it was her brother. They manage to squeeze in some comedy here by creating Karen’s “running gag” with her saying cool things while on posing similar to an abdominal bridge stretch.

Kanbaru had apparently called Koyomi sometime before about asking help cleaning her room. Seeing as he didn’t have anything to do, he took the offer a day early. He arrives with a disheartened, yet naked Kanbaru. Koyomi, having no intention of seeing her naked apologizes. Their conversations after that were purely in jest, with Koyomi teasing Kanbaru’s tastes as being surprisingly similar to a normal girl – like liking handsome guys, and only willingly going naked in her own house and in a bath – much to Kanbaru’s disbelief.

She then proceeds to assault Koyomi to “prove her innocence” in a way much alike to Koyomi’s assaults on Hachikuji. Kanabaru seemingly succeeds however, as we see Koyomi’s pants flying in the air, with Koyomi contemplating on sexual harassment.

Closing us off is the long-awaited (or at least by me, lol) ClariS ED! With that, it looks like the Karen Bee arc should be well underway come next episode. That or they show us the last remaining girl – Hanekawa ^^

8 thoughts on “Nisemonogatari: The older little sister Karen

  1. This is a fun episode, although I have no clear idea what this is all about except for Karen’s introduction who has some sort of a mission. Did you notice how Kanbaru and Sengoku are both sensualized on this episode while Karen was all cool doing her training “almost” fully-clothed.

    • Didn’t notice until you mentioned it ^^
      But if I were to say something about it I guess the reason would be either, Karen is too much of a tomboy, or that how Koyomi is a little distant from his sisters compared to his friends. There’s that, or Sengoku’s stepping up her game and Kanbaru just wants to get naked, lol

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