Nisemonogatari: Don’t tease us, Sengoku

Hey guys. Gonna do something new this year, and try my hand at episodic reviews. And what better show to start with than the sequel to one of my favorite shows. Let’s welcome back Koyomi, Hitagi and the rest of the “harem” for Winter 2012’s Nisemonogatari!

The episode starts out with Araragi Koyomi seemingly abducted and handcuffed to piles of chairs inside the old cram school where (if you’ll remember season one) Oshino and Shinobu were living. The culprit, or at least by the looks of it, is none other than Hitagi Senjougahara. She does however hint that she’s “protecting” Araragi from something. Looks like Koyomi is going to be there for a while.

I love their banter from the start. The comedy is as crisp as ever, retaining Senjougahara’s verbal assaults and Araragi’s comedic retorts. That Evangelion reference was really awesome.

We then go back to the morning of the 29th, wherein Hanekawa, Araragi’s tutor for the day, suddenly had to back out, leaving Koyomi bored with nothing else to do. Which then leads us to the formal introduction of one of the sisters, Tsukihi.

We only saw little of her during the first season, usually during the scenes where she, along with her other sister Karen, try to wake up Koyomi in the most comedic ways. I didn’t notice it at that time but, was Tsukihi’s voice this cute before?

I have a feeling I’m going to like her character. Anyways, with Koyomi thinking of ways to fend off his boredom, he remembers his promise to Nadeko Sengoku to visit her. Sengoku excitedly agrees. I was excited as well. Too bad that’s the last we see/hear of her in this episode. *sigh*

As Koyomi walks out to Sengoku’s, he sees Hachikuji, and his lolicon instincts kick in. I knew it was coming, and I could’ve sworn I was smiling along with Koyomi.

The rest of the episode is then spent with Koyomi and Hachikuji. Comedy ensues when Hachikuji bets Koyomi that she can make any phrase sound positive just by adding “courage” to it. Ultimately Koyomi accepts with the condition being the loser has to do a handstand, his ulterior motive being to see Hachikuji’s kiddy panties. It’s more fun and less perverted than it sounds.

After their routine, the scene then shifts to a serious discussion about how Koyomi feels troubled whether or not he should tell his sisters about his “vampirism” experience. Hachikuji advises that the supernatural is like being backstage, behind the curtains. It need not be seen. However, if by chance that Koyomi’s family ventures through the backstage, Hachikuji exclaims that that would be the time for Koyomi to guide them out.

The episode ends with a very touching parting scene between Hachikuji and Koyomi. Having Oshino leave the town, Koyomi expresses sadness if ever Hachikuji were to do the same. Hachikuji reassures him, saying that she’d always be wandering around town regardless, but if she were to leave, she’d make sure to at least say goodbye. A contrast to how Oshino never did.

Very nice work by SHAFT. Though I was expecting Kizumonogatari this year instead, I now officially have no complaints, and am set for the awesomeness that is Nisemonogatari. Oh, and, can’t wait to hear the ClariS ED >.<

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