Anime Year 2011 – It was a pretty awesome run

2011 was truly an awesome year for anime. Well, some might say otherwise, but, for me at least, it was very fulfilling. I’m pretty sure that it’s the first year that I’ve tried following all seasons, from Winter up to Fall. I only started watching ongoing series come Fall 2010 (for Index II and Shinrei Tantei Yakumo, which tanked. Bigtime.) So yeah, looking back at January 2011, I’d say it was a good start for me.

A quick overview of what I thought about this year’s seasons would be:
Spring 2011 ≥  Fall 2011 > Summer  2011 > Winter 2011

But of course, each season had that one, if not more than one, show that really stood out among the rest. For Winter I’d definitely give it to both Madoka and Gosick. Gosick, in my opinion was really well executed, while Madoka basically curbstomped the competition by giving us an unexpected deconstruction of the “mahou shoujo” genre. Also a show worth mentioning from Winter 2011 would be Kimi ni Todoke season two, which is a real treat for those who, like me, watched and liked the first season. Aside from those, I didn’t really like the other shows.

Spring 2011 was, and I think most would agree, definitely a good season. I picked up a lot of shows from that season, but AnoHana’s tearjerkers and Steins;Gate’s sheer epicness totally won me over. Moshidora also makes it to my list as a very unique and nice sports/drama show that some may have overlooked and/or let go to early. Hanasaku Iroha started out great, and I really had high hopes for it but it didn’t play out like I would’ve wanted, but in the end, it was still a pretty good series.

It was around Summer 2011 when I first started this blog (and ironically, it was my first semester as a college student) and I believe it was one of the more disappointing seasons. Probably my most anticipated show from Summer was Dantalian no Shoka, which really didn’t live up to how I thought it would be, but it still delievered, as compared to another show I was really looking forward to; Kamisama no Memochou. KamiMemo was really a let down, and was really hard to call a “detective” themed show. But even that disappointment was beaten by Blood-C. I know it sounds unfair to the series, but I just couldn’t watch any more after episode four. Luckily, Usagi Drop was there to save me. A good heartwarming series all through out. What’s funny though was that a show I didn’t pick initially from the Summer lineup would eventually make its way to my list, in the form of Mawaru Penguindrum. It definitely stole the show for me. Definitely.

I’d still have to wait and see for Fall 2011, but overall I think it did very well. Fate/Zero was very loyal to the source material, and with ufotable, it was bound to be good. Mirai Nikki is also shaping up to be rather good progress wise. Same with Guilty Crown which I hope, steps up its game come 2012. It’s really at the point of decline right now. As for the shows already finished, Un-Go was so-so in terms of how I liked it. It wasn’t a total bomb since for the most part the series was thought provoking and interesting, but something still feels missing from all of it. I did however like Working’!! for the sole reason of Satou and Yachiyo. So yeah, I think Fall still beats Summer and Winter.

Some special mentions for awesome shows that I watched during this year would be:

Neon Genesis Evangelion – Finally! I’ve been able to watch this. A bit skeptical at first since I thought it was an overrated show but for the most part it lives up to the attention. Couldn’t have picked a better time to pick this up.

DuRaRaRa!! – It was a nice series to kick off 2011 (watched it on January, I think) Easily one of my favorites.

Arakawa Under the Bridge – A very unexpected show that made me laugh so hard at times.

Revolutionary Girl Utena – Well, I still have like, one arc left to finish watching but, unless the ending screws me over, I think it’s safe to say that it is a good show.

So yeah, I give 2011 my most formal salute for an awesome year, and prepare myself for 2012 (which is like, a few minutes away, lol)

12 thoughts on “Anime Year 2011 – It was a pretty awesome run

  1. Definitely a great anime year and I agree with most of your comments.Spring and Fall were the best indeed!

    Still some hours before the new year here…:P

    • I would’ve given it to Summer if the shows lived up to the hype, lol. Really looking forward to Winter 2012 now!

      Well, the new year’s spirit is already there so, Happy New Year feal ^^

  2. And this year, oh wait no (it’s already 2012 here), last year would be the second year I follow new series, and I like the experience. Watching on-going series, read and discuss with others how they like or not like a particular episode. It made watching anime a whole lot enjoyable.

    2011 certainly have a lot of exciting titles and ones that left lasting good impressions if I may say so.

    • Totally. It’s fun being able to discuss ongoing shows. I seldom do with some of my friends here, so yeah, it does make watching anime a whole lot enjoyable.

      Here’s to a more awesome 2012 anime year ^^

  3. I agree with almost everything you mentioned her, unfortunately except for Gosick. After the second episode, I dropped it because of the male lead. As for Steins;Gate, although I failed to watch it last season, I’m reading so much praise about this show, making me really anticipate the movie.

    And for the classics, indeed, Evangelion really lived up with the attention. I also enjoyed that show especially Rei. And as for Utena, I doubt that it’s going to screw you up. The ending is the best part, I’m very optimistic that you’re going to like it.

    Also same here, hopefully 2012 is going to deliver the same awesomeness of 2011, if not a much better year–which I’m truly wishing for.

    • Too bad for Gosick though,but I canprobably see where you’re coming from. Kujo was pretty…transparent(?) in the earlier episodes. Steins;Gate is one of those adaptations executed wonderfully in my opinion.

      I’m more of an Asuka fan myself. Now looking forward to finishing Utena. I still have, like, 13 episodes left if I remember correctly.

      I already have my eyes on two light novel adaptations, and I hope and pray that they do well, as compared to KamiMemo and Dantalian. So yeah, come on 2012 awesomeness ^^

  4. I thought the year was a bummer… amongst the big 4, I’ve only watch Madoka. I can count the number of anime that stuck with me till now on one hand.

    It’s never too late to catch up, tho

    • That’s too bad, it was my first complete year of anime so I can’t really compare how good 2010 was. Still a lot of disappointments on my end as well, like Dantalian no Shoka >.<

      I'd definitely suggest catching up to shows like Steins;Gate and Fate/Zero. I think they'd make up for how sucky 2011 was for you ^^

      • Guilty Crown is the one that spoiled the year for me. Then there’s also the ones that people fanboy over like Mayo Chiki, which turned out to be a huge waste of time, but that serves me right. Haiz.

        Definitely catching Steins;Gate and Fate/Zero ^_^ But imma finish Penguindrum first tho.

        • It’s funny how Guilty Crown had so much hype and now everyone hates it. Good thing I didn’t watch Mayo Chiki then, lol, but I thought Subaru(?) was cute

          Awesome, you picked up Penguindrum again! ^^

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