Update: Free Time Irony

Me, basically

I really thought that I would be able to write more during my semestral break (which is being spent watching anime, going out to play DotA, and anxiously checking my grades online). Well, be that as it may, I did get to think up of some things to post. I also got around to finishing some titles that I’ve stocked for a while, and I even got to read and finish some manga. So yeah, look forward to that.

Anyway, I’m planning on sneaking in two posts before October ends, so yeah, this is me popping in and saying “How you guys doing?” and “I shall return” ^^

8 thoughts on “Update: Free Time Irony

  1. I’ve ever played at Garena a long time ago. But, I forgot my ID and password >,<

    Oh, you're from Philippines I've seen many DOTA players on WoDOTA videos. I'm from Indonesia, nice to meet you 🙂

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