The Basics

Who is Leap250?

Well, for starters, the name “Leap250” first saw the light of day on December 23, 2008. How do I know this exact date? Simple. I first used that name to create one of my very first online accounts on the internet – that is, a YouTube Channel.

As for how I came up with such a name is beyond me. I was tired of using my old user name (real name _ last name) when I was about to create my YouTube account, so I decided to use a new one. Something that’s completely vague and random, that it can’t be traced back to me. The reason for which is because I did discussions on Tekken Characters. Something that I didn’t want others to know that it was me doing them. (I removed those videos sometime after since my voice at that time, was pretty wank, and I didn’t notice until I watched ’em myself.)

Then I looked at some of the user names on YouTube, and I noticed some sort of pattern. Random words linked to random numbers. I could vaguely remember my train of thought being something like: “Jump? No, it has to be more exciting. Twist? No. Leap…yeah, this could work.” 250 (two-fifty) just sounded cool. Well, for me anyway.

Since then, I’ve always used “Leap250” as my username to all my accounts. If you google Leap250, most of the results will be my accounts from various, random places. So now, a Leap250 in the blogging world has come to life.

As for Leap250, “the writer”, I guess I can describe my style as “typing it like how I would say it”. I’ve started countless drafts of stories and such a few years back (I still do at times) and from that I find that I’m a bit lacking in terms of creatively structured writing. I do however think that I tell stories better, than me making them (though the dream of writing my own novel still lies within me)


What is Leap250’s Blog About?

Basically, this is gonna be a blog focused on Anime. Be it reviews, impressions, or just introductions on Anime; it’s what’s gonna fill this blog.

Why Anime? Well, I like Anime. I like expressing my thoughts about what I watched recently, or what I like about this, or what I hate about that. Before I began blogging, I used to have this pseudo-diary I’d write on my iPod every night. A few entries in I found myself discussing, among other things, anime shows that I was watching at the time. There wasn’t really anyone I could talk to about the shows I was watching (it was Madoka I think, and it wasn’t really that popular here in the Philippines at the time) The next best thing was to go around the Internet. I stumbled upon numerous aniblogs after that, and one night I thought, “I should totally start an aniblog”

I also like hearing the opinions of other Anime fans. It’s a fun feeling for me, as I get to share what I know, at the same time, I have the opportunity to learn something new.

I grew up alongside very very old shows like Voltes V (it’s the norm in the Philippines, especially for us 90’s kids) as well as Doraemon and Crayon Shin-chan. It was like my version of Sunday morning cartoons, except I got to watch them every day.

I admit, compared to other Anime bloggers out there, my knowledge of Anime can be considered just a little above average, but hey, we all have got to start somewhere right?

23 thoughts on “The Basics

  1. Interesting story and reason to start the blog. I see you are somewhat new, but glad to have another newbie. You are amongst friends, since I am also new (by three months, four in August 2011). Looking forward to reading your post and hope you will continue visiting my site as well ^^

  2. Keep this site updated as regularly as possible and be involved with other blogs, and you should get along just fine in the blogosphere. Anywho, welcome, and I hope you enjoy blogging anime as much as I have.

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